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FICTION: The Institute [part 2 of The Horror in the Ice, another Call
of Cthulhu adventure from the increasingly-nervous inhabitants of
Legbiter Hall]
EDITORIAL: The Kindred Most Wanted
DECKS: Enkidu's Herd by Smiling Tom, and !Gangrel Anarchs by Evil


FICTION: The Institute [part 2 of The Horror in the Ice, another Call
of Cthulhu adventure from the increasingly-nervous inhabitants of
Legbiter Hall]

"Awake! For Morning in the Bowl of Night
Hath flung the Stone that puts the Stars to Flight!
And lo! The hunter of the East has caught
The Sultan's turret in a Noose of Light!"

The speaker flung the sheet which had been draped across the window to
one side, and bright Arctic sunlight flooded into the room. Karlotta
Mikhaelevna Dangerfeld groaned, sat up in bed and began groping around
with her feet for her felt boots.

"Very poetical! I wish the Hunter of the East would throw a noose
around you, you disturber of the hard-working proletarian's peace!"

Eliska Mrazkova folded her arms and smiled, looking out over the snowy
landscape which descended gently to the frozen sea. Bright silvery
aircraft were taxiing and taking off on the aerodrome below the
Institute. Karlotta finished dressing, and joined her friend at the

"So are you going to see her today?"

"The Utiuk woman? Yes, that's the plan. How about you?"

"Calculating conic sections for the Mirror people and the Rocket guys,
I expect, with as much trying to catch the eye of the New and Dishy
Commissar as is consistent with Fulfilling the Norms of the Five-Year

"Clearly there is not a moment to lose, then! Forward, Comrade, to
Fried Herring, Dishy Commissars and Socialism!"

Everyone in the Institute had Communal duties to perform and that
morning those of the two young women involved preparing breakfast. Much
frying of fish later, they kissed each other and went their separate
ways. Karlotta's took her down to the main exit where she showed her
pass to the security guard, and then out into the snow. The Utiuk camp
lay a couple of miles to the East, past the aerodrome. Aircraft were
droning overhead, silvery monoplane I-1's with red stars on their
wings, and the strange new biplanes which had arrived the previous week
amidst great secrecy. Two groups of the latter were practising aerial
fighting, with much exciting zooming and diving and chattering of
blank-loaded machine guns. Karlotta got quite absorbed in watching the
show, and almost collided with a new section of wire which had not been
there the previous week. She saw that she would have to make something
of a detour to get round it, and began to walk quicker. Behind the wire
were several new huts where groups of men in flying suits were smoking
and talking to each other as they watched the aircraft overhead. Some
turned to look at her as she strode through the snow, and in a lull in
the cacophony of aero-engines she caught snatches of their
conversation. Germans! What on earth were they doing here?

Another sound behind her made her turn. A large armoured half track was
coming up behind her, painted white with undulating blue vertical
stripes to mimic the shadows of trees in a wintry forest. Its offset
twin maxim turrets rotated synchronously like the mandibles of some
gigantic beetle. She stood to one side to let it pass, but the vehicle
drew up beside her and stopped, belching a blue haze of diesel fumes. A
door in the side opened, and out jumped the dishy new Commissar.

"You there! What are you doing here?"

"I'm on my way to the Utiuk camp, in accordance with the instructions
of the Committee for the Preservation of National Culture at the
Institute for Applied Geography, Comrade Commissar. Here is my pass."

The young man looked at the pass carefully, and handed it back.

"You should not take this route, Comrade Dangerfeld. The aerodrome is
restricted. Come, we will drive you the rest of the way."

Inside the armoured car was surprisingly roomy, and one could look over
the driver's shoulder out of his viewing slit. Karlotta did not feel
she could initiate conversation, and the young commissar did not do so
either, not that talking would have been easy over the roar of the
Austin-Putilov's engine. At the camp she got down, and the car
trundled off, spraying snow from its tracks. Karlotta shouldered her
satchel and made her way towards the Utiuk settlement.

The camp was a huddle of little leather tents surrounding a larger
structure, which comprised four huge tusks from an extinct pachyderm,
their bases driven into the permafrost and their points converging over
the smoke-hole. The spaces between the tusks were filled by neatly-laid
dry stones and covered by a leather roof. Moss and lichen plugged the
gaps, and a leather door-flap gave ingress to the interior. Several
savage dogs approached but Karlotta had a way with such beasts, and
soon they were licking her hand, sniffing at her heels and jumping
around happily as they escorted her up to the lodge. The flap opened as
she approached and a cloud of steam escaped. Eerily suspended amidst
the steam, an expressionless brown face blinked at her out of the
gloom, and she bowed. The face drew to one side, and in she went.

Inside the brown face turned out to be attached to a shapeless fur-clad
body of indeterminate gender, which sat in the corner stirring a pot
and completely ignoring her. Karlotta bowed to the other, definitely
female, occupant of the lodge and uttered a phrase in an ancient

"Moistly desirabigle to been smelking at you, Significantly Person!"

The figure smiled and replied in Russian:

"Hullo, Comrade Karlotta. Your Hyperborean is coming along quite
nicely, I see. Did you wish to continue our interview where we left off
last week?"

"Yes please, Comrade Sorceress. You were telling me about the Magic

"Well now, I am not so sure what Magic means. Occasional mountain is
perhaps a better phrase."

"An iceberg, then?"

"No, it is a right and proper mountain when it is there, the biggest on
Earth. When it is not there, who can say what it is? Perhaps it turns
into radiowaves or light or something. In any case, it does not impinge
upon men and bears when it is not there. In ancient times it abided for
many years in Hyperborea, in the province of Mu Thulan. There it had
another name, Mount Voormithadreth. The wizard Eibon had a tower on its
slopes. Eibon worshipped Great Tsathoggua and was persecuted by the
priests of the Elk-God for it. He had to flee to Cykranosh, and after
that the mountain became restless again. Sometime during the
encroachment of the ice the mountain went missing, and neither man nor
bear knows when it will return, if ever."

"Mu Thulan is now Greenland, am I not right? Here, I have a map of it."

The sorceress looked at the atlas which Karlotta opened in front of
her, and nodded.

"Yes, though in Hyperborean times the island was bigger, because the
ice was not there to weigh it down."

"Interesting. Let me show you another map."

Karlotta took her seminar notes out of the satchel and opened them at a
page showing a sketch-map of the area around the institute. An
irregular semi circle had been drawn over this map in green crayon.

"I took these notes at a seminar given by one of the geologists on the
team. The map shows the position of some ancient sandstones deposited
over newer rocks, just big boulders really, so possibly explicable in
terms of some weird glaciation events. The odd thing is that these
rocks are geologically identical to those around another weird circular
formation in Greenland."

The Sorceress's eyes grew wide, and she sucked the joint of her left
thumb whilst measuring the circumference of the circle with the little
finger of her right hand.

"This Greenlandish circle, is it about two hunting grounds across? I
mean, erm, about 210 kilometres in your reckoning."


"Please show me the other map again - thankyou - is the
Greenlandish circle here?"

Karlotta nodded.

"So the old bastard was right."

"I'm sorry?"

"O, I was just thinking about something my, erm, husband said to me
recently. Look here, Comrade Karlotta, I think your geologist has
discovered another place where the mountain has been. It sheds stones,
you see, because it is very steep and high. The stones are dangerous,
and I shouldn't like to have to be near any of them for long. Now if
you will please forgive me, I'm afraid that I may be a tiny bit
pregnant and I'd be ever so obliged if we could continue this
interview at another time."

Karlotta saw that she would have to go, and did so as quickly as was
consistent with politeness. Friendly dogs followed her for a bit of the
way but as she approached the aerodrome again [remembering the young
commissar's strictures and taking a wider circuit], the dogs seemed
to grow uneasy and one by one they slunk away. The bright day had
become dull and a freezing fog blanketed the land, but Karlotta was not
worried because she had a compass and was following a track that led in
the right direction. Ahead of her she could see figures, and she
quickened her pace, calling out a greeting. No reply, and no wonder! A
group of three comical snowmen stood in a ring, two of them with sticks
for arms and the third with a battered top hat and talons made of
twigs. Very Dickensian, thought Karlotta with a smile, I wonder who
made these? A scarf around the neck of the behatted snowman caught her
eye, and walking closer she saw the label, Eulenstuhl und Sohn,
Kammergasse. So, the German lads are allowed out of their cage from
time to time then.

A heavy object struck Karlotta in the back, and she staggered. Cold
mushy ice smashed into her face, and she cried out, and tried to run. A
snowman loomed up in front of her, a horrible toothy grin on its face,
and lashed at her with its wooden arms. Karlotta dodged and fled,
shrieking. Looking back she saw the three snowmen lolloping after her.
She knew that she was bleeding, and that her compass was gone. Blindly
she fled, through madness towards death. At last, with all her strength
gone, she turned to face her pursuers. As they approached she began to

"Frosty the Snowman,
Was alive as he could be,
And the Children say he could laugh and play,
Just the same as you and me."

She closed her eyes, and so did not see Nanooka come bounding out of
the forest behind her.

Some time later Nanooka was loping through the forest in a different
direction, a bundle of bloody rags clamped firmly in her jaws. Suddenly
her pace slowed and she sniffed the air cautiously. Her ears vectored,
picking up a soft hissing noise and a faint contented sigh,
interspersed with the throbbing of a diesel engine. A quarter of a mile
away, Ilya Nabskev buttoned up his flies and surveyed the new yellowish
slush around him contendedly.

"Ah! That were a good one, and no mistake!"

"Ilya! Get back in the car, NOW!!!"

"Now now, comrade Commissar, what's all this Thermidor - omigod -
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!! Lemein, lemein ogodogodishatmyself ....."

Three metres away, the gigantic bear looked up at the car and let go of
its bundle, which twitched, moaned and revealed itself to be Karlotta.
And then, before the Maxim guns could train but still infuriatingly
slowly, the great beast turned and was gone.


EDITORIAL: The Kindred Most Wanted

This month we feel a bit like Bridget Jones, home alone with only a
bottle of Chardonnay and, erm a Bridget Jones novel for company, when
the knuckles shyly rapping on the door turn out to be attached to the
devilishly-handsome but previously-unattainable LSJ. As we take the
proferred ribbon-wrapped box from his hands we notice the prominent
picture of our Brother Enkidu aka Pokiest Vampire in History of Game
winking at us from its upper surface. Opening it with trembling talons
we ooh and ahh at Bay and Howl, Leathery Hide and Follow the Alpha.
Little inarticulate squeaks is all we can manage over Forced March, and
our Chardonnay-befuddled brain positively REELS as we contemplate the
possibilities surrounding Mitru with Talons of the Dead undodgeably
agging you with first strike.

Any remaining doubts that so far as the Design is concerned WE are the
Kindred Most Wanted is removed by practical experience of the !Gangrel
starter, which we play in our weekly pub game where, to coin a
Christian Herro phrase, it does not totally suck [Legbiter !Gangrel
starter 1/5 VP, Anklebiter home-made and rather good !Brujah deck 4/5].
Marvellous stuff, Design Team, and well worth the wait. And for proof
that the new set has stimulated people's grey cells in respect of the
clan, we suggest you pass smoothly on to the deck section below, while
we ourselves nip upstairs to change into some slightly less voluminous


DECKS: Enkidu's Herd by Smiling Tom, and !Gangrel Anarchs by Evil

I know I've had one editorial already but I can't help commenting on
the change, VERY much for the better, which has come over the Decks
section of this Newsletter. Previously this was mainly my own decks but
nowanights I just have to type "Gangrel antitribu deck" into Google and
limit the search to the past month to unearth OODLES of decent !gangrel
decks. Here are two that caught my eye this month, with comments in the
words of their creators.

Deck Name:   Enkidu`s herd
Created By:  tom

Crypt: (12 cards, Min: 20, Max: 44, Avg: 7,91)
  5  Enkidu                    for ANI CEL OBF POT PRO 11 Gangrel
  1  Bobby Lemon               pro ANI                 4  Gangrel
  1  Celeste Lamontagne        for ANI PRO             5  Gangrel
  1  Lord Ashton               for pro ANI             5  Gangrel
  1  Janey Pickman             for ANI PRO             6  Gangrel
  1  Sophia Watson             obf pro ANI FOR         6  Gangrel
  2  Doyle Fincher             aus for obf ANI PRO     7  Gangrel

Library: (90 cards)
Master (12 cards)
  4  Blood Doll
  1  Fame
  2  Guardian Angel // I think this are vital, to avoid swarm
targetting due
to the red list condition
  1  Heidelberg Castle, Germany
  1  Path of Lilith, The
  1  Perfectionist
  1  Rack, The
  1  Talons of the Dead

Action (1 cards)
  1  Army of Rats

Action Modifier (4 cards)
  4  Freak Drive

Reaction (14 cards)
  6  Cats` Guidance
  8  Forced Awakening

Combat (43 cards)
  4  Body Flare
  2  Claws of the Dead
  8  Earth Meld
  4  Flesh of Marble
  5  Pack Alpha
  8  Psyche!
  2  Quick Meld
  4  Skin of Steel
  6  Taste of Vitae

Retainer (9 cards)
  1  Owl Companion
  8  Raptor

Event (3 cards)
  1  Dragonbound
  1  Nightmares upon Nightmares
  1  Thirst

Combo (4 cards)
4 Swallowed by the Night

Deck by: evil_inside

!Gangrel Anarchs
Description: Many Group 3/4 Gangrel Antitribu have a combination of
Celerity and Animalism, and/or Fortitude + Protean. So I figured I can
make a pretty decent Anarch deck within the clan. Thoughts/suggestions
much appreciated. Thanks!

Crypt: 12 Vampires
2x Mitru the Hunter  8  ani CEL for OBF PRO  Gangrel-Antitribu:4
1x Janey Pickman  6  ANI for PRO  Gangrel-Antitribu:4
1x Harry Reese  6  cel  FOR obf PRO  Gangrel-Antitribu:3
1x Maria Stone  5  cel FOR obf pro  Gangrel-Antitribu:3
1x Celeste Lamontagne  5  ANI for PRO  Gangrel-Antitribu:4
1x Scarlet Carson O'Toole  4  CEL pro  Gangrel-Antitribu:3
1x Gustavo Morales  4  ani cel for  Gangrel:3
1x Jezebelle  4  ani for pro  Gangrel:4
1x Jeffrey Mullins  4  cel OBF  Gangrel-Antitribu:4
1x Bothwell  3  ani for  Gangrel:3
1x Jesus Alcala  2  cel  Gangrel-Antitribu:3

Reaction - 18
6x Forced Awakening
4x Mole, The
4x Sonar
4x Cat's Guidance

Allies / Retainers - 4
3x Raven Spy
1x Owl Companion

Action - 6
4x Bum's Rush
2x Army of Rats

Equipment - 6
5x Desert Eagle
1x Learjet

Master - 18
6x Galaric's Legacy
1x Seattle Committee
1x Hospital Food
4x Blood Doll
1x Gangrel Conspiracy
1x Dreams of the Sphinx
2x Anarch Revolt
1x Powerbase: Los Angeles
1x Anarch free Press

Combo - 4
4x Swallowed by the Night

Combat - 34
8x Diversion
6x Groundfighting
4x Leathery Hide
4x Concealed Weapon
4x Claws of the Dead
4x Taste of Vitae
2x Form of Mist
2x Blur


And that's it for March! April's issue, thanks in large part to Norman
Brown and the long-suffering denizens of Legbiter Hall's CoC group, is
almost done, so see you then, and soon!

Address for correspondence: