Happy Families

Legbiter, with help/feeback from others on the newsgroup,
created the Happy Family formula for deck building,
and James Coupe is helping testers implement the formula.

James Coupe took the Theory, and implemented it in Script here.

What is Happy Families?
Happy Families is a concept that was dreamed up by James McClellan (aka Legbiter). The idea of the system is to allow players to find a rough discipline balance amongst their cards, such that they can maintain a good flow of cards. For instance, if you have four or five vampires in your deck without Obfuscate, heavily weighting your deck towards Obfuscate is a bad idea, because those vampires will be unable to play them. The default script works with four disciplines. Since most clans are only noted for three common disciplines, it is often interesting to see what is the fourth discipline for your crypt.

What is Happy Families not?
Happy Families is not, and is not intended to be, a way to create a 'killer' deck. Using Happy Families will not guarantee your deck to immediately become incredibly successful. Neither James McClellan nor James Coupe (the author of the script) can be held responsible for any Victory Point losses incurred as a result of using the script.

Legbiter has created many decks with this formula, these are examples:
Anam and Ian Wedding deck
Brujah Antitribu
City Gangrel Antitribu
Country Gangrel Antitribu
All Gangrel Antitribu
Too Many Wakes
Toreador Antitribu
Dominus Illuminatio Anima Mea
Karaoke Killers
Windy City Wide-Boys
The Appliance of Science
Breast or Thigh, Sir?
Ventrue CE HF deck
Brujah CE HF deck
Malkavian CE HF deck
Toreador CE HF deck
Tremere CE HF deck
Nosferatu CE HF deck