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FICTION: Waiting for Saulot: A Play by Mekhet

FICTION: Waiting for Saulot: A Play by Mekhet.
Scene: a place where roads meet. A gaunt single tree is the only
feature of note, and on all sides a wide prairie stretches into the
distance. Koko is sitting under the tree strumming half-heartedly on a
battered mandolin. Enter left Didi Meyers.

DIDI: Is he here yet?
KOKO: No, he is the masculine form of the third-person pronoun.
DIDI: Ah. Thank-you.
KOKO: Saulot should be with us by now, don't you think?
DIDI: Not according to the shrink i just ate. But my hallucinations
are consistent with the general trend of your query.

Enter left Mekhet.

KOKO: Hullo, Fear! Me Koko. She Didi. You must find it awfully cold
here in our country, no?
MEKHET: Silence, insolent figments of my imagination!
DIDI: i WAS being silent. It was him talking. You could tell by the
way his lips flapped, and mine didn't.
MEKHET: Show some respect for my playwrighterly greatness, you mad and
smelly creatures.

Exit left Mekhet, muttering disgustedly.

KOKO: That wasn't Saulot.
DIDI: No, that was the indicative mood of the impersonal third-person
pronoun. Still is, for that matter.
KOKO: Do you want to play NG:TEA?
DIDI: Sure. i've got this really neat Derek Ray deck i've been meaning
to try out for ages.
KOKO: Alright, i've got an LSJ deck here in my patagia.
DIDI: Does it use laconicism or sarcasm?
KOKO: The former.
DIDI: Should be a good match, then.
KOKO: Correct.

SAULOT: Hullo!
DIDI: OK, i untap. i play Tomb of Card Limit Argument the 8 millionth.
KOKO: Shit! OK, i burn, lessee, 299 cards from my hand. Pay for your
tomb, my friend.
SAULOT: i'm sorry to have kept you waiting.
DIDI: Did i have the Edge?
KOKO: No, you burnt it for a vote last turn, remember?
DIDI: Sure, but my memory is a touch unreliable these days. Why are we
here, by the way?
KOKO: We're waiting for Saulot.
SAULOT: And here i am! The Final Nights are here!
DIDI: So we are. Were we also waiting before that?
KOKO: No, we were waiting before the tree. And now we are playing
cards before the tree, and still waiting. And talking. Multi-tasking,
if you will.
SAULOT: No you're not! i am here, Cainedammit!
DIDI: If Saulot did turn up we could start another game.
KOKO: That would be nice.
SAULOT: Look, are you coming with me or what?
DIDI: You could concede now.
KOKO: Moot.
SAULOT: Last chance.
DIDI: Tomb backwards.
SAULOT: Right, that's it! i'm off! Have a nice end of the world!

DIDI: i don't think he's coming.
KOKO: O well. Same time tomorrow?
DIDI: Sure.

Well, gee, we at Hillbilly Hall are strumming our banjos and doing
toe-tapping high-kicking dances of a complexity normally associated
only with irish or black men over Final Nights. TWO new brothers, one
for each of our factions, with fabby discipline spreads and in the
case of Haakon Baacon the totally-triffic Nikolaus Vermuelen special
ability, only better. Yee-ha! Wooo! Shit-kickin' heaven! [as i believe
you say in the colonies].

There's also some dam' fine minion cards to drool over. Obfuscate gets
blackmail, a nice excuse for our City cousins to get into combat twice
[hidden lurker on the blocker]. Celerity gets Stutter-step so your
bait vampire can escape with his/her hide intact, Protean gets Mythic
Form, pricey at 3 blood but with Path of the Feral Heart in play this
is only two and hey, you get to be a fire-breathing dragon for a
combat. Form of the Beast/Freak Drive/Rush/Mythic Form, anyone? King
of the Mountain is Fortitude's little gem. Animalism gets Crimson Fury
and i sense an Urgent Need to build the Dead !gangrel Society deck
around this card and a few others like the Deadliest Sin,
Regeneration, Blood Doll and Faithful Servant. Lupine Assault adds
extra possibilities for William Lee's Anton/!Gangrel obf/cel/ani
multi-raptor run-your-prey-out-of-cards trick, and Abomination means
you can turn your Black Spiral buddy into a Vampiric Buddy. Nice one,
White Wolf! Buy More Cards, faithful readers!
In April of this year John Woods posted the following message on the

" Hi all,

I was just wondering if anyone actually plays using a 4 or 6 card
limit out there?
I know my metagroup does because we feel that without a card limit,
decks get pretty degenerate.  I know this is opening an old can of worms, so
I won't get into a "4 card limit vs. unlimited" debate here.

I also really enjoy all the monthly clan newsletters and the deck
ideas the writers come up with, but a lot of them are hard to implement in my
group due to the 4 card limit.  I was wondering if it would be possible to
also have a "4 Card Limit Deck of the Month" in the newsletters as well?

John Woods"

i'm afraid he didn't get much joy out of the NL writers who are all
[including me] pretty passionately pro NCL, but this month it just so
happens that i DO have a crop of spiffy 6CL legal decks to post and so
here you are, John, and i hope you and any other cl-people out there
have fun with them. i know you like 4cl but only the first two are
readily reducible to that format [trim down from 90 to 60 cards
keeping the ratios, and they will be 4cl legal]. All these decks are
pretty ferocious, i think you'll find, since they took first, second
and third places respectively in the June 2001 Watford UK tournament.
i hope this will encourage cl-players to participate in the ncl
environment more - you CAN compete at this level with card-limited
decks if you want to, is the main thing these decks show. O, and
Martin's tournament-winning deck has !Gangrel representation in the
comely form of our sister Ellen Fence. You knew that it would, of

Deck Name:
The pretentious art fags tear you a new one!
Created by: Martin Cubberley
Toreadors with Protean. Show the world that the Toreadors can fight
after all. Use bleed redirection and intercept with the small vamps to
keep you healthy, while you send your big vampires off to do the
killing - tool Miller up with Art of Pain for one scary mutha.
First place, total 7VP [2 in final]

Crypt: (12 cards) [Min: 19, Max: 34, Avg: 6.92]
2  Andreas(AUS CEL dom PRE pro, Toreador, 9, Primogen)
1  Dorian Strack (AUS cel, Toreador, 4)
1  Ellen Fence (aus CEL OBF PRO, Gangrel Antitribu, 8, Bishop)
1  Felicia Mostrom (AUS CEL pre, Toreador, 5)
2  Kallista (AUS CEL pre pro, Toreador, 6)
1  Marcellus (AUS CEL pro, Toreador, 8, Prince)
3  Miller Delmardigan (aus CEL PRE pro, Toreador Antitribu, 8, Bishop)
1  Remilliard (AUS pre, Toreador Antitribu, 4)

Library: (90 cards)
Master (18 cards)
2  Art of Pain, The
3  Blood Doll
1  Depravity
1  Direct Intervention
1  Fame
1  Fetish Club Hunting Ground
1  Giant's Blood
1  Haven Uncovered 
1  KRCG News Radio
2  Minion Tap
3  Protean
1  Society Hunting Ground 

Minion (72 cards)
2  Acrobatics
2  Adaptability
1  Art Scam
6  Blur
3  Bone Spur
5  Bum's Rush
3  Claws of the Dead
2  Enhanced Senses
5  Fast Reaction
2  Flash
6  Flesh of Marble
3  Leather Jacket
2  My Enemy's Enemy
2  Precognizant Mobility
4  Psyche!
2  Pursuit
1  Shadow of the Beast
3  Sideslip
2  Spirit's Touch
2  Taste of Vitae
3  Telepathic Misdirection
2  Telepathic Tracking
6  Wake with Evening's Freshness [maybe should be forced awakening?]
3  Wolf Claws

Deck name:   'The Sandy Pole'
Created by:  Matt Green
Second place, total 7 VP [2 in final]

Crypt: (12 cards)

1  Courtland Leighton    (Ventrue, 4, do fo pr)
1  Dominique             (Ventrue Antitribu, 7, an AU do FO vi)
1  Ingrid Russo          (Ventrue Antitribu, 4, DO fo)
3  Quentin               (Ventrue Antitribu, 9, AU ce DO FO ot, Bis)
1  Ranjan Rishi          (Ventrue, 5, DO fo PR)
1  Roland Louissarian    (Ventrue, 3, fo pr)
1  Rufina Soledad        (Ventrue, 2, fo)
2  Sir Walter Nash       (Ventrue, 7, DO FO PR, Prince)
1  Timothy Crowley       (Ventrue, 7, an do FO PR, Prince)

Library: (65 cards)

Masters 12

1  Demonstration
2  Dreams of the Sphinx
1  Elysium: The Arboretum
1  Giant's Blood
1  KRCG News Radio
3  Minion Tap
1  Rumor Mill, Tabloid Newspaper, The
1  Ventrue Headquarters
1 Powerbase : Madrid

Minion 53

2  Ancilla Empowerment
2  Cardinal Benediction
1  Cryptic Rider
4  Day Operation
6  Deflection
2  Disputed Territory
2  Dramatic Upheaval
1  Elder Kindred Network
1  Elder Library
2  Fifth Tradition: Hospitality, The
5  Kine Resources Contested
2 Kindred Manipulation
2  Kiss of Ra, The
5  Obedience
2  Parity Shift
1  Praxis Seizure: Miami
3  Resilience
3  Second Tradition: Domain
3  Skin of Steel
2  Ventrue Justicar
2  Wake with Evening's Freshness

Created by Legbiter [third place, total 11 VP [1 in final]]

CRYPT [12 vampires]
Zebulon [replace with Mariel]
Leandro x 2
Lucian x 4
Greger Anderssen x 2
Gilbert Duane x 2
Mariel, Lady Thunder

Direct Intervention
Dreams of the Sphinx
Giant's blood
Golconda - Inner Peace
Information Highway
Legendary Vampire
Minion Tap x 4
The Parthenon
Pentex Subversion
Temptation of Greater Power x 4
Tomb of Rameses III x 3
Secure Haven
Sudden Reversal
The Fifth Tradition: Hospitality x 3
Govern the Unaligned x 2
Kine Dominance x 2
Pulse of the Canaille
Revelations [remove]
VOTES [18]
Anarchist Uprising x 2
Ancient Influence
Banishment x 2
Dramatic Upheaval
KRC x 5
Parity Shift x 4
Political flux [maybe remove]
Political Stranglehold
Rabble Razing [remove]
Deflection x 4
Forced Awakening
Obedience x 4
The Second Tradition: Domain x 2
Telepathic Counter x 3 [not sure. Maybe remove].
WWEF x 6
Cloak the Gathering x 4
Conditioning x 3
Elder impersonation
Faceless Night x 4
Forgotten Labyrinth
Lost in Crowds x 4
Spying Mission 
Swallowed by the Night x 4


Robert is another old friend from Jyhad on-line and he very kindly
sent me a deck with permission to post it in this newsletter. To save
y'all wondering, Robert is no relation so far as he knows to the
science fiction writer ER Doktorow. i, on the other hand, MAY be
distantly-related to General George B "All Quiet on the Potomac"
McClellan who kinda won some of the battles at Bull Run, though not
well enough to stop Lincoln sacking him for lack of aggression. George
B didn't like killing fellow Americans much and sorta hoped the civil
war would peter out once the massive industrial supremacy of the North
became apparent. His reward for holding these views was to become the
Second Least Successful Democratic candidate for president in the
entire history of the USA so far [standing against Lincoln in 1863-4
IIRC he won two states; Jimmy Carter, who won only his home state of
Georgia during Reagan's first election campaign, was of course the
least successful]. The South's reward was to have Sherman and Grant
set most of it on fire. The evidence for my claim of relatedness to
this neglected figure in American history is that my
great-grandmother's sister supposedly met George B's widow on a train
once and they apparently  discovered that they had a cousin in common.
'Course, Mrs George B could have been lying to make my Esteemed
Ancestress feel better [and/or about being the relic of the said
General], and/or my esteemed ancestress could have been lying and/or
drunk/senile at the time. Anyway there are still lots of McClellans in
America, and Derek Ray has had sex with at least one of them who was,
i regret to have to admit, a Mormon. But i digress. Here's the deck,
with Robert's typically-astute comments.

   here is a deck I'm proud of. Thought I could share it with the
Newsletter writer.

   The big problem with !Gangrel are intercept, pool gain and to
little blood on the vamps. So what comes in mind...yes the almighty traditions.
Only need a Prince....hmmm...Marcellus "only" cost 8 with +1 bleed and have
CEL, pro.
   Lets pick him! Also good to have his votes in Bloodhunt voting. Of
course this deck is not tournament worthy (which !Gangrel deck is?), and
it also depends heavily on Marcellus and Ellen.

   Vamps (12)
4 Ellen Fence (8, Gangrel, aus, CEL, OBF, PRO, Bishop, d-action
		rush prey or predator vamp that is tapped)
4 Marcellus (8, Toreador, AUS, CEL, pro, Prince, +1 bleed)
1 Darrel Boyce (6, Gangrel, CEL, OBF, PRO)
1 Zachary (7, Gangrel, CEL, OBF, PRO, for)
1 Wren (4, Gangrel, cel, obf, pro)
1 Sadie (2, Gangrel, pro)

   Deck size: 100

   Masters (20)
   2 Dreams of the Sphinx
   2 Path of the Feral Heart
   1 Twisted Forest
   1 Campground Hunting Ground
   2 Gangrel Conspiracy
   1 Direct Intervention
   1 Sudden Reversal
   1 Protean - for Marcellus
   2 Obfuscate - for Marcellus
   4 Minion Tap
   2 Blood Doll
   1 Guardian Angel - for Marcellus

   Obfuscate (11)
   2 Lost in Crowds
   1 Hidden Pathways
   3 Swallowed by the Night
   2 Faceless Night
   3 Cloak the Gathering

   Protean (23)
   2 Earthmeld
   4 Form of mist
   2 Shadow of the Beast
   3 Flesh of Marble
   3 Claws of death
   2 Wolf Claws
   3 Uncontrolable Rage
   1 Body Flare
   3 Earth Control

   Celerity (22)
   9 Psyche! - for S:CE
   4 Pursuit
   2 Infernal Pursuit - card cycling
   2 Sideslip
   5 Acrobatics

   Equipment / Retainers (3)
   1 J.S Simmons
   1 Tasha Morgan
   1 Ivory Bow

   Miscallenous (21)
   8 Domain
   5 Hospitality
   2 Arson
   3 Amaranth
   3 Bums Rush

   Robert Doktorow

Thanks, Robert, and that's it for July. See y'all in August when FN
will have been tournament legal for several days. What new
monstrosities will hulk, i say positively hulk out of their crypts?
Guess we'll all find out together .... hehehehe .......