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In this heaving-its-gigantic-cyclopean-bulk slobberingly away from the
festive board issue .

EDITORIAL: New year, new cards
EDITORIAL: New year, new cards

Naturally we begin this first issue of 2005 by wishing a happy new
year to ALL our readers, but it is fair to add that this will be an
EXCEPTIONALLY happy new year for devotees of the Gangrel antitribu on
account of the new cards in the 10th anniversary set and the Kindred
Most Wanted expansion. KMW includes starter decks for the Gangrel
antitribu as well as the Baali, and two other decks [Alastor and
Anathema] which I must admit I'm a bit vague about, so will shut up
about them now  let's just leave the subject with a general
expression of editorial chuffedness about having a !Gangrel starter.

The 10th anniversary set will have been creating bulges in most of our
readers' Christmas stockings and four of the cards are of particular
interest to !Gangrel players  I refer of course to the two new
allies, the Orb of Ulain and the Bowl of Concordance. The first three
will be a significant boost to Sebastian Goulet cheap ally fun decks
[see fiction, below] and the fourth to wall decks based on Omaya, ie
to the things which our clan does best, most people would agree.
Arguably Powerbase: Los Angeles will also turn out to be jolly useful
if one accepts this Newsletter's view that !Gangrel make the best
Anarchs. Sigh. So many decks to build, so little time!


January gales sweep up the channel and the great walls of water are
funneled and focused into the Solent, pounding onto the pebble beaches
and concrete fortresses of Southsea. On nights like this Sebastian
likes to walk along the front, imbibing the sheer ferocity of Nature,
but tonight he has a mission, so he crosses the road at South Parade
Pier and approaches the entrance to Joanna's Nightclub. The doormen
seem not to notice as he slips past them, turning left at the
cloakroom and down some steps into Joanna's little-known sister club,
The Burrowers Beneath. It's a Changeling joint, a domain of the
Unseelie Court who have never really got over the Saxon interlopers'
arrival on this shore. Sebastian buys a packet of Cohiba cigarillos
and a box of matches from a Bunny girl and flops into a leather
armchair. The trick is, he thinks, to let THEM come to YOU.

"Hey-hey-hey! If it isn't the Dirty Frenchman!"

High on glamour, the speaker is Moongleam, an Unseelie Satyr.
Sebastian looks at him with hooded eyes and blows a smokering.

"Do you, erm, have it?"

Sebastian feels in the pocket of his leather coat and tosses something
round and shiny towards the Changeling.

"Here you go. Happy New Year, compliments of Legbiter!"

"Wow! Thanks ma-, erm, much obliged, compadre!"

Moongleam knows that there will be a price to pay for the shiny
bauble, but not until tomorrow night.


As the sun sets next evening, Jost Werner is already up, preparing his
brief for another Legal assault on Legbiter's powers and privileges.
Despite the able assistance of his Marijava ghoul he is not surprised
when Moongleam appears out of the shadows.

"Haha! Caught you at last, you scheming reptile!"

"Yes, well, very interesting, who would have thought that reading the
London Evening Star with that funny new eyeglass would reveal our
plans so exactly. Now bow down before my gobsmacking beauty, and then
you can tootle back off to your hobbit hole and I'll get on with
faking a few more Vermeers."

"O, ok. Lovely weather for the time of year, don't you think?"

From the corner of his eye Jost notices the curtains twitch and a
blaze of sunlight sweeps into the room. In sudden, unreasoning panic
he shrieks, tries to flee, and then faints.

When he awakes it is to find Sebastian standing over him, and
Legbiter's voice speaking from the shadows behind him.

"Hullo, Jost! We'll be working together from now on."


Hi James,

You had asked me for a decklist for the blackhand deck I played
at Zopf*Con. So, after a ridiculously long wait, here it is.

Merry Christmas.

Crypt: (12 cards, Min: 19, Max: 31, Avg: 6.42)
1  Yazid Tamari        ani dom obf CEL QUI  8,  Assamite:3
1  Wah Chun-Yuen       cel dom pre POT      5,  Brujah antitribu:3
1  Ezekiel             obf pot PRE SER      6,  Followers of Set:3
2  Skryta Zyleta       obf pot pro CEL      5,  Gangrel antitribu:3
1  Soldat              cel dom obf POT PRO  7,  Gangrel antitribu:3
2  Tarbaby Jack        dom ser ANI OBF POT  8,  Nosferatu antitribu:3
2  Teresita            for ANI OBF POT      7,  Nosferatu antitribu:3
1  Blackhorse Tanner   AUS DOM FOR          7,  Ventrue antitribu:3
1  Katherine Stoddard  dom for              4,  Ventrue antitribu:3

Library: (90 cards)
Master (27 cards)
1  Admonitions, The
2  Blood Doll
5  Corporal Reservoir
1  Direct Intervention
7  Dominion
1  Dreams of the Sphinx
2  Obfuscate
1  Shakar
1  Shanty Town Hunting Ground
2  Special Report
2  Using the Advantage
1  Watchtower: Four Ride Forth
1  Weeping Stone

Action (13 cards)
2  Bloodwork
2  Form of Corruption
4  Night Moves
5  Reunion Kamut

Action Modifier (25 cards)
2  Art of Memory, The
1  Circumspect Revelation
10 Cloak the Gathering
2  Conditioning
3  Faceless Night
1  Forgotten Labyrinth
2  Lost in Crowds
2  Marked Path
2  Mask of a Thousand Faces

Political Action (2 cards)
2  Watchtower: Greatest Fall

Reaction (7 cards)
4  Guard Dogs
2  Ministry
1  Wake with Evening's Freshness

Combat (6 cards)
1  Burning Wrath
2  Canine Horde
1  Death of My Conscience, The
1  Pushing the Limit
1  Thrown Gate

Ally (9 cards)
3  Courier
1  Gregory Winter
3  Marijava Thuggee
2  Political Antagonist

Equipment (1 cards)
1	Changeling Skin Mask

[Editor's note: I saw Scott win a tough table with this deck in the
USA and asked for a transcript. I think it is a good one, but should
perhaps add that David or possibly Robyn Tatu once told me of an
occasion when, to cover for a missing player  in a tournament, Scott
unwrapped a Jyhad starter deck and proceeded to sweep the table with


And that's it for January!  See some of you at Bloodbath 2005 and the
rest whenever the Aether Sprites next move my fingers to dance on the
key pad! O, and before I forget, if you haven't already seen it you
MUST get hold of the Japanese animation Spirited Away, ESPECIALLY if
you are anything at all interested in the Wraith or Changeling RPGs.
Thanks to my Mum for this tip.

Address for correspondence: chopsalotapepl"at"yahoo"dot"co"dot"uk