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FICTION: Voormithadreth Rising, the fourth chapter of the latest lot of
Call of Cthulhu d20 goings-on from Legbiter Hall.
DECK: titania te quiere, another tourney-winning !gangrel deck

THE HORROR IN THE ICE, CHAPTER 4. Voormithadreth Rising

"Poor old Isak."

"I'm sorry?"

"Poor old Isak, being, you know, eaten and stuff. I feel sorta sorry
for him now."

Nanook sighed and shifted his great seal-bloated bulk ever so slightly,
allowing the feeble sun to shine on his distended belly. His mother had
always said that the warmth aided digestion.

"The animals give themselves to me, provided I treat them with respect.
So no, not poor Isak. Kind Isak, to whose voluntary sacrifice you and I
owe the next fortnight or so of our lives. Let our actions during that
time justify him and celebrate his nobility. When we die, our bodies
will rot and feed Isak's fish, so he will be repaid. And now for fuck's
sake shut up and let me sleep."

"You sure you don't fancy fooling around a bit first?"

The truth was that Nanook DID feel a bit warmer towards Sekatu, who had
positioned herself straddling his right back thigh where she had been
accidentally on purpose wriggling lasciviously against him. It would
involve changing, of course, and the weather was against them, but
still ...

"O shit, company!"

With a sigh Sekatu detached herself from the great Bear's leg, and
Nanook heaved himself upright.

"It's those bloody humans again, the diggers. This is where we saw them

"Guess they must be awfully fond of snow, then?"

"I don't think they are digging for snow. I had a look, after we had,
erm, after the last time I saw them digging. They were poking about in
the rocks on that crescent-shaped island, you know the one, with the
great Northward-facing basin and the rim of green rocks around it.
That's where they were, on the rim."

"Well, just so long as they don't take our food!"

"They do, or they did last time. Bastards. They shot poor Isak through
the ice when he came up to breathe and then didn't even eat him, just
fed his skin to their dogs and left the rest for the gulls. I'm not
even that happy about them taking the rocks. There's something in those
rocks, some sort of power that gives a kind of life to things that
shouldn't be alive. You ever come across Taigu?"

"No, but I've heard of it. The Hungry Snow, isn't that another name for

"That's the one. Taigu is all over that area when the wind blows in the
right direction. I think the rocks create it."

"Talking of wind, isn't that a funny cloud formation over there?"

Nanook looked. Sure enough a great tapering cone of grey cloud seemed
to be solidifying to the north. Suddenly he felt oddly warm, and a
sharp tingle of ozone tickled his nose.

"Uh-oh, time you and I were out of here, doll."

Nanook began to lope southwards, and Sekatu trotted obediently after

"Does this mean we're an item, then?"

"If we get out of here and can find somewhere warm, maybe. But that's
no cloud formation. It is Mount Voormithadreth rising, and when it
comes the Great Storm comes too. So let's just, you know, run for a bit
and not chatter? Please?"


The young Commissar was surveying the damage to the West wing of the

"How could the counter-revolutionaries have done this? 15 dead and 2
missing, and not a track or a cartridge case to be seen."

"There are tracks, just not footprints. And they don't go outside the
perimeter fence."

"It has to be treachery. I reckon it was the British agent, possibly
with help from the missing Anthropology woman and the librarian. Let's
interrogate the librarian and Dangerfeld's roommate, they're both
feeble bourgeoisie, I'll get confessions out of them in 30 minutes,

"I'm sure you will, but that's not going to help. We need to know what
ACTUALLY happened. So I'll do the interrogating and you will keep your
Cheka goons WELL out of my way. Guarding the perimeter and not letting
any more counter-revolutionaries in or out would be top of my list of
priorities if I were you, meanwhile thinking of a REALLY good story to
tell Comrade Stalin about how they managed it last night."

"Comrade Commissar! A call from Moscow!"

"I'll take it in the Sanatorium office."

"Bailkov speaking!"

"How goes the project, Comrade Bailkov?"

"Well, Comrade Stalin ... or it was going well up to last night.
There's been some kind of counter-revolutionary attack and O'Keeth has
gone missing. The Comrade Chekists have already put two and two
together, I'm afraid."

"Did O'Keeth cooperate on the artefact?"

"Yes, he was quite helpful without meaning to be. He just couldn't help
being interested. And he took the bait when he went, all the important
books from the locked room. Also for some reason he took a woman,
Karlotta Dangerfeld. She's not working for us, is she?"

"I would know if she were, and while I wouldn't necessarily tell you
just because I knew, in this case I can assure you that she isn't. I
don't like this, Comrade Bailkov, I don't like surprises. What are your

"Well, if O'Keeth really is as savvy as he is supposed to be then he
will have gone to the green stones to try out the formula. That's where
we will catch up with him. Land and air units are already prepared and
briefed. Once I have finished this phonecall I will lead the sortie."

"Excellent, don't let us down now, Comrade. Socialism may depend on
your efforts!"

"Understood, Comrade Stalin! Vsya Vlast Sovietam!"

The phone went dead, and the young Commissar wandered thoughtfully down
to the aerodrome, where a red closed-cockpit monoplane was waiting, its
engine already ticking over. They took off into the gathering storm. A
few minutes later, a silvery monoplane took off in the same direction.


>From the aerodrome it was only an hour's flight to the island where the
enigmatic arc of green stones lay, but when the Commissar's aeroplane
arrived both he and the pilot at first thought they must be lost. They
circled the great semi-transparent cone, and then the pilot gave a

"Look! A sledge!"

"That'll be our men. Drop down and let's have a look."

Down went the red monoplane, larger and larger grew the sledge and its
dog team. Zip zipzipzzipPING!!!!!!

"Pull her up, pull her up!"

The aeroplane zoomed over the humans below, who followed its passage
with the sights of their MP1918s, squeezing the triggers the while.
Frantically the pilot twisted and turned, and then gave a yell as a
second volley of machine-gun fire stitched into the snow in front of
them - fired from above, and behind.

"Another aircraft! Keep manouevering, I will try to fight it off!"

The young Commissar seized a Moisin-Nagant from behind his seat, fitted
a clip and then pushed open the hatch on top of the plane. Peering out
he saw the silvery monoplane, took aim and fired. No effect! Around and
around the mountain the two planes roared, until at last Bailkov got in
a lucky shot. Mortally hit, the unknown pilot released the controls of
his aircraft, which turned with the torque of its engine and burst in
flames on the side of the new mountain.

"Got 'im!"

"Yep, good show. But he got us too. I will try to land."

A strong smell of aviation fuel filled the Soviet plane, but the pilot
was skillful and a landing was made. The two young men scrambled out
but the aeroplane did not catch fire, so they climbed back in to
retrieve what survival kit they could, then headed towards the nearby
mountain as offering the best promise of shelter.

They reached the mountain just as, on Cykranosh, Karlotta and Colum
were shaking Eibon's hand and stepping through the gate back to earth.
They found themselves on a ledge on the side of Mount Voormithadreth,
looking down about 30 feet into the astonished faces of Bailkov and the

"How the fuck did you get here?"


"I said - o come down, there is a bit of roughish rock here."

Karlotta and Colum did as they were told, finding the rock oddly warm
to the touch. Karlotta smelt ozone, and wished she had paid more
attention to the clever French-Polish woman who had taught her Physics
during that summer school so long ago. On the ground it was difficult
to stand, so strong had the wind become, and flurries of snow were
already obscuring the view.

"You people are in a LOT of trouble. What happened back at the

"A counter-revolutionary attack, Comrade - the same awful snow-things
that attacked me on the way back from the Utiuk camp. This comrade
saved me, by some kind of, well, magic."

Bailkov looked hard at Colum, who looked hard right back.

"I had to use some State Property. It is here, in this bag. I was just
waiting for the opportunity to return it."

"Alright, we'll discuss this another time. For now, we all need to
survive so that Comrade Stalin can decide whether or not to shoot you
later. Look! There is some kind of niche here! Perhaps we can build a

Inside, the niche proved to be a tunnel, snaking into the interior of
the mountain. They lit a lantern and marvelled at the strange
inscriptions on the wall of the tunnel. After about a furlong the
tunnel opened out into a large space with an icy pond occupying its
centre, and three other tunnels leading off the opposite wall.

"We'll camp here until the storm blows over, at least it is sheltered.
You two, see if you can find something to burn."

Karlotta and the pilot obediently went off to scout round the pond. A
few twigs were gathered, and then the pilot touched Karlotta's arm with
an exclamation. Five metres away a pair of black jack-boots stuffed
with cotton wool were poking out of a hole in the pond. As the two
Russians watched, the boots gave a spasmodic wriggle, and Karlotta
screamed. The others came running.

"What the hell ....?"

The boots slid below the ice, and were replaced by a green dome with
golden-green lumps on it. The concept that these were EYES formed in
all their minds just as a sinewy green arm appeared behind the dome and
launched a three-pronged harpoon at them. Elsewhere, the ice was
cracking, as more and more green things began to force their way up
from the depths.

"Quick! Up the left-hand tunnel!"

Gathering as much of their gear as they could, they followed Bailkov
towards the tunnel. He, meanwhile, had paused and was lighting a stick
of dynamite.

"Careful with that, old ch- Ooooooo SHIT!!!!!!!!!"

Fizzing, the dynamite fell to the ground. Colum picked it up.

"I'll deal with this. Take them into the tunnel, and take this bag of
books. The Mission Must Succeed!"

Seconds later there was a tremendous explosion. Coughing, Bailkov
picked himself up from the floor of the tunnel and peered back the way
he had come. Nothing, except the sound of gently-spattering body-parts.
Executing a smart British Army salute and gulping back a tear, he made
his way up to where Karlotta and the pilot were waiting.



DECK: Another tourney-winning !Gangrel deck, from Spain, via Athens
[the setting for Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream ... geddit?????]

Daring the dawn : Ca lŽArno

Date: 30 April 2005
Players 17
Where Ludoteca Ca lŽArno
Name titania te quiere (gehena version)
Player Creator: xavi Bagan
1st place


Sebastian goulet x3
Sebastian goulet adv x2
Soldat x2
Caitlin x1
Sadie x1
Max Lowell x2
Wren x1

redirection x2
govern the unaligned x8
blood doll x4
charisma x1
twisted forest x1
anarch troublemaker x1
pentex subversion x1
dreams of the sphinx x2
earth control x2
elder impersonation x3
cloak the gatering x2
faceless night x2
lost in crowds x4
shadow court satyr x9
mylan horseed x1
earth meld x8
flesh of marble x3
wwef x5
deflection x5
conditioning x4
direct intervention x3
the unmasking x1
claws of the dead x2
vagabond mystic x1

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First-class fun!

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