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In this bank-holiday issue .....
EDITORIAL: May rule-team rulings and the !Gangrel
FICTION: Return of the Baron
DECK/GAME VARIANT: Duelling decks.

EDITORIAL: May rule-team rulings and the !Gangrel
One of the changes recently made by the rule team has an effect upon the
!Gangrel, namely the decision to make allies who are playing cards "as
vampires" take damage from Burst of Sunlight. This means that decks such
as the Rafastio ghouls a-go-go, and Shadow Court Satyr decks generally,
become a little bit less good; these allies WILL now take a point of
aggravated damage when they play Burst of Sunlight. In fact, i'm
slightly concerned about the possibility that the change may actually
make the Burst-of-Sunlight form of these decks completely inviable,
since it appears that the logical extension of this concept is that they
will not only take the point of damage but, since they are playing the
card as a vampire, they will actually respond to the aggravated damage
as a vampire would, in other words by going to torpor.  i can't think of
a mechanism whereby an ally can be rescued from torpor, so this would be
a REALLY bad thing for an SCS/BoS deck. But hey, it just means we have
to think up new and entertaining ways to make the Shadow Court Satyr do
his tricks, and in fact i'm quite looking forward to dismantling my
current SCS decks so's to build a new one based on the fantastic
multi-discipline cards from Bloodlines.

FICTION: Return of the Baron
In the moonlight the Wisteria and Clematis writhe round his arbour: and
Baron Samedi sighs as he plucks a lilac blossom, trying to recall the
colours of things under sunlight. A ghoul comes out of the mansion and
stands patiently with his head bent.
"Approach, Andrea, you may speak."
"Si, Barone. A gentleman to see you, sir - the Noble Lord the Lord
"Show him in, and have the maid set out the tea-things in the orchard."
"Si, Barone."
"Dear brother, how well you look! But then you always were the snappiest
"How kind you are to say so. And to what do i owe the honour and
pleasure of this visit?"
"It is time to act. All the preparations have been made, the planets are
in a favourable alignment and we must move swiftly. Soon, i fear, our
enemies will turn from their infighting to move decisively against us.
Is this my cup? Please, give me your wrist."

The baron complies, and with terrible swiftness Legbiter draws out an
american air-force lock-knife and cuts his friend's wrist. He holds it
gently over the teacup and the two old vampires watch as the precious
vitae drains into the cup. Eventually Legbiter seals the wound with a
kiss, and then drinks the baron's blood. He sits back with a sigh,
wiping his beard.

"An excellent vintage, thank-you! Now, i have a gift for you."

He reaches into his coat and draws out a black velvet bag. The Baron
takes it, looks at the contents and nods.

"Thank-you, brother. i know what must be done."

The two old vampires rise up and embrace tenderly; Legbiter kisses the
baron on the cheek, wordlessly shakes his hand, and then leaves.

"Andrea! Which car do we have tonight?"
"The Silver Ghost sir, and Pietro is the chauffeur."
"Have him start the machine, and make sure that the tank is full. i am
going out."
"But sir, it is almost day."
"i will be back. The Astrakhan, i think, and a clean silk scarf, if that
can be managed."
"Si, Barone."

Dawn is indeed breaking as the Rolls eases out of the automatic gates
and heads away from the estate, and despite the blackened windows of the
car there is a faint scent of burning hair by the time they reach their
destination, a drug den in a dangerous part of town. North African men
regard the vehicle suspiciously as it draws up just outside.
"Pietro, you may leave us. i suggest doing so at a run."
"Si, Barone."

The chauffeur dashes out of the front seat and reaches top speed just as
the hollow BOOM! of the exploding car reaches him. A wave of heat,
screams and shrieks and burning fragments of his master and the car, and
then somehow he is clear. He dumps his uniform in a skip and catches the
bus back towards the mansion. It doesn't actually go there, of course,
so he has to walk across the fields where the cowslips and primroses are
blooming. In the hanger above the estate he pauses for a while to admire
the fresh beech-leaves, both green and copper, and to absorb their
pleasing contrast with the fresh bluebells and withered bracken
understorey. The master would like this, he thinks, and he plucks a few
flowers and stems before making his way down to the mansion. Andrea is
waiting for him.

"Is it done?"

A naked woman is coming down the stairs, her flesh like alabaster and
her eyes like glossy jet. The two retainers bow.

"i will need to be shown to the library and the crypt, this body's
memory does not help with their location, nor with your names."
"Si, Barone, i mean My Lady. i am Andrea, and this is Pietro, at your
service. Will it please the noble lady to walk this way?"

She looks down at her body and traces out the curvature of breast and

"Perhaps a gown, first. The Brides of Legbiter may be asked about the
aesthetics of it, but nothing too modern, please."

Once dressed, Carlotta proceeds to the library where she finds a book.
They descend to the crypt, and many nameless rites later a body rises
stiffly from its coffin. It is the Baron. Carlotta extends her hand and
the Baron takes something from it, which glows briefly in the dusty

"Andrea! A summer suit this time, i think, and a straw hat. My cane, of
course. Pietro, take this draft and look into the purchase of a new car,
a Bentley if you choose, British Racing Green if at all possible. O,
Bluebells, bracken and beech, how simply splendid! Thank-you so much
dear boy, i think we will view the flowers in the snake-garden later."

"Si, Barone".


DECK/GAME VARIANT: Duelling decks.

DECK: "Sure Genius is to Madness Near Allied"
CREATED BY: Legbiter
Marshall MacCrombie has had a big folder of my spare old jyhad cards in
his shop [Southsea models] for quite a while and he has been selling
them for me, but recently it became apparent that no-one wanted to buy
them any more, so to save space in his shop i took the remainder home. i
must say i was quite surprised to find how much good stuff was left -
fistfuls of Embraces, Psyches and Aching Beauties being amongst the
cards still in the folder. And last night i used the residue that not
even i can find a constructed-deck use for to build two duelling decks,
since Michael was busy playing solo Battlefleet Gothic and declined to
join us at cards. i've already talked about our duelling rules, but
briefly to recap they are as follows:

Both players use the same library and crypt. Having determined who
starts, each player in turn draws their hand and opening uncontrolled
region. Thereafter, play proceeds as normal. Bleed bounce is
deliberately left out, clan hosers deliberately go in, and the best
decks are dual-clan decks where the clans have the majority of their
disciplines in common - eg Brujah/Toreador and Malkavian/Tremere. i
built one of each but last night it was the Malkavian/Tremere deck that
we used and we had two fine games [both of which i won - in fact, i
haven't lost a game of VTES since the second round at Watford last
Sunday]. Here's the deck, not that it really matters - and i recommend
this approach to duellers, it's really much better fun than trying to
play decks constructed for multi-player fun in duels.

CRYPT [28 vampires]
Didi Meyers
Sabine Lafitte
Thomas Thorne
Merill Molitor
Roland Bishop
Gilbert Duane
Sarah Cobbler
Lydia Van Cuelen
Mariel, lady Thunder
Jing Wei
Roxanne, Rectrix of the 13th floor
Cassandra - Magus Prime
Syvester Simms
Justine, Elder of Dallas
Dr Jest
Astrid Thomas
Dr John Casey
Ulugh Beg - The Watcher
Smudge - The Ignored

LIBRARY [103 cards]
Academic HG
Ascendance x 2
Asylum HG
The Barrens
Blood Doll x 2
Effective Management
Elder library
Game of Malkav
Haven uncovered x 2
Illegal Search and Seizure
Letter from Vienna
Malkavian Dementia
Malkavian Prank
Masquerade Endangered
Metro Underground
Minion Tap x 2
Powerbase: Chicago
Protracted investment
The Rack
Short-term investment
Unnatural Disaster
Vast Wealth
Arson x 2
Bastard Sword
Boxed In x 2
Bum's Rush x 2
Computer Hacking x 2
Dead End Alley
Deer Rifle
Domain Challenge
Fake Out
Flak jacket
Flame Thrower
IR Goggles
Mob Connections
Muddled Vampire Hunter
Outcase mage
Parity Shift
Saturday night Special
Sawed-off Shotgun
Submachine Gun
Trap x 2
Thadius Zho (Mage)
Zip Gun x 2
Aura Reading x 4
Enhanced Senses x 2
Fast Reaction x 2
Pulse of the Canaille
Read intentions x 2
The Spirit's Touch x 2
Telepathic Counter x 2
Bonding x 2
Govern the Unaligned x 2
Seduction x 2
Threats x 2
Cloak the Gathering
Disguised Weapon
Hidden Lurker
Vanish from Mind's Eye x 2
Blood Fury x 2
Blood Rage x 2
Cauldron of Blood x 2
Cryptic Mission x 2
Movement of the Mind
Walk of Flame


And that's it for May! i wish you all the very best of the season and i
will certainly be sparing a thought, as i'm sure will ALL Northern
Hemisphere methuselahs, for our brethren enduring the Southern
Hemisphere autumn/early winter, as i [and we] play with the nymphs
[and/or satyrs, depending upon gender and individual preference] upon
the flowery sward. In fact, i'll even tell you what the thought will be
..... HAHAHA SURE SUCKS TO BE YOU!!!!!!!     ;-)