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In This Heavily-Hungover Issue:
FICTION: Beyond the Wall
AT THE SIGN OF THE BLACK LION: An Edinburgh Christmas

Beyond the Wall.
Darkness fell early, replacing the routine gloom of the 
Caledonian winter day with the impenetrable finality of 
night. Torches and bonfires sprang up along the wall, and 
here and there behind it, but no light shone in the wasted 
lands to the North. Yet here too there was life, lank, 
drooling and barely-human as it seemed. Out of a spiral 
stone souterrain it crawled, a skeleton with Vast mad eyes, 
raising a skinny fist against the dark turf rampart where 
the soldiers of Rome stamped and blew their hands against 
the icy wind. Crab-like the figure scurried back into its 
tunnel, emerging with an armful of roots and leaves, which 
it began to arrange, pinioning them upon sharpened sticks 
which it pierced into the earth. A satisfactory arrangement 
having been made, the figure squatted and began to sing or 
chant in a strange throaty voice which did not carry, except 
into the earth, into the tunnel of the souterrain, where it 
boomed and reverberated as though giant hands were slapping 
a gong behind the tunnel wall.

At the end of the tunnel a pile of old leather boots gleamed 
in the light of a single torch. Or no, not boots: the 
peat-preserved cadavers of strangled or disembowelled 
sacrificial victims, perhaps a dozen, gleaming with oil, or 
maybe slime. And could one have watched, one would have seen 
a disturbance, slight at first after an hour or so of 
chanting, and then less slight .... a congealing, it seemed, 
a transformation, a distinct directionality of horror ......

At the mouth of the tunnel the crazed figure continued its 
chanting, as a groaning, slopping sound began to echo back 
from the tunnel. And to the one mad voice another now seemed 
to give reply, a high chittering giggle, within which as an 
occasional bass note came a deep, gutteral boom. A black 
froth bubbled out of the mouth of the tunnel, accompanied by 
a sudden cooling of the air and a vile stench .... and then, 
inexorable as the avalanche, a black figure formed, 
multi-headed, multi-limbed, protean and vile. The mad druid 
ceased to chant and gazed up at what it had summoned. And 
the summoned thing gazed back, from several angles.

"Why hast thou done this, little meat-thing?"
The summoned figure bent grave eyes set in many heads upon 
the mad druid.
"Art thou mad, little creature? Or art thou God?"
"No God."
It raised its enormous bulk and seemed to gaze around.
"Indeed ... you are ... not mistaken ...."
Seeming to reach a decision, the great shape swelled and 
cracked into several pieces. Some of the pieces seemed to 
rush into the dark, fast as eels: others hovered like dark 
shapes on the edge of nightmare, and one, like a hand made 
all of thin dark fingers reached out and seemed to probe the 
mad druid until it found the cracks in his soul, into which 
it flowed. Then several figures seemed to stand together, 
flanking that of the druid, whose shadow seemed to have 
grown and to be partially-independent of him. Together, they 
drifted towards the wall, and vengeance.


AT THE SIGN OF THE BLACK LION: Christmas in Edinburgh

i'm writing this on the last afternoon of 2002, having spent 
Christmas with my parents in Edinburgh. To read the papers 
you would think that the Athens of the North was reduced to 
a smoking ruin but actually only a shortish block of a 
rather undistinguished, not to say slummy, quarter of the 
Cowgate was touched by the fire, and now if you gaze down 
Blair Street you get quite a good view of the old college, 
which you never used to be able to see from there. 

We had rather vile weather whilst in Scotland which meant 
lots of time for games, including one with the gracious 
Prince of Edinburgh [Shevaun Frazer] whom we arranged to 
meet at Black Lion Games in Buccleugh Street [prop: Liam, 
Shevaun's fiance] the Monday night after we arrived. Black 
Lion Games is a jolly good shop with a distinctly-local 
flavour, for example lots of Celtos miniatures and, at least 
while we were there, AMAZING bargains [like, 80+% discount] 
on Stuff You Might Like [in our case it was scenery, big 
lumps of it at 5GBP a throw, and Crimson Skies miniatures 
at 1GBP each]. Thoroughly-recommended!

i had built two Christmas decks for the purposes of this 
game, the one i transcribe below for me, and a virtual clone 
of Ben Peal's "The O-Line" Gargoyle deck for Sarah. The 
latter deck is very fine IMO, and it really is true as Ben 
says that a non-Ben player can field it and still do well. 
In the event, however, Sarah opted to stick with her 
relatively-bleedy Tzimisces, Michael played his Kiasyds, 
Shevaun went with a big Nosferatu bloat-vote deck, and i 
played the Other Christmas deck i built. And after a 
protracted struggle i won, though not by a sweep: Sarah got 
Shevaun, and i got the other three VP. Here's my deck, a 
marginally-accelerated Euro-Brujah affair which includes 
some of the less-fashionable Brujah in addition to the Usual 

DECK NAME: "Breast or Thigh, Sir?"
CREATED BY: Legbiter
CONCEPT: Brujah-with-dominate ["EuroBrujah"] Happy Families 
deck [ie built by mathematically-regulating the proportions 
of cards of different disciplines according to the crypt one 
has chosen, it's all explained under Happy Families at], constructed on the base of the CE 
Brujah starter which my mother gave me for Christmas, 
augmented with cards that were lying around waiting to be 
filed. Heavy dominate-bleed, deflect, ranged combat with 
multi-strikes. Probably needs to lose the blurs for more 
Pursuit, needs to lose a few masters for Tastes of Vitae or 
something, but actually is quite functional as it stands.

CRYPT [12 cards]
Anvil x 2
Constanza Vinti x 2
Don Cruez, the Idealist x 2
Donal O'Connor x 2
Theo Bell x 2
Tura Vaughn x 2

LIBRARY [90 cards]

MASTERS [18 cards]
Blood Doll
Haven Uncovered
KRCG News radio
Legendary Vampire
Minion Tap x 6
Warzone HG
Zillah's Valley x 3

MINION [72 cards]

ACTIONS [10 cards]
Blood Hunt
Bum's Rush x 3
Govern the Unaligned x 5

POLITICS [3 cards]
Kindred Restructure x 2

Command of the Beast
Foreshadowing Destruction x 2

COMBAT [41 cards]
Blur x 4
Flash x 9
Lightning Reflexes
Pursuit x 4
Taste of Vitae x 2
Thoughts Betrayed x 4
Thrown Gate x 8
Thrown Sewer Lid x 9

EQUIPMENT [3 cards]
.44 Magnum
Flak Jacket
Leather Jacket

REACTIONS [11 cards]
Deflection x 2
Redirection x 3
Second Tradition x 2
WWEF x 4


Michael, who has been reading this over my shoulder, rightly 
insists i point out that this was the ONLY game i won all 
holiday long. In our only other VTES game his Kiasyds beat 
my Nosferatu Kagemusha deck and Sarah's/Ben's Gargoyles, and 
he won [by ONE point] at Civilisation the Board Game, and by 
streets, or possible reels, whenever we played Cannibal 
Pigmies in the Jungle of Doom.


And that's it for january! A Happy New Year to all of you! 
O, and no moaning about there not being any 
Gangrel-antitribu content in this issue, IF you please. Go 
back and read the fiction CAREFULLY, and if you STILL don't 
then read the Chronicle of the Black labyrinth and the new Demon: The
Fallen book, both available from White Wolf.