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FICTION: A Rescue [part 3 of a Call of Cthulhu Adventure from Legbiter
DECK: Atomweaver's owl-chuckers [blatant plagiarism with a PURPOSE].

FICTION: A Rescue.

The tree-man's gun did not lower, but its muzzle wavered a little.

"You're not Americans."

"Er, no. On account of this not being America."

"Where, then?"

The two friends exchanged cautious glances.

"About 12 miles South East of Tayport, on the East coast of Scotland.
In the forest of Tentsmuir. You know, either I'm falling in love, or
we've met before."


"I KNEW it! Froglips!"

"Erm, she means, our old childhood friend Lakshmi Ramanishi, and
we're EVER so sorry about the pyjamas incident, how absolutely SUPER
to run into you again!"

"YOU were behind the pyjamas incident? I oughta shoot the two of you
right now! But first, you got anything to eat?"

A bar or two of chocolate later, the three old chums were sitting on a
mossy bank and catching up on one anothers' recent history.

"By the way, you gotta call me Mohamed al-Hindi, now."

"Oh yeah, sorry, we heard you went off to join the Mojahedin!
FRIGHTFULLY romantic! How was it?"

"Scary as shit. Those BLOODY Russian armoured helicopters.
Thwucka-thwucka-thwucka-BadaBOOOOM!!! Anyway, once it was all over I
married a local girl and settled down. Axita. Face like a Greek
Goddess, long red hair, body like a ... o, sorry, keep forgetting that
you're, erm, girls too."

"S'aright. So do we, sometimes."

"But you, er, picked the other side in the global war on terrorism,

"Or it picked me, which is why I am here. In the process of being
Extraordinarily Rendered."

"What, the Americans are taking you off to be tortured? Can they do
that to a British Person?"

"Can they do it? Sure. But they don't, that's the weird thing
that no-one seems to get. You aren't being TAKEN anywhere. The
torture, if you want to call it that, is in the journey. After you've
been around the Earth five or six times backwards you are going to fess
up to whatever they tell you to, believe me. But I was lucky in one
way, unlucky in some others. Alison, did you ever finish that Doctor

Alison's answer being in the affirmative and the chocolate gone, the
three friends were soon picking their way through the sandy pine
forest. A smell of burning grew stronger.

"So, what, you escaped from a battle?"

"I was released in a battle, yes. Just here, where the big burnt
patch is."

"Halt! Who goes theya?"

The voice was weak, wheezy and unmistakably Suth'r'n.

"Hominy Grits!"

"Hey, y'cra-zee limey sand-nigga, I thought I told y'all to keep

"I brought help, Cleiton."

Alison was already at Cleiton's side.

"Subject is male, alive, American Negro, about 6-2, serious trauma
and burns to all visible surfaces ... "

"Can you call him a Negro?"

"If it was good enough for Dr Martin Luther King, it's good enough
for you and me. Anyway can we do the big picture thing for the moment?
Can you feel when I push there, sir?"

As Alison pushed THERE Cleiton screamed and Mohamed/Lakshmi gagged and
went pale. Jo grabbed his elbow so's to stop him falling over and
steered him out into sunlight. They leant against a wall. Jo lit two
cigarettes, and passed one to Mohamed/Lakshmi.

"Thanks, old girl."

"No worries, leave that stuff to the experts I think. What happened

They were standing on the lip of a grassy bank that wound round a
series of concrete structures, cleverly landscaped so as to be
next-to-invisible from above. Deep charred pits and craters covered a
roughly fan-shaped area in front of them for about 100 metres,
punctuated here and there by a gently-smoking pine tree.

For answer Mohamed/Lakshmi ejected the empty clip from his automatic
and slammed in a new one.

"What makes you think it's stopped happening?"


DECK: Atomweaver's owl-chuckers [blatant plagiarism with a PURPOSE].

Deck Name : Hoot Flung Junk v2.0
Author : atomweaver
Description :
As with most deck ideas spawned in IRC, this is for entertainment/pun
value, only.  ANI PRO minions utilize Call the Wild Hunt and an endless
stream of Owl Retainers, for additional damage alongside their claw'ed
strikes. Equip/Pack Alpha at least one Owl, to see in advance if the
tactic has even a prayer of working. Horrock features more heavily, to
lower overall capacity a bit, and in the event of being able to make a
Corrupt Construction out of Flung Owls.

Crypt [12 vampires] Capacity min: 5 max: 7 average: 6.09
 5x Horrock                6  ANI PRO vic                 Gangrel:3
 2x Janey Pickman          6  ANI PRO for                 !Gangrel:4
 2x Célèste Lamontagne     5  ANI PRO for                 !Gangrel:4
 1x Beckett                7  ANI FOR PRO cel             Gangrel:3
 1x Danielle Diron         7  ANI PRO chi for      1 vote Gangrel:3
 1x Doyle Fincher          7  ANI PRO aus for obf         !Gangrel:4

Library [90 cards]
Action [11]
   7x Bum's Rush
   4x Harass

Action Modifier [6]
   6x Freak Drive

Ally [4]
   4x Corrupt Construction

Combat [27]
   8x Call the Wild Hunt
   4x Flesh of Marble
   6x Form of the Ghost
   3x Pack Alpha
   6x Taste of Vitae

Master [9]
   4x Blood Doll
   1x Fame
   3x Haven Uncovered
   1x Tension in the Ranks

Retainer [33]
   33x Owl Companion

Crafted with : Anarch Revolt Deck Builder. [Mon Dec 11 15:56:56 2006]

Neat deck, Dave, and only the second I've ever plagiarised off you. I
would have asked permission, only your email doesn't like my email.
Please send an address that works to so that I can respond
with Christmas greetings.

Not that I begrudge Christmas Greetings to all the rest of you, OOOOOO
NOOOOO! But the rest of you will get yours shortly. This is only part 1
of the December !gangrel NL, you see.