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In this cold-noses-pressed-to-the-toy-shop-window issue 
FICTION: Love in a Cold Climate
DECK: Tournament-winning deck Tlaxcala, Mexico
FICTION: Love in a Cold Climate

February in the far North . A time of returning sunshine after the
biting cold of winter. Against the great white expanse of the Arctic
Nanook is prowling, but not for prey. He breathes easily and steadily,
black eyes scanning the horizon. There! Disciplining himself not to
lope TOO eagerly, he approaches. Nanooka watches, silently.

"Hey babe! Long time, no see!"
"11 months and 28 days, to be precise."
"Lovely weather for the time of year!"
"How's the, erm, family?"
"Since you've eaten most of them, perhaps you're in a better position
to answer that than I am!"
"Well! I was hungry, and they were slow."

In the awkward silence the huge male scratches at an invisible
imperfection in the ice.

"So, erm, do you fancy a shag?"
"OK, but you gotta chase me a bit first."

The chase leads them over snow-dunes and past some humans on a heavy
sleigh who are driving a dog-team. When the chase and its sequel are
over, the two Polar Bears relax in the lee of a drift, enjoying each
other's body-heat.

"I must admit, they worry me a bit."
"Who? The Humans?"
"Yeah, all that scratching at the old places and heating stuff up.
What if they, you know, melt all the ice and stuff?"
"Gee, that WOULD be awful  no more spending six months of the year
starving to death and freezing one's butt off in a hole in the ice.
We're MAMMALS for Cripe's sake  top of the fuckin' food chain,
biggest and best land predator since the flippin' Cretaceous. Guess
we'll just have to eat more, sleep less and take a few cold baths,
"Alright, point taken. Still don't think much of them digging just

Nanooka snorts with derision, but privately she agrees. Not just to
keep them out of the big male's way, she there and then resolves to
raise this particular litter a hundred miles or so away.

[Prologue to another Vampirish Call of Cthulhu adventure . To Be


DECK: Tournament-winning deck Tlaxcala, Mexico

It's a pleasure to draw the group's attention to yet another
tournament-winning !Gangrel deck, the victor of a 14-player event in
Tlaxcala, Mexico. Here is a marginally-rearranged version of the
original post:

Posted to Newsgroup by: Dr. Enrique Monta o Torres
V:EKN Brujah Prince of Tlaxcala

Deck Name : Bugs Bunny
Author : Hiramm Sanchez Gomez
Description :
The trick of this deck is the Bugs Bunny maneuver; do you remember
when Bugs go throw the earth to kick the ass of Sam or Daffy duck [no
-Ed.], in this deck is the same; bleed bleed bleed, and if some one
try to stop you or comes to hit you; you have the protean to protect
you, with "flesh of marble" you can defeat against immortal grapple,
or simple the excellent Bugs maneuver of the "earth meld".

Crypt [12 vampires] Capacity min :5 max :8 average : 7.42
3x Sebastian Goulet  8 DOM OBF cel pre pro   Gangrel antitribu (group
2x Sebastian Goulet Advanced 8 DOM OBF cel pre pro   Gangrel antitribu
(group 3)
2x Ian Forestal  8 AUS DOM THA   Tremere antitribu (group 2)
2x Greger Anderssen  7 AUS OBF dom pro  prince Malkavian (group 2)
2x Soldat  7 POT PRO cel dom obf   Gangrel antitribu (group 3)
1x Badr al-Budur  5 OBF cel dom qui   Assamite (group 2)

Library [90 cards]
9x Govern the Unaligned

Action Modifier[33]
3x Cloak the Gathering
1x Command of the Beast
10x Conditioning
3x Earth Control
3x Elder Impersonation
3x Faceless Night
2x Foreshadowing Destruction
4x Lost in Crowds
4x Spying Mission

Action Modifier/Combat[6]
3x Rapid Change
3x Swallowed by the Night

8x Earth Meld
4x Flesh of Marble

3x Blood Doll
2x Campground Hunting Ground
2x Dominate
3x Obfuscate
3x Protean

7x Deflection
7x Wake with Evening's Freshness

1x J. S. Simmons, Esq.
1x Robert Carter
1x Tasha Morgan

Crafted with : Anarch Revolt Deck Builder. [Mon Feb 21 09:08:41 2005]

That's all folks.


And that's nearly all from this month's newsletter! JUST in time to
qualify as February's offering, and by the time we meet again I will
have SCADS of new deck ideas based around !Gangrel from the KMW
expansion. Rumour has it that Enkidu, the Noah is THE tastiest thing
since a Very Tasty Thing, so see you in March for some
Epic-of-Gilgamesh butt-kicking fun!