Gangrel Antitribu Newsletter

V:EKN Clan Gangrel Antitribu Newsletter, February 1999

St Valentine's Day Massacre Issue

In this issue .....


GROVELLING EDITORIAL First off, let me apologise for the lateness of this
newsletter. I have had flu and a MOUNTAIN of marking to do, plus this month
we have TWO tournaments - Isle of Wight last Saturday, Second Byte this
[21st]. I came third out of 9 on the IoW which was probably better than I
deserved. James Coupe [5th] beat me in an absolutely BRILLIANT manner in the
second round, but then got sandwiched between two combat decks [Will Lee [the
eventual winner] and me]. I built my deck for Saturday this morning and guess
what? It ISN'T a Gangrel anti deck ...... but there IS one later in this

VALENTINE'S NIGHT AT LEGBITER HALL As night falls Lady Legbiter stretches
sensuously in her coffin and pushes back the lid. O lovely! A dozen black
roses and a great big packing case COVERED in sparkly gold paper. It is
rocking and muffled screams are coming from it, the reason for which becomes
plain when she opens it - half a dozen nice plump kine, tightly bound and
gagged and COVERED in black chocolate!!! Yum, yum. The Prince of Wessex may
be a sadist and a lunatic, but NO-ONE has ever accused him of not being a

On the other hand, quite a lot of people, including virtually all the brides
of Legbiter past and present, have accused him of being a two-timing
slimeball with the morals of a partially house-trained stoat. And thus it is
that in the shady crypts of the various Gangrel antitribu dollies cards and
presents are being unwrapped, each inscribed anonymously with REMARKABLY
similar writing. "To Dearest Caitlin, the Ultimate Art School Girl of Doom,
from A Secret Admirer"; "Sweet Sadie, methinks the lady doth not pro-test too
much"; "Lovely Monique, your time will come. I hear there is a special card
for you in the newest expansion: Hell Freezes Over. Action, cost 5 blood,
requires gangrel antitribu vampire of capacity 5. Not usable by a titled
vampire. For the rest of the game, this vampire has any two of its
disciplines raised to superior and +1 hand damage. This vampire can and must
attack any Gangrel antitribu Bishop controlled by another Methuselah as a +1
stealth direct action."; "Hey Sam, is Billy boring you? Why don't you come
over for a little blood-bonding with an older fiend?"; "You make my Soul
Blaise"; "To Genevieve, my 10".

V:tM THIRD EDITION I bought the third edition of the role-playing game a
month or so back and actually read it from cover to cover - certainly the
best-written role-playing book i have ever read, even better than Feng Shui.
It contains all sorts of nice ideas that suggest Jyhad variants, among which
i'll mention that the Assamites CAN now commit diablerie, the gangrel have
left the Camarilla, and the Malkavians now have dementation again, like in
the Dark Ages. I'm going to try to organise some special games reflecting
aspects of this, and if anyone apart from me and Michael Beer is interested
in playing a local game of this sort on- line, please email me.

GANGREL ANTITRIBU ALLIES DECK I've been meaning for a long time to create a
Gangrel antitribu deck, and this at last is it. It is based on bringing out
small minions and then doing lots of different things ... in the hope that
one of them is going to work well enough to win you the game. The key ideas

Embrace gives you little vamps with presence. You use these to call votes to
pay for your allies and damage your enemies.

Black Spiral Buddies use Bum's Rushes and Intercept from the permanents to put
enemy vamps in torpor and to keep them there. Fame can make this hurt.

Crypt [12 vampires]
3 x Sadie 2 pro
3 x Leon 3 ani for
3 x Shane Grimald 4 ani pot dom
3 x Caitlin 5 aus dom ANI PRO Bishop

Masters [18]
2 x KRCG News Radio
2 x London Evening Star
4 x Rotshreck
6 x Presence
2 x Memories of Mortality
2 x Fame

Equipment [7]
3 x Sports Bike
2 x Leather Jacket
2 x Laptop Computer

Allies [7]
5 x Black Spiral Buddy
2 x Shadow Court Satyr

Actions [13]
4 x The Embrace
7 x Bum's Rush
2 x Legal Manipulations

Votes [13]
4 x Consanguineous Boon
Praxis Solomon
Autarkis Persecution
Crusade Miami
Crusade Mexico City
5 x KRC

Action Modifers [19]
3 x Awe
4 x Bewitching Oration
4 x Earth Control
4 x Rapid Change
4 x Bribes

Combat [13]
6 x Presence
5 x Aid from Bats
2 x Bone Spur

This isn't playtested BTW, so it may be complete crap.
Alright, that's it until march when i'll try to be on time. Seeya!