Gangrel Antitribu Newsletter

V:EKN Clan Gangrel Antitribu Newsletter, January 1999, Part I

In this Issue .....

THE YEAR OF UNLIVING DANGEROUSLY On the south coast of England the land falls
away in crumbling chalky hills, the last of which looms over the island city
of Portsmouth like a lion, gathering itself to spring. The sun is setting and
the wind is rising .... the light is beautiful, reminiscent of a painting by
Turner - as well it might be, since he painted many of his scenes hereabouts.
The wind hurls itself at the gaunt towers of Legbiter Mansions, animated
perhaps by the hatred of the unredeemed, or "snacks" as we, the occupants,
call them. And here I am, sleepily leafing through the paper, just waking up
for a night of prowling among the streetgirls of the city. My chamber-ghoul
respectfully brushes the dust and cobwebs off my suit and gives my fangs a
good polish. MUCH better. Lady Legbiter drifts in and I rise and bow, placing
the latest edition of the Sunday Sport on the oak table.

"Sweet Prince, I trust your repose was undisturbed?" "Madam, I slept most
comfortably. Will you take breakfast with me?" "No my lord, I believe I will
make my own arrangements in that direction ... pray be so good as to pass me
the guys-seeking-gals section of the Sunday Sport, that I may make my choice."

A few companionable moments later ....

"Hmmm, i believe I will investigate Miss Busty's Massage Parlour first this
evening ... have you found aught to your taste, my toothsome one?"
"Indeed, such a great pool of loneliness from which to drink. How VERY
farsighted you were to promote the personal alienation of the industrial
revolution, my darling. But actually, I was looking at my horrorscope .... it
says here that we are all in for a very hot time this year .... curiously
enough, YOUR horrorscope says the same thing."
"Ah yes, it seems that Gehenna may actually be upon us this year ....
interesting times, my love, interesting times ....."

VTES DUELS Duel is a much-misused word, in my opinion, in relation to
collectible card games. In a real duel scrupulous fairness is observed in
balancing the two sides. In the disagreeable bar-room scrap of competitive
Magic we see nothing of the kind ... and having played a lot of different
two-player games i really can't subscribe to the idea that Jyhad duels are
worse than Magic duels [though if you press me on it, i have to say that
Eagles CCG, sealed-deck Netrunner and Crimson Skies [FASA's new air-combat
board-game] are all exceedingly good two- player games, at LEAST equal in that
respect to two-player Jyhad]. Lady Legbiter happens not to like any of the
alternatives, so she and I play a lot of two- player VTES and Sabbat, and we
find that the Sabbat duels are easily the best two-player card fun that we can
have. We manage this by creating decks that we can have balanced games with,
rather than decks that are designed reliably to win. Over Christmas we
experimented with Jyhad versus Sabbat decks - she played a vote-bleed Pretty
Vampires Jyhad deck and i played a combat Ugly Vampires Sabbat deck. We had a
lot of real talon-biters, which brings me to the theme of .....

BALANCE AND POWER My new year resolution for 1999 is to spend a lot more time
on the FUN aspect of vampires. Everyone who reads this newsgroup is already a
pretty good VTES player, and we are all busily organising and playing in
tournaments, partly because we want to get better but mainly because we want
to promote our game. But, dear blood-brothers and sisters, let's not lose
sight of the main purpose of Jyhad, which is to have FUN. And let's remember
that the key point about a fun deck is that it should give you a reasonable
chance of winning without hammering the rest of the players so badly that they
get fed up and refuse to play with you anymore!

Alright, that's enough rambling for now. Truth is, I am still a bit groggy
from New year and had forgotten that it was newsletter time, so sorry for the
stream- of-consciousness nature of this little offering. I've built a couple
of really unusual decks recently and i'll post those eventually, but probably
not till March because i want to use at least one of them in an upcoming
tournament. As Xian says in his excellent January 99 newsletter [MORE stories,
matey! More! More!], we have been working on decks based around "crap" cards
and vampires, and as some of you will know at least one of these, the Betrayer
deck, kind of works. We think the Betrayer deck can be made
tournament-competitive, and we think there may be other weird-but-effective
decks just waiting to be invented. Watch these spaces!