Gangrel Antitribu Newsletter


FICTION: FRAGMENT OF THE BOOK OF SOUTRA [an affectionate pastiche of
Beowulf, with a Jyhad slant]
CONCEPT DECKS [the second bit of last monthís deck building article, and
a bit of damp squib Iím afraid]

[Editorís note: Soutra was a real place, a monastery just outside
Edinburgh, and the site of some very strange ritual exsanguinatory
practices that have a definite vampy feel about them. Inspired by the
poetic trend in some other newsletters, by Seamus Heaneyís new
translation of Beowulf, and by the reflection that Soutra was bigger than
Lindisfarne from where our current Beowulf texts may well have
originated, I composed this little pastiche on the Beowulf Epic].

High was the Hall King Harrod Built
There Vitae from Victims Violently Slain
Gushed in the Goblets of his Grateful Kin!
But Light, Love and Laughter make a Fertile Mold
Envyís Evil Spite Grows Easily there
And a Foul Felon soon stole upon the Friendly Fold.

As the Night Broke the Nosferatu awakened to Nemesis
Sleep-scumbled eyes Saw the Skinned Ghouls, the Smashed
Crypts where the Kindred they loved had been Kissed to bed
No more would those Mouths Mumble the Praises of Caine
Nor those limbs so lithe in their leprosy drag the living to Lethe
All drifting to doom down the dark storm-drain.

Fear filled the faces of those Frightful Fiends
Terror tormented those who had Troubled the Kine
Word of the Nictuku was whispered, and whether
Harrodís Haven Uncovered could ever be healed.
Rats ran at the rulerís request, and returned
Squeaking that the sewerlids remained sealed.

Then each One was Wary of the Other; Within
The Kingdom of the Cursed of Caine was the Culprit!
From the Hall to their Faraway Fastnesses they fled
Only Darkness dwelled on in the Domain of the Damned;
Godís forgotten ones Groaned for a redeemer
A Fierce Fighter for the Cause of the Defamed.

Out of Outremer came a Saviour, One of the Vidfari
Paragon of the Paynims, Parnassus was he called
To the Court of the King he came, claiming secret knowledge
Taking Counsel and Comfort to the Camarillaís command
A Contract he called for, a licence to Kill
He whose henious hatred had spurred his vile hand.

Grendel was that cruel spiritís name
The pool and pipe his fastness was, the mire his haunt
In the High Hall of Harrod he harked on the horror he wrought
Till the Audacious Assamite came at night to assail him
The Harbinger of Hell hailed his prey with a High challenge
Promising to Punish his pusillanimous Sin.

Of that Famous Fightís many Feats we have heard
How the Night-blackened Nosferatu seized a sword from the shadows
And struck at the Assamite, Dodging in Darkness;
Then quick-witted Parnassus called on Quietus, catching
His foe with a bitter blow, bashing him down
To his devil-dam, ripe for despatching.

Last month I gaily promised to design a gangrel-anti combat deck based on
the principles outlined in the last newsletter, and for the last two
weeks I have been cursing myself for my arrogance. I hadnít, you see,
previously done any kind of analysis of the !gangrel disciplines, and it
was only when I did so that I realised how terribly fragmented these are.
Of all the clans only the Pander are worse in this respect, and they of
course have the countervailing advantages of being cheap, and having
Legacy of Pander [one of the best cards in the game]. Eventually I came
up with the following creation, which uses the Todd Banister Infernal
Familiar trick to create a pot/pro/for kind of a deck and aims to do lots
of rushes and a bit of grave-robbing. However, I am under no illusion
that this is a GOOD deck, and nor should you be. It is sleepy [no wake-
ups], slow [big vampires] and feeble [no votes or decent bleeds]. I
present it nevertheless as a Terrible Warning to newsletter editors not
to write articles on the hoof. Next time I will have the deck built
before I make rash promises about it. Well, maybe the time after next.
Novemberís NL project is going to be how to design a decent !Gangrel deck
without initially limiting it to being mainly combat, and this will
almost certainly mean basing it around the Gangrel anti-girlies who have
decent specials and/or are Caitlin.

3 x Leon 3 for ani
2 x Samantha 10 ani tha PRO OBF CEL Bishop
2 x Shane Grimald 4 pot dom ani
2 x Zachary 7 for pre PRO OBF CEL
3 x Pieter 6 tha for PRO OBF

2 x Hand of Conrad
10 x Bumís Rush
5 x Ambush
5 x Torn Signpost
10 x Immortal Grapple
4 x Flesh of Marble
4 x Infernal Familiar
4 x Amaranth
2 x Ritual of the Bitter Rose
6 x Freak Drive
4 x Disarm
6 x Skin of Steel
2 x Skin of Night
4 x Wolf Claws
4 x Grave Robbing

Heidelberg Castle
Pentex Loves You!
Hungry Coyote
2 x Rotshreck
3 x Minion Tap
2 x Blood Doll
Festivo Dellí Estinto
Giantís Blood
Twisted Forest
2 x Gangrel Conspiracy

For those who want a decent Gangrel anti combat deck I can only refer you
to George Finkís JOL deck which is archived somewhere in the !Gangrel NLs
[in cloned-from-asheap form]. Actually there is another very good one on
a central european site but I promised the owner not to publish it till
he gave me permission.

Next month is the Christmas issue, and after that you donít have to read
any more of my rubbish until the next millennium! Happy now????