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In this my-tan-is-better-than-yours issue ......
FICTION: Granite Island
DECK: Julian Gatt's Omaya Wall [a tourney-winning deck from Down

FICTION: Granite Island

He did not come down from the mountains much, in those days,
preferring the cool rustling pine forest to the hot valleys where the
People lived. But they knew he was there, by the sound of the pipe
floating on the wind, and food would be left for him, as was fitting.
And he would always eat some of the food, to show that he acknowledged
the gift.

That summer there was trouble on the water, black ships rowed by
fierce men from the south island. Up and down the coasts they went, to
the north and the east. Against their straight sharp swords and
daggers our stone weapons broke, and they terrified us with their
hooped leather armour and horned helmets. They burned our huts, looted
our crops and abducted our women. So we went to ask the Man for help.

You did not approach the Man, but rather you placed yourself in his
vicinity and hoped that he would acknowledge you. For many days we
followed him, always keeping a respectful distance except for that one
time when Darzu accidentally came upon him defecating. The Man beat
him severely for that. Eventually a woman made him some honey cakes
and waited beside them. The cakes and the woman must have pleased him,
because that night he came and sat by our fire. There was silence,
while the woman plucked the lice from his hair.

"They will come up the river to the stone-mine. That is where they
will be drawn in. A night and a night from now, we will meet there and
sing the song of awakening."

We came at the appointed time to the stone-mine. The night was hot and
chirring with cicadas. A fire was lit amongst the stones, which stood
or lay rough and uncarved amongst the trees, and the Man began to
sing. One after another, we joined in, and then the dance began; in
and out of the stones, leaping over them, lashing ourselves the while
with thorny branches so that the blood flowed. In the moonlight, the
stones seemed to shift, to stretch, to sniff. Then the Man gave a
signal; the song stopped, and quickly and quietly as mice the People
padded back through the woods.

The moon was dipping behind the hills when the Sea-men came, many
hands strong, their bronze swords glittering.

"The singing came from here. Look! The marks of many feet, and signs
of a fire."

The Sea-men entered amongst the stones, talking quietly. Several hands
of heartbeats passed. Then there came a muffled grunt and some groans,
a war-cry and the clash of bronze against granite. The stones seemed
to bend inwards, and then the screaming began. Later, it stopped.

On our island the dawn tinges everything with a pale pink glow. We
went down to the stones once the sun had risen over the hills. The
Sea-men were gone, and now the formerly-featureless stones had faces,
swords and horned helmets.

The Man went back to the mountain, taking the woman with him. The
stones are still there.

[Inspired by the carved Megaliths at Filitosa, in Corsica].

DECK: Julian Gatt's Omaya Wall [a tourney-winning deck from Down

Here's a deck that's been in my in-tray for nearly two months, and
that definitely needs celebration in the !Gangrel NL: ANOTHER
tourney-winning deck largely based upon our clan, in this case the
Country Cousins.  i give the deck in its author's own words:

"Well, through some fluke I managed not only to qualify for the
nationals at my first constructed tournie [editor's note; a Qualifier
in Newcastle, NSW, Australia, July 2004], but I managed to win the
event (21 players) as well.

Here's my deck that I took, a couple things that came up in the event
was the fact that Elysium: Sforzesco Castle absolutely rocks. The
late inclusion of the Archon Investigation was well worth it
(archoning Gillespi Giovanni in Game 3 and William Biltmore in the

I also found that having no ability to kill master phase actions hurt
quite a bit. Especially in game 2 after Arika came out, tried to PTO
Omaya, was intercepted, Rotschrecked and then later diablerised by
Isable de Leon. My prey then brought out Marcus Vitel and Katarina
Kornfeld and proceded to Minion tap both of them... :-(

Final result of my games
Game 1 (5 player): Mick 1VP, Roger 1VP, Me 3VP 1TW
Game 2 (4 player): Justin 1VP, Brendon 3VP 1TW
Game 3 (4 player): James 1VP, Me 3VP 1TW
Final (5 player): Roger 1VP, Craig 1VP, Me 3VP 1TW

And here's the deck, if anyone can see some changes that could easily
be made, whilst retaining the integrity of the deck, I'd be more than

Deck Name: Omaya Wall
Created By: Julian Gatt

Crypt: (12 cards, Min: 12, Max: 28, Avg: 5.25)
4 Omaya ANI AUS FOR pro 7, Gangrel Antitribu:2
1 Horrock vic ANI PRO 6, Gangrel:3
2 Caitlin ANI aus dom PRO 6, Gangrel Antitribu:2,
1 Dr. Allan Woodstock PRO ani aus for 5, Gangrel:3
1 Bobby Lemon ANI pro 4, Gangrel:3
1 Isabel de Leon AUS 3, Toreador:2
1 Chandler Hungerford PRO 3, Gangrel:2
1 Sadie pro 2, Gangrel Antitribu:2

Library: (84 cards)
Master (16 cards)
1 Archon Investigation
2 Auspex
1 Barrens, The
4 Blood Doll
1 Campground Hunting Ground
1 Elysium: Sforzesco Castle
1 KRCG News Radio
1 Protean
4 Rotschreck

Action (3 cards)
2 Pulse of the Canaille
1 Tier of Souls

Action Modifier (3 cards)
3 Earth Control

Reaction (34 cards)
4 Cats' Guidance
4 Eagle's Sight
4 Enhanced Senses
4 Forced Awakening
2 Guard Dogs
2 Precognition
2 Read the Winds
2 Spirit's Touch
2 Telepathic Counter
5 Telepathic Misdirection
3 Wake with Evening's Freshness

Combat (18 cards)
5 Bone Spur
2 Claws of the Dead
6 Flesh of Marble
4 Form of Mist
1 Wolf Claws

Retainer (5 cards)
1 Homunculus
1 Mr. Winthrop
1 Owl Companion
2 Raven Spy

Equipment (3 cards)
2 Ivory Bow
1 Laptop Computer

Combo (2 cards)
2 Rapid Change"

Well done Julian!

And that's it for September! Now, back to learning how to play the
Call of Cthulhu card game. Can it REALLY be the case that Helpless,
Hopeless and Doomed destroys *ALL* attachments, on *EVERYTHING*? Cos
that's what the card says. See you all in October!