Gangrel Antitribu Newsletter

V:EKN Clan Gangrel Antitribu Newsletter, May 1998

Gangrel Anti Newsletter Vol 1 number 3 May 1st 1998 

In this Fang-filled Bumper Issue ..... 

fabby fiction about a typical World-of-Darkness Night on the Downs. 

'n' gals, what about a little creative thought, huh? Half the compo 
solved, and the other half extended for a month. 

NEWS AND RUMOURS ...... A rumour about The Black Hand, an expansion for 

A DEADLY  DECK O' DOOM ....... Legbiterıs prophetic vision of Tournaments 
To Come, and what you can do about it ..... 


"Scuse me Sir and Madam, can I ask what youıre doing in this carpark at 
this time of night?" 
"O shit! O Gerry! O No!"
"Would you mind stepping out of the car for a moment, Sir and Madam?"
Rustling of hastily-donned clothes, muttered comments .... "This is YOUR 
fault ..... my husband will kill me .....". Ah well, this will all look 
less serious in a few seconds ...... you gotta think globally, know what I 
mean? ³In Spring time, in Spring time, the only pretty ring time - when 
birds do sing, o ring a ding a ding ... sweet lovers love, the Spring."

And so do I. More food, more animals to play with, and less mud to brush 
off one's clothes in the morning. Terrific. Course, the downside is 
shorter nights and more lupines. Here comes one now ..... 

"Hey there, death-breath."
"Hey, Rends! Gimmee five, or, er, however many ya got, Hairy Buddy!"
"I'll go snacks with ya on the car."

I saw it first, but no point in arguing with the Dancer. Heıs bigger than me. 


 I strike the windscreen and bounce off. Shit, 
never take your eyes off the food. Oww, that dustbin was full of broken 
glass. I dunno, what about respect for the law, eh? Still, I have to admit 
itıs funny, sitting here picking bits of glass outa my bum and watching my 
hairy mate trying to catch the car. Ole! Toro, toro! Wow, can they do 
that? Oops, clearly not, straight over the edge ....  ooo, 
thatıs gotta hurt. 

"Care for a bite?" 
"O Rends, you KNOW I don't like my food cooked. Yech. Dıye have to slurp 
like that? Uh-oh, time we weren't here ......." 

We're skipping through the ruins of an Iron-Age fort. This is the unlife 
.... the night-wind in my hair, the grass at my feet, the stars overhead 
and a hygienically-challenged serial killer at my side ........ 
"This is all YOUR fault Rends. Mummy was right ..... NEVER hang around 
with a bloke whose eyebrows join in the middle." 
"Hey, I said Iım sorry. Look, how about mixing  my business with your 
Pleasure .... the Treehuggers .... their camp is just down there."

Indeed it is, a series of tree-houses and tunnels right in the path of 
the, erm, controversial Gibbet Hill Bypass [subcontractors Pentex, Inc, 
Damborough and Provincetown]. Down we go, into the deep cutting under the 
beech hanger. They'll be keeping a watch.... this isn't the first time 
that Pentex goons have roughed up the camp. So we gotta be Vewy, Vewy 
Quiet.    Uh-oh. Trust Rends to step in the 
mantrap placed there specially by his Pentex mates. 
"C'mon, ya hairy bugger, just bite the fucking leg off, you can grow 
another ......" 
Sure hope he isn't gonna frenzy on me .. think I might just slip over here 
in case he does ..... o shit, here come the hippies, lots of them. Wow, 
that big guy has calmed Rends with his flute, and they're prising him out 
of the trap ..... maybe I can grab a snack in the confusion. Ahah, 
perfect, a little one. 
"Hullo little girl, what is your name? Is that your pet whale? What is his 
name? May I touch him?" 
She hands me the battered blow-up whale. 
"Orky. But heıs not a pet. Heıs real." It's inches from my hand and 
somehow I know this is a bad idea, but I can't stop myself ....... 
"OMIGOD ....... AIEEEEEE!!!!!!"
As in a dream I watch my hands burst into flame, shrivelling and wasting 
... I see myself trying to scrape the wretched whale off me, it seems to 
take an age, and all the time there is this terrible screaming coming from 
somewhere really close by. I do wish it would stop. The little girl is 
watching solemnly. As the whale falls she calmly picks it up. I sink into 
the chalky earth and she seems to grow, following me with eyes that are 
clear and pitiless. And then it is dark again, and o so cool. Bliss. I 
begin to wriggle downwards, and soon hit a rabbit warren. O well, at least 
I'll eat tonight .. though with my luck I'll probably meet a Cute L'il 
Bunny with True Faith. Sigh ...... the dance goes on ...... 


NOBODY accepted my challenge to create the Mercy for the Weak or Betrayer 
decks. Chickens. Alright, the compo goes on for another month, with the 
same FABBY prize of a totally AMAZING but illegal deck. This isn't one of 
my cruel Legbitery jokes by the way - it really IS a deck, and it uses 
home-made but Wizards-approved cards. NOBODY in your play-group has 
ANYTHING like this, so it might even win you a game or two at first. 
Just to show it can be done, here is the core of the Mercy for the Weak 
deck. It is classically a Brujah kill-the-Ventrue  affair, but can be 
adapted for other clans using takeover effects and clan impersonation. Its 
main point is to have everyone so busy with hunting that they get total 
hand-jam and are unable to intercept your many fine, fine actions. You do 
this by getting into combat with the main threats and whacking them, then 
when they try to hunt you play multiple hunt-related reactions and 
XTC-laced blood. With any luck they will end up fighting each other just 
to cycle cards. The Mercy is in there to help Triole's Revenge kill the 
big Ventrues. 

Akram, other big Brujah [preferably with auspex, reasonable voting power], 
weenie Setites, weenie Rag-heads with QUI, cheap sabbat vamp. 
The Classic Combat cards [Bum's Rush, IG, Flash, Blur, Sideslip, Pushing 
the Limit, Death of My Conscience, Taste of Vitae]. 
Camarilla Threat 
XTC-laced Blood 
Foul Blood 
Tainted Vitae 
Immaculate Vitae 
Strained Vitae supply 
Triole's Revenge 
Mercy for the Weak. 

[clip a rumor about a V:tES expansion that was completely untrue.] 
[Edited by Robert Goudie] 


Since a Gangrel/Gangrel-anti Fame deck is now the official on-line world 
champion [see Newsletter volume 1 number 1, or mail me privately at, for Legbiter's ingenious reconstruction of 
said deck from  discards] there is bound to be an explosion of wannabees 
building similar decks. So here are Legbiter's top two tips for the coming 
Gangrel anti-gangrel  Fame deck explosion: 

1. Join 'em. 
The basic strategy of a Gangrel Fame deck is for a Famous vampire to take 
several actions that put him/her in torpor. In principle, Gangrel antis 
should be BETTER at this than Gangrels. This is because we got the same 
core disciplines so we can use the combos talked about in Newsletter 1, 
PLUS we can use Sunrise service [not available to the scumbucket Cammies]. 
Additionally, Pieter is a low-priced member of our clan able to use 
Rutorıs hand, which is the other neat Go To Torpor card. 
So, this deck would be several copies of Pieter as most expensive vamp, 
little guys [mainly Gangrel antis] with for and/or pro to make up the 
numbers, and the actions in it would be Force of Will, Movement of the 
Slow Body, Sunrise Service, Rapid Healing, Laptop Computer, Rutorıs hand, 
Restoration, Raven Spy, Owl Companion, Shadow Court Satyr. Action modifers 
would be Day Operation, Daring the Dawn [day op is better, really], Earth 
Control. Combat cards would be Burst of Sunlight, Form of Mist and Earth 
Meld. Masters would be Park Hunting Ground, Twisted Forest, Fame, Minion 
Tap, Blood Doll, fortitude, protean, thaumaturgy. Reaction cards you might 
not need .... a few WWEFs just for comfort, perhaps, and/or some Delaying 
tactics. In a Return-to-Innocence heavy environment you might consider 
leaving out the bleed cards and using a Protected Resources plus a few 
more non-unique allies [Black Spiral Buddies] and maybe a vote or two ... 
it doesnıt matter if these fail, the point is to day-op them so's you go 
to torpor. Kindred restructure would be interesting .... your prey might 
very well vote to have you off his/her back, even if it DID mean you got a 
2. Beat 'em. 

A vote-and-biff deck can take this anti-Gangrel affair  down, not to 
mention most other strategies. AND it is more robust, and youıll make 
fewer enemies playing it. But do remember boys and girls, have ways to get 
the blood back off your vamps, have an anti-Return to Innocence strategy 
[Protected Resources is good for biff-and-vote] and put Fame in there too 
.... you need to at least contest it, and you may get a chance to use it. 
However, the most effective versions of such decks donıt include 
anti-Gangrel vamps, so Iıll leave this to my esteemed Brujah-Brujah anti 
and Nosferatu anti colleagues. 

Alright, thatıs it for this month. Have a great one, and see y'all on June 
the 1st, when I'll try to emulate Tony Van-the-Ventrueıs inspired 
cheap-but-effective deck for beginners, and weıll have a look at Jyhad 
variants that borrow rules from the technically-excellent but 
profoundly-uncool Netrunner and Battletech CCGs. 

May the Great and Threefold Wyrm Illuminate your Path into Darkness, 
Legbiter, Scandalmonger of Clan Gangrel antitribu.