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In this Rooneymania-and-Wimbers-free issue ......
FICTION: The House of the McNabs chapter 4; Landfall [more transcribed
CoC d20 adventures from Legbiter Hall].
DECKS: First Steps in Gehenna [3 new decks [ab]using Gehenna cards].

FICTION: The House of the McNabs chapter 4; Landfall [more transcribed
CoC d20 adventures from Legbiter Hall].

Back at Monifieth seaplane base the two survivors of V106 were helped
ashore where hot beef tea, blankets and a wee dram soon restored their
physical equanimity. Llewellyn and O'Keefe wrote a report on the
mission, which O'Keefe volunteered to deliver personally to staff in
Dundee. For this purpose the station car and a driver were provided,
with a promise to send Colum's pony-trap back separately, and off he
went. Back in Dundee, Colum found a telegram from Shona on his desk:

The telegram had been sent very early that morning, but not early enough
to forestall Colum's golfing trip. Its genesis lay in the events of the
previous evening, which began when Jack reached the lounge-bar of the
Cat and Serpent.

"Hullo, Shona! Horrid business about the curator, but at least i can
offer my professional expertise. Lead the way!"

The Chapel of Scriptural Revelation lay just across the street, and was
now guarded by a burly policeman. Presenting their credentials they were
allowed to pass, and were shown to the curator's rooms where the
unfortunate fellow lay under a tarpaulin in a pool of his own blood.
Lifting the sheet it was obvious to Jack that the victim's throat had
been cut, probably with a sword-bayonet, and that he had died some two
days previously.

"So what about these missing stones, old girl?"

"You can see where they were, by the dust-free spaces left when they
were removed. In the cellar, just down these stairs."

They lit a torch and descended. Indeed, several large objects had been
moved. Furthermore, there were footprints in the dust. Jack inspected
these thoughtfully - the prints of hiking boots, approximately size 9.

"i think i saw the brute who did this - blonde fella, hiking past the
sanatorium this afternoon with a big load on the back of a little cart."

"Going in which direction?"


"That's very bad! We must get a move-on!"

"Agreed, but first let's see if anything else is missing."

Searching the curator's office they found no other evidence of
disturbance, but they did find a large portfolio full of tissue-paper.
Unfolded, these turned out to be rubbings of the various graves and
brasses in the chapel. Shona gave an exclamation.

"Heuch! These ones here, they're of the missing stones! i need to take
them back to my library, we should be able to reconstruct the whole text

This library of Shona's was not the one in her house, but a research
library at the Dundee Institute of Technology. So it was that the two
friends were soon scurrying through the darkened streets of Dundee,
dodging drunk munitions workers and Jute millers.

"i swear, something needs to be done about these bloody drunks, no
wonder all our flipping shells fail to burst. The Government should shut
the pubs at ten, that's what."

But drunks aside, they reached the library safely, and began to piece
together the text. After a couple of hours, Shona raised her head. Under
the veil her face was grey.

"It's a summoning spell, and i think i know what is being summoned - the
awful thing that the Sinn Feiners were trying to raise up, using
Robinson as bait - the Long Man of Windhover Hanger."

"i thought we dealt with that little lot in a fairly terminal way?"

"No, not all of them. One of the survivors of the attack on the house
turned out to be a German Naval Attache, so he had diplomatic immunity.
Youngish chap, and now that i think of it, strikingly blonde. i wonder!"

Just at this moment there was a thump on the library door, followed by
growling and scratching. Exchanging glances the two friends drew their
revolvers, and then Jack carefully unlocked the door. A naked man fell
through it, twitched a couple of times, and then was still. Jack felt
for the neck-pulse, shook his head and made to close the man's eyes.
Then he started back.

"Egad! It's your neighbour, McNab!"

And so it was, scratched, battered, burnt, stabbed and multiply-shot,
but unmistakably McNab.

"He's ... tattoo'd ...."

Indeed, the body of McNab was covered from neck to wrist to ankle by an
enormous network of blue tattoos, which Shona recognised as of an
ancient Pictish type, related to the writing on the stones. And what she
read there increased her sense of foreboding.

Thus it was that the telegram was sent to Colum, and the two friends
went to make their preparations at Pitkerro Mearns.

..... to be concluded .......

DECKS: First Steps in Gehenna.
Once i had put the cards i needed for the collection into their
sacrosanct folders i began to build decks. 3 decks. Here they are, and
they are all VERY fearsome - between them they have had five outings,
and EVERY SINGLE TIME they have swept.

DECK NAME: The Were-theres of Young Sorrow
CREATED BY: Legbiter, from an original idea of Chris Boget [Sorrow]
CONCEPT: Updated version of an old favourite, taking account of some
rules changes, correcting some weaknesses and making use of Revelation
of Desire. i corrupt your vampires. If they are small i take them over.
If they are big i subsequently burn the corruption counters for massive
unbounceable bleed if you fail to block, and if you do block i use
Venenation/Change of target to pile up the corruption counters until you
get taken over anyway.

CRYPT [12 vampire cards, group 2/3]
2 x Lalitha ser 2
Celine Chevalier obf ser 3
Khalil Anvari pre ser 3
Nepata pre obf ser 4
Count Ormonde dom pre ser OBF 5
Dedefra nec obf SER special 5
Sir Marriot d'Urban aus obf ser PRE 5
Aisha ani aus ser PRE special 6
Ezekiel, Lord of Montreal obf pot PRE SER 6
Hesha Ruhadze ani obf pre SER 6
Samat Ramal-Ra, Archon pre ser tha OBF special 6

LIBRARY [90 cards]
Blood Doll
Information Highway
Khobar Towers, Al-Khubar
Opium Den
The Path of Typhon
Serpentis x 3
Temple HG
Tribute to the Master x 6
Corruption x 13
Enticement x 4
Form of Corruption
Temptation x 2
Change of Target x 17
Revelation of Desire x 13
Venenation x 17
Majesty x 4
Form of the Serpent x 4

Comments: This is the deck that only got played once so far, where it
swept a 3-player. Maybe a couple too many Revelations of Desire, but is
a really good deck.

DECK NAME: I Wannabe Anarchy! Get Pissed! Destroy!
CREATED BY: Legbiter
CONCEPT: This [1-cap computer hack anarch revolt] is a decktype which i
dislike, but believe has grown more powerful and effective recently,
because of Kaymakli Nightmares.  As for the name, it's efficient and
forgiving so you can play it whilst Pissed. It contains Anarchs and it
Destroys tables. Played twice in this form, swept twice [4-player and
three-player]. Not a huge amount of fun to play unless ALL your fun
comes from winning, but IMO everyone should have a deck like this in
their collection, if only to test their other decks against it.

CRYPT [13 vampires, all the group 1/2 1-caps]:
Angela Decker
Antoinette DuChamp
Hasina Kesi
Huang, Blood Cultist
Igo the Hungry [!Gangrel-bait, so highly on-topic ;-)]
March Halcyon
Navar McLaren
Smudge the Ignored
Uriah Winter

LIBRARY [60 cards]
Anarch Revolt x 9
Anarch Troublemaker
Antediluvian Awakening
Archon Investigation
The Barrens
Brothers Grimm
Direct Intervention
Effective Mangement x 4
Information Highway x 2
Jake Washington, Hunter
Kaymakli Nightmares
Life Boon
Misdirection x 6
The Parthenon
Pentex Subversion
Computer Hacking x 15 [some of them from Sabbat/Sabbat War, with a
flavour text that is highly on-topic for this newsletter. Ahem.]
Dodge x 11
VOTE [1]
Ancient Influence

DECK NAME: Events, dear boy, Events.
CREATED BY: Legbiter
CONCEPT: Abuse Gehenna events so as [a] to overload opponents' brains
with information, and [b] erode their decks so that their vampires
become as feeble as allies [around which YOUR deck is built]. Have
allies use concealed Flash grenades on blockers to tap them next turn.
Use Servitor of Irad and Storage Annex to make up for lack of ability to
discard in normal phase. BTW for non-brits the title is a quote by
Harold MacMillan, a former Tory prime minister  - asked what could
possibly go wrong, he replied as above.

CRYPT [12 vampire cards, groups 3/4]
4 x Afifa the Herald 1 [Would LOVE to know the story behind the artwork
on this one]
Almiro Suarez 2
2 x Diana Vick 3
Martin Frankel 3 [should be another Almiro or Masika]
Masika St John 3
3 x Saiz 3

LIBRARY: [74 cards, 29 from Gehenna set]
MASTERS [13 cards]
Blood Doll
Dummy Corporation
Fortschritt library
Jake Washington, Hunter
Momentum's Edge
Powerbase: Mexico City [see events for why]
Servitor of Irad
Storage Annex x 5
Tribute to the Master
MINION: [59 cards]
Computer Hacking x 11 [including more wisdom of Sinner-G, City gangrel
Akhenaten the Sun Pharoh, mummy
Mylan Horseed [Goblin]
Nephandus [Mage] x 2
Order of Hermes Cabal
Outcast Mage x 3
Political Ally
Succubus x 2
Thadius Zho, Mage
Concealed Weapon x 12
Flash Grenade x 12
Tapestry of Blood
Absimiliard's Army
Anthelios, the Red Star
Blood Trade
Blood Weakens
Fall of the Sabbat [GREAT combo with Powerbase Mexico City]
The New Inquisition
Recalled to the Founder
The Slow Withering
Torpid Blood
The Unmasking
Veil of Darkness
Tasha Morgan

COMMENTS: Played two 4-players, swept both. Depressing to play against
but quite challenging to play with, you have to keep your wits about you
and not forget things. Space and opportunity for a dominate module,
should that seem desirable - but don't dilute the concealed flash


And that's it for July's NL! Rereading i notice that it's apparently a
bit thin on !Gangrel content, even by my standards. However, this really
is an illusion, as i will demonstrate in August. See you then!

Address for correspondence: james"dot"mcclellan"at"port"dot"ac"dot"uk