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EDITORIAL: It all depends on what you mean by !Gangrel
FICTION: Anarchy for the UK!
DECK: Legbiter's Slippery !Gangrels


EDITORIAL: It all depends on what you mean by !Gangrel
Bertrand Russell [or possibly somebody else, equally grand] once said
that the way to be a pseudo-intellectual was to respond to any given
question with: "It all depends on what you mean by ".  He had in mind
a particular pseud, a certain Professor Joad, who was the Carol
Voerderman of his day and a fixture of the Brains Trust on the BBC Home
Service. But tonight, post-Anarch, i find myself in pseudo-Joady mood,
inspired by a recent little Newsgroup thread about the Lasombra
antitribu. Somehwere in this thread Scott let slip his [official?] view
that "antitribu" just means "not aligned with the main clan" - making
the point that there is no necessary Sabbat-ness about the antitribu. It
follows that from one point of view - that of the oldest, and still
biggest, Camarilla section of the clan Gangrel - all but two of the new
Gangrel in the Anarch set are antitribu. Accordingly an enormous extra
wing is being added to Legbiter Hall for the convenience of our new
brethren the Independent Gangrels, and i find myself with a whole CRYPT
full of new vampires to think and write about, no excuses for
off-topicality required. Huzzah!

The deck featured in this month's newsletter milks this concept for all
it is worth, but it's right also to say something about the two
strict-sense Gangrel antis in the Anarch set:

Scarlett Carson O'Toole 4 pro CEL Sabbat


Harry Reese 6 cel obf FOR PRO Sabbat: Damage-dealing strikes Harry makes
against non-mortal allies are at +1 damage.

Both from the City faction [obf/cel/pro] and low/medium capacity, so
jolly useful. Harry's special isn't bad either, since it means he can
hurt a War-ghoul with an ordinary handstrike. Nice! As for SCO'T, she is
just MADE for decks similar to that currently being deployed by Jon
Sushinsky in the Jyhad On-Line tournament [Stutter-step/aggravated
damage]. Additionally, they both have good Celtic names [Irish and Welsh
respectively]. You will argue that Harry is obviously an African. i will
respond by pointing out that the oldest Afro-Brittanic community is
actually located in the Cardiff docks, having been there [according to
some accounts] since the late 16th century at least.

However, perhaps the biggest boon to the !Gangrel is the Anarch mechanic
itself, since this puts a premium on discipline diversity. As has been
frequently pointed out here and elsewhere, the !Gangrel are the most
diverse clan of all discipline-wise, so should be the biggest
beneficiary of this new game mechanic. Time will be the judge of this
prediction, i'm sure.


FICTION: Anarchy for the UK!

i like to wander the sleazier streets at night, Henry V eve-of-Agincourt
sorta thing i feel. But lately i've been taking my weighted walking
stick AND a bodyguard, in the shapely form of Scarlett. She has that
streetwise thing going, i find. So here we are in Summertown, weaving in
and out of the dogshit and used needles and savouring the sounds and
scents of the English summer night - gunshots, screams, nightingales,
fresh blood and pineapple broom. It's all so frightfully exciting doncha

A big Yardie-looking vampire steps out of an alley and levels a pistol
at me. "Hey, mon, whatchoo doin' up town?" This is a good time for
Scarlett's eyes to blaze red; for the Yardie's resolve momentarily to
falter; and for Scarlett, at point blank range, to do that weird
stutter-step [the gun discharging harmlessly into the night] and to
plunge a wolf-claw into the big fellow's chest. i watch benignly as she
drains the remaining vitae from the corpse, which shrivels into dust.
With my connections, she need fear no blood-hunt, and so we walk on, arm
in arm.

At last, here it is - the Anarch Free Press. Grubby-looking little shop,
but in we go, tinkle tinkle of door bells. A spiky black-clad skeleton
in too much makeup regards us suspiciously. "What the hell do you want,
bourgeouis hegemonist pigs?" i smile benignly. "That would be LORD
Bourgeious hegominsit pig, and this is my delightful companion MISS
Bourgeoius hegemonist pig. We want to acquire some of your wares. Now,
where's that dratted list - Scarlett, you're a TREASURE. Yes, the
complete works of Pyotr Kropotkin, please, except for the rather tedious
juvenilia comprising volumes I-XV; in Russian will do just fine:
Accidental Death of an Anarchist by some Italian bloke, Never Mind the
Bollocks by the Sex pistols, ideally in CD form: and finally, erm, The
Sad Old Fart's Guide to Anarchist Jargon, WITH glossary and spelling
guide, there's a good woman. And a bottle of Pimms. Will cash suffice? A
gift, of course, to the cause - no QUESTION of capitalistic transaction
here, i TOTALLY understand. Thanks EVER so much, now we'll just beetle
off back to our mansi-, erm, grotty bedsit and simply FILL our minds
with the glorious prospect of the liberation to come. Seeya!"

Outside we are weighed down with our purchases, and somewhat dry. i
notice a little group of anarchists amusing themselves by setting fire
to a car. "O look, Scarlett, four of them, one of us - i make that Pimms
o'clock!" Scarlett smiles and places our stuff on the ground, and we
saunter over to slake our thirst.


DECK: Slippery !gangrels

This is an all-Anarch deck, somewhat thrown-together from cards i had
lying around after [a] the Bath and GenCon tourneys and [b] completing
the Anarch set, rather than designed according to any grand principle.
It works pretty well in fun games, even occasionally winning. As noted
in the editorial, this qualifies as a gangrel-antitribu deck if you take
the view that not being a Camarilla Gangrel automatically makes you a
gangrel antitribu.

CRYPT [12 vampires, all independent except where noted]
Sarah Raines 2 for
Bothwell 3 ani for
Gustavo Morales 4 ani cel for
Dr Allan Woodstock 5 ani aus for PRO
Ramona 4 for pro Advanced, Camarilla, special
Horrock 6 vis ANI PRO special
Sophia Watson 6 obf pro ANI FOR
Danielle Diron 7 chi for ANI PRO vote, special
Nadima 8 ani aus FOR PRO SER special
Xavier 10 aus cel pot ANI FOR PRO votes Specials x 3

LIBRARY [86 cards]
Blood Doll x 4
Dummy Corporation
Haven Uncovered
Minion Tap x 3
Sudden Reversal x 2
Army of Rats x 2
Bum's Rush x 3
Force of Will x 2
Movement of the Slow Body x 2
Daring the Dawn
Dawn operation
Earth Control x 4
Aid from bats
Carrion Crows
Bone Spur x 4
Claws of the Dead x 5
Drawing Out the Beast
Earth Meld x 4
Fast Hands
Flash x 2
Flesh of Marble x 6
Form of the Ghost x 2
Form of Mist x 4
Sacrament of Carnage
Scorpion Sting
Skin of Night
Skin of Rock x 2
Superior Mettle x 2
Thrown Sewer Lid
Undead Strength x 2
Unflinching Persistence x 3
Laptop Computer x 2
Cat's guidance x 2
Elder Intervention
Guard Dogs x 2
Rat's Warning
Telepathic Counter x 3
WWEF x 4
Raven Spy


And that's it for June! Next month i hope to feature Jon Sushinsky's
!Gangrel stutter-step deck, provided we have finished beating lumps out
of each other in jyhad on-line by then. Seeya!