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In this in-like-a-lion-and-out-like-a-lamb issue .......

FICTION: Prophecies
EDITORIAL AND DECK: There's unlife in the old game yet

FICTION: Prophecies

An icy wind whistles across the island as Anklebiter and i make our
way back to the mansion after another night of scheming and plotting
and insane violence. i'm in a good mood, having won the latest two
rounds of the Jyhad, but Anklebiter is not - he lost, and furthermore,
when we emerged from the conclave it was to find Jacqui Therman
arranging to have a controlled explosion performed on the limo. Hence
the footslog, quite a long one up to Legbiter Hall.

Suddenly we hear a great murmuring and shuffling: turning round, we
see a HUGE horde of gloomy figures behind us.

"You hold them off! i'll go and get help!" we cry, simultaneously, but
it is no use - they are all around us, several hundred of them at
least. i give myself up  to despair.

"This is the End of Everything! Or at least it is the End of the
Career of Legbiter, which amounts to the same thing. O wise prophets!
O Sensible seers! O Clever and Intelligent futures analysts!"

Anklebiter gives a non-Chiliastic cough.

"Actually, respected Sire, i think they may not be that interested in
your Lordship's career at all."

And sure enough, now that they are closer we see that what we took to
be rotting folds of flesh are football scarves and discarded
programmes, and it all becomes clear, even the smell. A large
bristly-jawed fan pauses beside us and gives way to despair.

"This is the End of Everything! Or at least it is the end of the FA
cup for Portsmouth FC, which amounts to the same thing. O cruel, cruel
fate, and even crueller Woolwich Arsenal!"

i pat him awkwardly on the arm.

"There, there, old chap, things aren't that bad. Or at least, not as
bad as they are going to be really soon. i mean all this will look
like pretty small beer when your own liver is frying inside you, round
about the end of the football season. i know because of all the
portents, you see, Foolish Kings and Inane Babble sorta thing, plus a
whole BUNCH of weird lights in the sky. So cheer up and cheerio!"

We stroll on, happy to have consoled a fellow hu-, erm, well, happy,
anyhow. Out of earshot the bristly fan turns to his equally tearful

"Did you hear that?"

"Yeah, do you think we have time to get a kebab in before the End of
the World?"


EDITORIAL AND DECK: There's unlife in the old game yet

Jyhad/VTES will be ten years old on August the 16th 2004, and in this
month's Inquest it receives the award for best multiplayer CCG. As
further proof both of the strength of its original design and the good
development work of the design team, i made the finals of BloodBath
2004  with an all-Jyhad deck [and scored a VP in the final]. As proof
of its continuing vitality, this last couple of months has seen an
explosion of new and interesting deck ideas, amongst which Joshua
Duffin's Agaitas/[Huitzilopochtli] Great Beast deck, and Ben Peal's
tournament-legal 40-card deck [based on using the burn option on
Tracker's mark] should be singled out.

Here, however, i wish to focus on two !Gangrel deck ideas, one of
which [reproduced below] is due to Smiling Tom, and the other of which
is, erm, not out yet. This latter still-at-the-concept-stage deck is
the Sebastien Goulet allies deck, using Memories of Mortality,
Rafastio Ghouls and Shadow Court Satyr [both with Burst of Sunlight],
plus the Black Spiral Buddy/Rave/multi-blood doll combo as a pool
engine; plus a sprinkling of intercept and Rotshreck. Burst of
Sunlight [we are happy to note] has in the most recent text revision
been restored to playability by thaumaturgic allies [and the Shadow
Court Satyr], through the simple expedient of making it do 1R
aggravated damage to all minions in combat [not just to vampires].

Smiling Tom's deck is very much real and on the planet, but before
giving it in his own words i want to point out the clever trick here:
Tom has actually READ the text of Ritual of the Bitter Rose and
NOTICED that it has changed [this is something i personally am very
bad at]. i think his idea is fabulously good and that there is
considerable mileage in it, by which i mean that, fine as the deck is,
there could be room for improvement.

"Ok, since BH came out, I realized there were lots of pot/pro vampires
weren't 9+ cap. And then I stopped on the amazing Henry Taylor. His
recycling ability granted a non-stop combat capacity, if the deck has
combat decks. Also, the POT pro is not much used, nor seen, but
carries one
of the nastiest combat tricks: immortal, claws, decapitate, Ritual of
bitter rose. If you suspect someone might prevent your aggro poke,
then just
hit with a decapitate at inferior.

I've added 2 Death of my conscience since it is my last discovery.
This card
not only allows you to turn every card in your deck into a fist of
but allows you a really easy way to cycle those cards that you don't
need at
this very moment.

Need to make room for a few minion taps/more blood dolls, though.

Comments wellcome, as usual

Deck Name:   Death Cocktails
Created By:  Tom

Crypt: (12 cards, Min: 16, Max: 29, Avg: 5,75)
1  Jalan-Aajav      ani CEL FOR POT PRO  9,  Gangrel antitribu:3
2  Soldat           cel dom obf POT PRO  7,  Gangrel antitribu:3
1  Lisette Vizquel  DOM POT pro          6,  Lasombra:2, Bishop
1  Ilse             for POT pro SAN      6,  Blood Brother:2
3  Henry Taylor     cel pre pro POT      6,  Brujah antitribu:3
1  Steve Booth      CEL pot pre pro      5,  Brujah:3
1  Skryta Zyleta    obf pot pro CEL      5,  Gangrel antitribu:3
1  Tabitha Fisk     obt pot pro          4,  Lasombra:3
1  Sadie            pro                  2,  Gangrel Antitribu:2

Library: (90 cards)
Master (18 cards)
5  Blood Doll
2  Celerity
1  Depravity
2  Path of Death and the Soul
2  Potence
2  Protean
1  Secure Haven
1  Shakar
2  Tension in the Ranks

Action (12 cards)
10 Bum's Rush
2  Shadow of the Beast

Reaction (8 cards)
4  Deflection
4  Wake with Evening's Freshness

Combat (41 cards)
2  Adaptability
8  Claws of the Dead
2  Death of My Conscience, The
8  Decapitate
5  Flesh of Marble
8  Immortal Grapple
6  Pursuit
2  Quick Meld

Retainer (2 cards)
2  Homunculus

Equipment (2 cards)
2  Eye of Hazimel

Combo (7 cards)
7  Ritual of the Bitter Rose

Smiling Tom"


And that's it for March! See you all in April!
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