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FICTION: The Story So Far
BOOK REVIEW: The Dangerous Book for Boys, by Conn Iggulden and Hal
CARD FOCI: Monique, Muricia and Abombwe

FICTION: The Story So Far

It's a pleasant mid-summer evening on the South Coast of England, and
the vampires are taking breakfast on the terrace. As its struggles
subside, Anklebiter leans back in his chair and leafs through the paper
to the Books section in search of The Listener crossword. Today is
Father's day, and the theme of the puzzle reflects this in a rather
pleasing and multi-layered way.

"Old wotsisname would have enjoyed this. By the way, where is the old

"I dunno. Ask your father."

"Um, he IS my father."

"Well then, ask Winthrop."


"You rang, Sir?"

"Ah yes, I was just wondering if you had any idea of the whereabouts
of the previous occupant of this exceptionally comfortable chair.
Bearded fella, graying, name on the tip of my tongue ... "

"I believe your Lordship must be referring to the Noble Lord the Lord
Legbiter, joint author, as it happens, of Sir's being."

"THAT'S the chap. Well?"

"He's, erm, asleep, in the cellar."

"Well, go and wake him up, there's a good flunkey. Quick as you
like, now!"

"Yes Sir, if you're sure."

Several cobwebby flights of stairs later Winthrop is investigating a
series of dusty trunks, boxes and other reliquaries of old junk. And
sure enough, underneath a reasonably complete run of the Boy's Own
Magazine of Torturing Small Furry Animals 1879-1926, he finds a
familiar-looking coffin. CREEEEAK. Inside we see Legbiter, his face
dignified in repose, his hands crossed upon his breast and a
beautifully-ornate stake plunged into his heart. Winthrop plucks it


"Now, Sir, high time you were up, there's a goo-, erm, there's an
obedient monster. Allow me to help you into your dressing gown."

Yawning and blinking I hobble up the stairs onto the moonlit terrace,
absent-mindedly clutching the stake. Anklebiter has finished the
Listener Crossword* and is now practising forward defensive cricket
shots. Lady Legbiter is watching him. I sidle up to her.

"Hi babe - didja miss me?"

She turns, and gasps. Tears flood into her eyes.

"My beautiful, beautiful little stake ... I thought I'd lost you

She seizes it from my hand and cradles it, sobbing in a quite
unnecessarily demonstrative way, while I shamble over to the breakfast
table in search of leftovers.

Now read on ....

*The Listener crossword is allegedly the hardest puzzle in the world,
being in fact a series of code-breaking exercises rather than a
crossword in the normal sense. It is published in the London Times
Books Section every Saturday, as any fule no, and it generally takes me
and/or Anklebiter about 4-16 hours to crack it. The answer to the June
17th Listener Crossword [the day before father's day] is


It would take a VERY long time to explain why this is so, why it is
relevant to Father's day, and how you are to enter the answer. If you
buy the London Times for Saturday the 1st of July the compiler will
explain it all, or if you can't wait that long then you can ask me by
private email [, which
is also the address for other queries to the editor and/or
contributions to the Newsletter. was long ago
seized by Nigerian con-people, spammers and willy-improvers].

BOOK REVIEW: The Dangerous Book for Boys, by Conn Iggulden and Hal

For real Father's day real Anklebiter got me The Dangerous Book for
Boys by the above authors. This beautifully-produced and delightfully
eclectic volume is a highly-amusing romp through the spiritual
hinterland of British Maleness. Most importantly as far as this
reviewer is concerned it is, wherever I know anything about the subject
being covered, factually accurate. Not everyone on this newsgroup will
share the present reviewer's politics, philosophy, gender and morals
so you may not all enjoy this book quite as much as I did. But you will
ALL, I feel sure, be pleased to know that it contains a short but
accurate and enthusiastic essay about role-playing games.

CARD FOCI: Monique, Muricia and Abombwe

Quite properly, given the prominence the clan attained in Kindred Most
Wanted, not much has happened in the way of new card opportunities for
our guys since the last time this Newsletter appeared. Significant
exception can be made, however, for Muricia [who, whilst ready, allows
!Gangrel to pay a blood to turn into Ahrimanes thereby gaining a level
of Spiritus], and Abombwe, a Master-discipline card which can be played
on a vampire with Protean, and is a Trifle. I'm not sure that Abombwe
adds THAT much to the functionality of the !Gangrel but the
turbo-boosting of capacity inherent in Muricia, Abombwe and normal
discipline cards is a different matter, threatening at long, long last
to make Monique worth playing. You remember poor Monique, 5-cap Group 2
with ani aus for pro at inferior, always stuffing her face with vampire
chocolate at parties while absolutely ALL the other vampire girls
except maybe Patrizia Giovanni got off with at least ONE Methuselah.
But it's that 5 capacity which has always interested me, at least
slightly, because of Atonement. If one could only get Atonement onto
Monique and then ratchet up her capacity quickly [ESPECIALLY if some of
that ratcheting could include the Third Blocking Discipline of
Spiritus] she could be the all time non-tapping-blocking Queen, able to
perform a Carrie-like Rampage of Revenge on all the pretty Vampires.
Oooh, the thought of it is making her rub up against my leg in a MOST
urgent manner. Maybe by the time we talk again I will have, erm,
gratified her needs. See you in July!