Gangrel Antitribu Newsletter

Official VEKN Gangrel antitribu newsletter Vol 2 number 12 Dec 1999  
-by Legbiter 12/31/99

O dear o dear. here i am just back from Scotland and the old year is
running out and i'm more than half cut and NO MORE NEWSLETTER. Alright,
the show Must Go On. Apologies in advance for the lack of contents page
and general drunken disorganisation. Blame it on my ethnicity, or
probably more fairly on my excessively complex private life.

First and most important may i wish you all a Happy new Year. i know
this is only a game but i am constantly bowled over by the combination
of civilisation and brainpower displayed by the members of this NG. i
feel totally inadequate to be even a self-appointed member of this
amazing community and humble that you all put up with me, at least most
of the time.

Second and only slightly less important may i encourage all brits and
occasional sojourners in London to catch Atlanta Ballet's [aka David
Tatu's] AMAZING Peter Pan while it is at the Royal Festival Hall on the
south bank. Until the 9th of January, that is to say. Take kids.

Third and not very important at all except to Stephen Buonoacore please
PLEASE write to me at the Legbiter email addy about that matter we were
discussing a while ago. A breakthrough has occurred, and you have first
dibs on the outcome, if 75-ish USD a shot is competitive as far as you
are concerned.


A Glorious Moon shines over the chalk hills of southern england, the
happy combination of long nights and close conjunctions of earth, moon
and sun. But now the night is wearing thin, the guests have retired to
their crypts, young Anklebiter is curled up with his Blood Puppy and
only the Lord and Lady of the House remain at the table. In the
background, a hard-core porn movie is playing, with the sound down, and
Goretzki's symphony of sad songs is on the stereo. But both are
unnoticed: a tense game of Jyhad is nearing its climax, and Lady
Legbiter is winning, as a mere glance at the table reveals. The Oxford
University Press Deck is doing its weenie votie Brujah prince stuff, and
the !Gangrel Happy Families deck is revealing how very, very difficult
it is to make a pure-clan deck from the !Gangrel. We note with only mild
surprise that the Legbiters appear to have no life-counters on the table
and that, whereas Lady L is fairly respectably clad at least for this
kind of party and this hour of the night, Lord L is in his y-fronts,
garters and bow-tie.

Legbiter leafs through his cards and shakes his head sadly. "OK, i'll
take a chance here. i reckon you are out of Second Traditions. Bleed you
for 3 with Govern, and i put a Bonding on that, inferior if it's not
blocked, superior if it is." Lady L sighs. "OK, it's through, no wake or
block. Bleed for 4, so i roll 4 dice .... DOH!!! 3 ones!!!! OK, i remove
my dress, bra and right stocking. [she does. you may peek, unless you're
a man] Any more?" Legbiter smirks. "Yes, another govern, this time
superior, to this vamp, and during influence i move two off .. roll two
dice ... i get a six, so i can put an article of clothing back on ..
this sock, perhaps. Your turn, my dove."

Lady L grits her teeth, and moves in for the kill. "Alright, i call KRC,
and if you don't block it's obviously three to you, one to me. Roll the
dice .... i get a 4 ... o dear BAAD luck!!! You get two 1's? Get 'em
off, baby!!!! And now another! OK, i have to remove another stocking and
you are down to your undies! And now i bleed you for 4!!! YESSSSS!!!!!"
Too late for me, the dawn breaks, and we scurry for the double-coffin.
And that, brothers and sisters, was Strip Jyhad, at least as played at
Legbiter Halls. i recommend it, at least if you are over 16.

Normally i would finish off this NL with a deck but quite honestly i am
reluctant to post the !gangrel happy families deck which i had intended
to put here, because [a] it will get archived, which would not be so bad
except for the fact that [b] it is shite, which would be ok except for
the fact that [c] i think it can probably be improved. So instead i'll
join the top ten of everything craze that is sweeping the pre-2000 world
with ....


War Thing [home-made strategy game by Andrew Sparkes]
Lunch Money
Rage [original rage. Honestly guys and gals, this is a FUNNY game]
Doomtown CCG
Warhammer Ancients

Pokemon. Michael and i just [yawn].  Michael played in a Pokemon tournament 
at school yesterday, got knocked out in the semis but still came second 
equal due to one of the finalists being disqualified for cheating. 
Coincidentally or not, he has spent the whole night throwing up.