Gangrel Antitribu Newsletter

Official VEKN !Gangrel Newsletter Volume 6 Number 7 July 2003.

In This Strawberries-and-Cream Issue.....

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR [Two decks with playing notes]


We had a great time at the Sabbat in France tournament which was held
at the guilde des jeux on the 28th of june. Four of us went over from
Portsmouth [myself, Sarah, Michael aka Anklebiter and Michael's friend
Jack Drever: Sarah did not play]. Also wrapped in the union jack were
Pierre Rebstock, Barney Baker and Jon Cooper. In terms of actual play
none of us did frightfully well, but at least we all got a VP, while
Jon got a game win and in his first game Pierre managed to burn Pierre
"Stone" Tranh-Vanh's tariq [Stone being the eventual winner of the
tournament]. However, i had three really EXCELLENT close games and
didn't make any terrible errors so i reckon this tourney as a
tremendous personal success. It was also [thanks to the Sabbat team] a
huge success tout court - 54 players, immaculate organisation, great
show all round!

On Sunday morning we decided to visit Pere La Chaise cemetery which is
not just a little-used card from Dark Sovereigns but also a real
place, located a shortish walk down the Avenue Gambetta from Reyda's
flat. Pere la Chaise was a counsellor to one of the Bourbon Louis's
[XIV, IIRC] and now there's this vast cemetery named after him and
divided up into blocks, in a very orderly and gallic way, which is
also highly-functional because otherwise you would be hard-pushed to
actually find any particular member of the dear departed. Pere
Lachaise is HUGE. i don't mean European huge but American building
huge, or Moscow huge: ie staggeringly, unmanningly huge. Si lunga
tratta di gente, ch'io non mai creduto che morte tanta n'avesse
disfatta huge. And somewhere in its vast expanse [take the first left
when you enter on the Avenue Gambetta side, walk along past the first
right turn, take the second and look out on your right hand side]
sleeps the Irish poet and playwright Oscar Wilde [1854-1900]. Wilde
retired to Paris after his disgrace and imprisonment for sodomy, and
when he died "a Lady" paid for a tombstone for him, a 9'x9'x4' block
of white sandstone out of the top of which Jacob Epstein carved a
rather Beardsley-Salome-like Angel. On the front there is his name,
and on the back an account of his scholastic achievements, followed by
a poem:

And Alien Tears shall fill for him
Pity's Long-broken Urn
For his mourners will be outcast men
And outcasts always mourn.

Which turns out to be true. As high as a man can reach, and sometimes
higher, the monument is decorated on all sides with big, fat, lipstick

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR [Two decks with playing notes]

This month i have two fine decks from the e-post-bag to share with
you. Because i always think it is interesting how people think when
they build decks i have edited these letters hardly at all, but will
just say that Jon's deck i found out about because i was playing
against it in the jyhad on-line tournament, and very scary it was. And
without further ado, here they are!

From: Jonathan Sushinsky

Sorry it took me so long to get this to you. I ended up having to
a bunch of it from the deckserver and the person who I created it for
I can't seem to find where I put the modifications to it. This deck
created for a relatively new player to use in the Eye of Hazimel
event. He wanted to play a rush deck and I had been meaning to use the
Gangrel but just hadn't gotten around to it yet. 

Anyway the idea is to influence out Ellen and a friend (usually Wren
shows herself when you have extra pool or circumstances dictate; like
when you see Jost staring at you and don't think you can afford the
extra 2
pool for Darrell). Ellen should rush almost every turn and the friend 
should bleed using the stealth and spying missions when necessary. The
version you saw had more equipment and +bleed retainers. We took a lot
that out in later versions. Oust your prey using the spying missions
fame and use the threat of rush to keep your predator in check. Major 
weaknesses are celerity based combat and damage prevention (funny how
had both of those) [Editor's note: Jon is referring to a
Tariq-eats-world deck which i played in the online tournament].

Deck: Did I Stutter? 
Crypt (12) AVG: 6.8 
Name # 
Darrell Boyce Consul 3 
Ellen Fence, the Tracker 4 
Samantha 1 
Wren 2 
Zachary 2 

Library (90) 
Name # 
Archon Investigation 1 
Blood Doll 3 
Campground Hunting Ground 1 
Fame 2 
Festivo dello Estinto 1 
Gangrel Conspiracy 2 
Haven Uncovered 2 
Legendary Vampire 1 
Sudden Reversal 2 
The Path of the Feral Heart 2 
Twisted Forest 1 
Ambush 3 
Bums Rush 4 
Carrion Coffin 1 
Hidden Pathways 1 
Sacrificial Lamb 2 
Action Modifier: 
Earth Control 2 
Faceless Night 3 
Spying Mission 6 
Acrobatics 5 
Bone Spur 2 
Claws of the Dead 5 
Disguised Weapon 3 
Psyche! 5 
Quick Meld 2 
Rapid Thought 1 
Stutter Step 8 
Wolf Claws 4 
Rapid Change 2 
Swallowed By the Night 3 
Ivory Bow 1 
Improvised Flame Thrower 1 
White Phosphorus Grenade 2 
Homunculus 4 
JS Simmons 1 
Tasha Morgan 1 

!Gangrel Vote deck

Date Sent:
Tuesday, June 24, 2003 10:49 AM
"Luis Duarte" 

!Gangrel Vote deck

Hi James!

Remember me? I'm Luis Duarte from Lisbon, Portugal!

I read your recent [June 2003] !Gangrel newsletter, and it's funny
since i had contact with the anarch mechanism, i realized that the
!Gangrel (city Gangrel) are one of the best to explore it.
They have the Stealth necessary to guarantee the Fee Stakes
actions, the "power" Protean cards like Form of Myst and Flesh of
Marble are now easier to get, and there is a good variety of
mid-cap !Gangrel vampires.

I send you a deck i built in case you want to include it in the
next Newsletter... althought it's not the perfect deck, it's very fun
play, and i truly believe that can refresh some people's minds on how
to build an interesting Anarch Vote deck _without_ the Presence clans
(Setite and Ventrue mostly).

.- Luis Duarte 

Deck Name: City Gangrel Anarch Connections
Strategy: Anarch Vote
Groups: 2+3
Author: Luis Duarte 
Date: 24.June.2003

Brief explanation: this is a vote deck exploring the new Anarch
vote mechanism with the little Malkavians giving some support
against bleeds. It is _not_ a very aggressive vote deck, but
rather a build deck.
The minimum setup required to play is having 3 ready anarch
vampires (2 !Gangrel and 1 Malkavian).

Crypt: 12
2 Zachary 7 !Gangrel PRO+OBF
2 Darryl Boyce 6 !Gangrel PRO+OBF
2 Pieter 6 !Gangrel PRO+OBF
1 Harry Boyce 6 !Gangrel PRO+obf [ed: Harry Reese is meant, i think]
3 Victoria 5 Malkavian obf+AUS 
1 Zoe 3 Malkavian obf+AUS
1 Dallyah 4 Nosferatu PRO+obf
Média= 5,5

Library: 85

Masters 16
4 Blood Doll
2 Madness Network Combo/Victoria
2 Protean
2 Obfuscate
1 City Gangrel Connections +1 vote
1 Twisted Forest +1 stealth
1 Anarch Railroad +1 stealth
1 Campground HG
1 Asylum HG
1 Dreams of the Sphinx

Actions 10
4 Go Anarch
6 Fee Stakes (diferentes)

Political 14
10 KRC
2 Dramatic Upheavel
2 Firebrand

Action Modifiers 21
2 Emissary +3 votes
9 Rant votes
5 Lost in Crowds +2 stealth
3 Earth Control +2 stealth
2 Rapid Change +1 stealth / S:CE

Combat 11
5 Form of Myst S:CE / +1 stealth
3 Flesh of Marble
3 Earth Meld S:CE & Untap

Reactions 13
4 Telepathic Counter Reduce 2 bleed
4 Telepathic Misdirection +1 intercept / Deflect bleed 

And that's it for July! i'll see some of you at Watford on July 26th
[Sarah's birthday] and others in Lisbon at the end of August - looking
forward to both immensely!