Gangrel Antitribu Newsletter

V:EKN Clan Gangrel Antitribu Newsletter, October 1998

VEKN Gangrel Anti newsletter Vol 1 number 7 or possibly 8, October 98
In this issue ......

THE HARBINGER GOES TACTICAL [More fiction from Story4].

HOW TO USE TALBOT'S CHAINSAW PROPERLY [A tip for a Gangrel anti-weapon].

IT'S ALIVE! IT'S ALIVE! [The Betrayer deck scores its first VP]

ULTRAVIOLET [A plug for a UK TV show about modern vampires].

THE HARBINGER GOES TACTICAL [Previously on story4: The Harbinger, a monstrous
vampire from outer space, has returned to earth-orbit and is taking part in
the Jyhad. He/she/it is recruiting minions from among the mentally-unstable
....] .......

"Now, don't let's get excited Herr Doctor. Care in the Community is a
well-established institution in the United Kingdom. And the Bundesrat must
balance its budget somehow, otherwise how are we ever going to pay all
the bri-, er, essential costs of our social services."
FUCKIN' SERI- [urgh ....]" THUDDD!!!
"Erm ..... Herr Doktor? I say? Nurse! NURSE!!!!!!"

It's her first day of liberty and Zoe is out in the community
networking. The cosmic community, that is. High up in the spacecraft she is
peering into a vat where something with big eyes is looking back at her,
apprehensively. And with some reason. As we watch, she places a
mouthpiece between her lips and a tube uncoils from inside the vat .... the
creature tries to back away, but mercilessly the sharp end of the tube stabs
into the alien flesh ... the life-fluids drain away, the big eyes cloud
over, and Zoe rises, quivering and fluttering her hands. "Kilikileee!!!
Kilikileee!!! Kilikileee!!!"

And now [the Harbinger feels] it is time for something Dramatic. A little
Sturm, a little Drang ..... just to let the Kindred know that something which
has been away a long time is back, out there and waiting. It is very cold in
space, and very lonely, so do not judge the Harbinger too harshly, dear
reader; YOU might not be altogether sane after 3000 years in space with
nothing but your lunch for company, watching the cumulative effects of zero
gravity on undead flesh. And after all, the Kindred of Salsburg hardly knew
what hit them; the ultraviolet radiation bomb detonated 2 miles up from the
city, at 1015pm on a clear and cold night in early autumn. Most humans never
even knew the event had taken place - a slight increase in skin-cancer among
austrian prostitutes was its only effect on the Kine. But o dear, alas for
the vampires that were abroad that night .. and alas for the master who had
spent so much effort to control them ......

"It's all too Byoo-ti-foo-ooo-ool, it's all too Byoo-ti-foo-ooo-ool .."
sings Dana as she dances around the great loft where her family have
kept her ever since the unfortunate incident with the prisoner of war. The
Franco-Prussian war, that was. And he WAS beautiful. Dana sighs a
little at the memory. And as she sighs, something heavy lands with a sickening
plopping sound on the roof-tree, and begins to ooze along it, probing
the tiles with wet sucking sounds, seeking for a gap ... which eventually
it finds ......

HOW TO USE TALBOT'S CHAINSAW PROPERLY Talbot was a Gangrel antitribu who went
postal using the fine Golden Chainsaw which gathers dust in most people's
collections - especially now that the Fame rule has been changed. Well, let
it gather dust no longer, dark brothers and sisters ... just collect a few
Ambrosius's from AH, and let HIM take the untap damage from the saw. It
cannot be prevented, but so what? Ambrosius is immune to damage that is not
aggravated. I have had three reasonably successful decks based on this combo
- one an all-Giovanni Thoughts Betrayed deck [pre 7/7], one the
Giovanni-Lasombra deck i used in the jyhad on-line tournament last year, and
the other a weenie Setite-Giovanni Corruption, Embrace and hack 'em to death
deck. Actually to be completely honest none of these decks has ever actually
won a game, because they are all a tad slow and expensive .... but they are
certainly successful in causing one's fellow players to soil themselves once
they realise what is happening .....

IT'S ALIVE! IT'S ALIVE! The Betrayer deck, first described in these pages,
won its first VP today September 25th in the jyhad on-line game local8.
Interestingly, the intelligent and creative salem christ [Prince of Canberra]
developed the same concept completely independently, and has been using it to
good effect to spread his web of deceit and lies among the Kindred of the
Great Southern Continent. Good on ya, undead cobber! [as i believe you say in
the colonies].

ULTRAVIOLET Ultraviolet is a modern-vampire story told largely from the
witch-hunter's point of view, at least so far [episode 2 was on UK channel 4
last Tuesday at 10]. I shan't spoil it for people by saying what it's about,
but i do think it is well worth a watch. Those of you across the channel or
in the colonies will probably get to see it on your own TVs eventually, but
if not, and it becomes culty as is very likely, then perhaps bootleg tapes
might be produced and despatched to those of you who grovel sufficiently to
our Legbitery Greatness.
Alright, a short newsletter this month, because term is starting and i have 8
million lectures, papers and grants to write, not to mention the brides of
Legbiter to, erm, bond with, the PhD students of Legbiter to motivate, and the
childre of legbiter to organise birthday parties for. More musing in November.