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THE FAIRY FELLER'S MASTERSTROKE [Unofficial Kiasyd Newsletter]
DECK: St Bartholemew's Day Massacre
DECK: Oh My, Omaya! [yet another tournament-quality gangrel-antitribu deck].

THE FAIRY FELLER'S MASTERSTROKE [Unofficial Kiasyd Newsletter]
My first essays in Bloodlines deck-building have focussed on the Ahrimanes and
Kiasyd, the Ahrimanes for obvious newslettery reasons, and the Kiasyd because
Dave Hammond gave me a Kiasyd badge for getting to the Watford pre-release
final [and also a Lasombra precon]. i've yet to make anything worth talking
about out of the Ahrimanes, so this month i thought i would write about the
Kiasyd deck which i threw together from my post-collection bloodlines cards,
the aforementioned Lasombra precon, and the carcasses of some Ravnos and
Giovanni precons which i'd picked up for various reasons here and there. This
is becoming a bit of a pattern with me, too lazy/preoccupied to sort the piles
of cards in my living room out properly. Maybe i should kidnap David Tatu and
Robyn and hold them until they do it for me. But i digress.

The Kiasyd are a Sabbat bloodline who Did A Naughty Thing with some Changelings
they caught, so now they are tainted or gifted or both by Arcadian blood.
They're thus one of three clans/bloodlines with connections to the faery
world-of-darkness, the others being the !Gangrel [Shadow Court Satyr, who
incidentally is now IMMENSELY more powerful in a deck that contains bloodlines
multi-discipline cards] and the !Malkavians [Dauntain Black Magician, Walk
through Arcadia]. Previous to seeing the set and getting the badge [thanks,
Dave!] i thought the Kiasyd were a STUPID, SISSY idea, but we at Legbiter Hall
were TOTALLY bowled over by a combination of the badge, Christopher Shy's
portraits of them, and the special abilities of Bartholemew and Julia Prime.
Plus, Marianne is NUTTY about Faeries and especially their Dark Side [as
evidence of which she [a] has a deck not wholly dissimilar to the one i'm
featuring further down this column, and [b] greatly enjoys Faery Meat, as do
all right-thinking deviant children].

It's bitterly cold as the slim dark-haired girl leaves work in the suburbs of
London and drives south towards Hampshire, after another shift of DNA-profiling
criminal suspects. The late afternoon sky is clear but ahead, rising up over
the Downs, is a great bank of grey cloud, and she has to turn on her headlights
at Petersfield. Her way home takes her through a dreary housing estate and she
stops at the Pakistani place to pick up some groceries. The shopkeeper and a
friendly beggar detain her for a few moments with pleasantries which she
returns, and for hours afterwards they will be smiling to themselves at the
memory of her strange, wistful smile, her oddly-slanted and somehow feral blue
eyes, and the peculiar ethereal glow which she seems to leave in her wake.

Back at her flat Juliana Priest parks her car and turns the key in her lock. As
she climbs the stairs she becomes aware of a faint scent, a combination of
menthol cigarettes, leather and death.
"Hullo, Lord Legbiter", she says as she hangs up her coat, not even looking at
the couch where he is sitting, reading the new book by Kazuo Ishigura.
"Hullo, Juliana" he replies, rising politely. "i think you may already have met
my friends?"
Lucita and Julia Prime nod at the mortal, a little contemptuously perhaps, or
maybe just cagily. There is something weird about this one, a sense of
extension, as if the body were only a focus for something large and wild.
"i can't offer you any refreshment appropriate to your kind, so perhaps you'ld
be good enough to let me know why you are here."
"Ah, practical as always. Isn't she a gem, my darlings? Well, Juliana, it's
like this. We're having a spot of bother with my old enemies Keech and Number
One. i expect you've noticed the upsurge of gang violence in the area? The
police are blaming the Yardies, of course, but i'm afraid it's something much,
MUCH worse than that."
"Blood brothers and the Brujah. i know. Please get to the point."
"We need your protection. More precisely, she, Lucita, needs one of your
charms. You know the ones i mean. i'll pay you well, of course."
"You'll do nothing of the kind. i already knew you were coming. i have it,
here. Now please go."
Juliana gives the old vampire a brown paper parcel, flat and rectangular. He
bows, and the vampires leave the flat and vanish into the night. Juliana tries
to make coffee but her hands are shaking so much that she drops and breaks the
pot, so instead she sits in silence for a few hours and then falls asleep,
fully clothed. As she dreams her hands flutter and scrabble and she makes
little panicky sounds, as if she were trying to escape from a premature burial.

Later that night, Jacko approaches Lucita's haven and prepares to attack. His
fighter's instincts, always alert to the unusual, are held by a Richard Dadd
print in the hall. As he watches, the Fairy Feller's eyes flicker in his
direction, and the mallet descends, striking the enchanted nut precisely at its
weakest spot. Instantly the captives are freed and they seem to boil out of the
painting, laughing, shrieking, turning the astonished vampire this way and that
in a wild bacchanalian frenzy of rejoicing at their liberation. Much later,
Jacko awakens on the Downs, moments before he would have been destroyed by the
merciless Eye of Phoebus.

Juliana is already on her way to work by now, and when she returns she buys a
new coffee pot at the Pakistani shop, and makes her way back to the flat. Two
large men are waiting for her with a packing-case.
"Sign here, please, miss."
They carry it into her house, and then leave, nervous chaps for such big men,
she thinks. Opened, the case contains a weird clockwork-and-valves apparatus, a
single black rose and a card "To J from L, in thanks, in memory, and in
anticipation". She finishes unpacking the object, which turns out to have the
word "Fairyvision set" over what looks like a screen. There's a button on the
front, which she presses. The Fairyvision set begins to hum and a bright dot
appears in the middle of the screen, growing as she watches into a little
picture, and then a big picture that fills the whole screen .... and then ....
the picture continues to grow, expanding out of the apparatus, eating up its
surroundings and subtly transmuting them into a new and intensely-vivid
surreality. Juliana draws back but she can't, she's now part of the picture
too, and she realises that this is a world into which, for the first time, she
actually FITS. She asks directions of a friendly tree, and helpful birds take
her to the place it specifies, a green hill with a gay hall set thereon, where
many goodly folk are feasting. They all greet her kindly and the Lord of the
Hall kisses her warmly and leads her to her place at his side. Dimly she is
aware that this is Legbiter, but it is hard to associate the twisted monster of
Wessex to the being who is now laughing with her, toasting her and squeezing
her hand. After the feast the dancing begins and as they twist and turn and
pirouette to the sound of the pipe and violin he suddenly draws her close and
kisses her on her beautiful brow.
"i live for these moments, you know. Can you stay long?"
"Me too. i don't know. Perhaps. i hope so."
She kisses him back, and the dance goes on.

DECK: St Bartholemew's Day Massacre
Kiasyd/Lasombra sneak-bleed toolbox deck, created by Legbiter, 6CL legal though
designed for standard NCl environment, not legal for tournament play JUST yet
so keep your panties on until January 3rd!
7 Kiasyd cards [5 vampires]:
Bartholemew x 2
Beatrice L'Anjou
Julia Prime x 2
Kassiym Malikhair
5 Lasombra cards [5 vampires]:
Aurora Van Brande
Ignacio, The Black Priest

LIBRARY [83 cards]:
17 MASTERS [bit too many - probably should drop Festivo and Misdirection]:
The Barrens
Blood Doll x 2
Chanjelin Ward x 2
Direct intervention
Dreams of the Sphinx
Elder Library
Festivo Dello Estinto
Heidelberg Castle, Germany
Political Hunting Ground
The Rumor Mill, Tabloid Newspaper
Tribute to the Master
Deer Rifle
Delaying Tactics x 2
Flak Jacket
The Grandest Trick x 2
Leather jacket
Palatial Estate
Riddle Phantastique x 3 [i've yet to pull one of these off so arguably they
should be dropped]
Saturday night Special
Wake with Evening's Freshness x 6
Aura Reading
Pulse of the Canaille [once your vamp has one of these, THAT'S what The
Grandest Trick is good for! i should add that this card is also under scrutiny,
since i've yet to play it. If it goes another aura reading will replace it]
Telepathic Counter x 4
Command of the Beast x 3
Conditioning x 2
Deflection x 4
Govern the Unaligned x 2
Scouting Mission
Threats x 3
Absorb the Mind [also dom] x 4
Aura Absorption [also aus] x 2
Basilisk's Touch [also pot] x 2
Stone Travel [also obt] x 5
Arms of the Abyss x 3
Shadow body
Shadow Play x 4
Shadow Strike x 2
Shroud of Night

i've played this deck twice and both times i have won. In its first outing it
swept against Michael's !Brujah and Sarah's Tzimisce, a tough game which
resulted in a fairly major tweak. On Wednesday the 19th of December i chose it
for our regular pub game in the Northcote hotel, when we were, in order of

Rob Treasure, playing a very fine Blood Brothers rush deck, who was bleeding;
Garry Scarlett, playing a Ravnos-with-dominate deck, who was bleeding;
John Keech, playing a !Brujah rush deck with added Beasty goodness, who was

Not the best crypt or seating order here, so i was resigned to a fairly
mediocre performance. Thoroughly-predictably, Ignacio was my first vampire out,
he got superior dominate, he got slotted by Rob. Time to consolidate, so i
spent the nest few turns keeping my head down except for Lucita torporising and
then stealth-diablerising Beast. Julia Prime was my third vampire out and her
first major contribution was to allow me to play a Chanjelin Ward on Lucita. i
was getting bled for rather a lot and i didn't dare to block most of it, so the
pool level was getting dangerously low. On the plus side, Lucita was bleeding
at effectively innate +1 stealth and Rob was also going down like a tart's
drawers in consequence. Helpfully for me he wasn't drawing into rushes much and
when he did i had a timely DI [i also had to burn a Chanjelin Ward to stop one
of John's, quickly replaced as it turned out]. Alas, no bleed modifiers when it
mattered so Rob got Garry and 6 pool. John made a last-ditch effort to get me
but by this time i had drawn into a clump of telepathic counters and a
deflection, so after he'd shot his bolt i was on one pool and HAD to get Rob
that turn, which i duly did. John was a much less frightening fighty prospect
by now, but i still had to play it tight, eventually suckering him into seeing
Lucita as the major threat, letting him beat her into torpor and then
stealth-bleeding him out with a GtU from Aurora. Exciting game and great table
talk as always with Rob - we both reckon the new set is going to topple the
Malkavians from the stealth-bleed masters podium, to be replaced by [roll of
kettledrums] the Lasombra and their ickle faiwy fweinds.

After that i switched to my all-Jyhad weenie presence deck and got TOTALLY
stomped by Rob and John who stuck with their combat monsters [Rob swept] - also
a thoroughly-good game, i might add, in which i NEARLY got John.


DECK: Oh My, Omaya! [yet another tournament-quality gangrel-antitribu deck].
Deck Name: Oh My, Omaya!
Created by: Khervin Cheng Chua
Inspired by Derek Ray's Omaya Wall deck, this deck tools up a Country
!Gangrel with Auspex (ideally Omaya) with raven spies and wall up to protect
blood/pool-gainers while other vamps bleed or bounce bleeds...
[Khervin used this deck to win the San Juan tournament in the Philippines
recently. and i congratulate him and thank him for permission to include the
deck and his comments on it in this newsletter].

2  Caitlin (ANI aus dom PRO, Gangrel Antitribu, 6, Bishop)
1  Genevieve (ANI aus dom FOR PRO, Gangrel Antitribu, 10, Priscus)
1  Haakon Mortensen (ANI FOR PRO, Gangrel Antitribu, 8)
1  Leon (ani for, Gangrel Antitribu, 3)
1  Luther (ANI for obt pro, Gangrel Antitribu, 6)
2  Monique (ani aus for pro, Gangrel Antitribu, 5)
4  Omaya (ANI AUS FOR pro, Gangrel Antitribu, 7)

Library: (80 cards)
Master (15 cards)
2  Auspex
4  Blood Doll
1  Club Zombie
1  Heidelburg Castle, Germany
1  Hungry Coyote, The
1  Path of the Feral Heart, The
1  Powerbase: Chicago
1  Powerbase: Montreal
1  Protean
1  Rack, The
1  Smiling Jack, The Anarch

Minion (65 cards)
2  Army of Rats
1  Body Flare
2  Carrion Crows
8  Cats' Guidance
4  Claws of the Dead
4  Drawing Out the Beast
4  Earth Meld
6  Forced Awakening
2  Form of Mist
3  Freak Drive
4  Guard Dogs
2  Homunculus
1  J. S. Simmons, Esq.
1  Mr. Winthrop
1  Owl Companion
2  Precognition
2  Quick Meld
3  Raven Spy
1  Revelations
1  Sniper Rifle
1  Tasha Morgan
4  Telepathic Misdirection
2  Telepathic Tracking
4  Wolf Claws

Creator's Comments:

I have always wanted to play Tzimisce Intercept but I have yet to get enough 
Tzimisce/Vicissitude cards to actually pull off one.  A few months ago, I 
realized that the Country Gangrel Antitribu has Auspex as their "fourth" 
discipline... since then, I've always wanted to create an ANI/AUS/PRO Country 
Gangrel Intercept Deck -- this actually seems more superior to the Tzimisce 
version because of several facts: most Country Gangrel have Fortitude which 
protects them from the bane of intercept decks, the Kiss of Ra; Protean has 
Homunculi for untapping goodness; Protean combat seems cheaper than Vicissitude
combat and less card intensive (strike for hand, if opponent does not dodge or
end combat, aggravate the damage); Protean has Quick Meld; Protean has Flesh of
Marble, although I wasn't able to use them in this deck cuz they were all in my
City Gangrel deck... having read about Derek Ray's infamous Omaya Wall deck on
the newsgroup, I took it upon myself to find out what made his deck work. Derek
was gracious enough to give me his decklist as well as a few notes and 
suggestions... this deck is the result of liberal tweaking of Derek's deck.
concept is relatively similar: tool up a Country !Gangrel with Auspex (ideally
Omaya) with raven spies and wall up to protect blood/pool-gainers while other 
vamps bleed or bounce bleeds...

I've always used mono-clan crypts as much as possible... I just feel 
uncomfortable otherwise... Gunther would definitely fit into this crypt of 
course... Haakon was actually surprisingly helpful -- his hunt-for-another-vamp
ability keeps your interceptor untapped and his
vamp gives you additional pool gain... very useful with a Hungry Cayote or the

I really wanted to bounce bleeds with Telepathic Misdirections hence the two 
Auspex discipline cards... Club Zombie was actually very good -- most of the 
time, it acted as a Hunting Ground since I rarely tap it for intercept and with
it untapped, people are leery of doing any actions against me... I've learned
love PB: Chicago -- I've used it both for pool gain and for deals with other 
methuselahs (Derek's idea)... Smiling Jack was there as a prayer card (I only 
have two in my collection), big surprise that it won me the tourny!

Drawing Out the Beast saved me from Ravnos Horrid Realities... the Sniper Rifle
was very useful against nasty closed-ranged combat (i.e. Shambling Hordes), 
perhaps should have another one in the deck... Always remember that Omaya has 
INFERIOR protean! I forgot this little tidbit a number of times in the tourny 
when I tried to use the superior of Earth Meld and Form of Mist!  The 2 
Telepathic Tracking should be taken out IMHO, it was usually enough to have had
blocked an action...

I'm very excited with "Read the Winds" from Bloodlines for this deck! More 
untap, more intercept!

Editor's Comments:

Khervin has asked for feedback about this deck, and i'll start the ball rolling
by suggesting that the Telepathic trackings maybe ought to be aura readings,
useful either for unblocking hand-jam or for deciding when to play that
aggravated damage when YOU'RE the acting minion, or whether to cat's guidance
afterwards or save it for the intercept. Additionally it's an extra
disincentive to getting into combat with a minion if you suspect you are going
to have to show your hand to everybody as a result, i find. Anybody else care
to chip in?

And that's it for January. A bit early i know, but as usual i will be
frightfully busy AND frightfully drunk when the Right Time comes around. Don't
forget the next Portsmouth tourney is on the 13th and thanks, Scott, for the
sanctioning. See y'all soon!