Gangrel Antitribu Newsletter



	I've been playing decks with the Temptation of Greater Power in them
for about four months now, starting off with a single ToGP as a surprise
card in an all-Jyhad Happy Families deck, moving on to a Sheldon/Malky
creation which had about 13 of the things and currently settled back at
a Nossie deck based around Sheldon and his fortitudinous chums with 7 of
them. ToGP's power really wasn't appreciated in the UK until i started
to play with it though, interestingly, Lasombra had already had the idea
independently in the USA. However, Lasombra's deck was so unpopular with
his playgroup that he gave up using it after its second outing, so i
think i probably have the most experience of playing with this card of
anybody in the VTES community.

	It's not that easy to get ToGP working well. i wouldn't ever have
looked at it twice had it not been for Rob Treasure's very successful
use of Hostile Takeover as a Master Phase bleed against his prey. It
struck me then that ToGP would be even better, and it turns out in
practice to be really REALLY important that you bid for a vampire of
your prey - anything else is asking for trouble. Experience also shows
that reliable pool-gain, combat and table rearrangement are
highly-desirable if not actually necessary adjuncts to a ToGP deck. For
these reasons and because they have the cheapest justicar, a Nossie deck
seems the best way to implement the ToGP. Rob Treasure and i think it's
possible that a weenie deck with malky/nossy justicar votes in might be
even better [Rafid Armani also noticed this in an on-line post], but
this would be very vulnerable to Fear of Mekhet.

	Is ToGP broken? i am never sure what broken means so i can't 
answer the question. i would say that ToGP gives an extraordinary boost 
to the competitiveness of Camarilla combat decks that have stealth and 
good pool-regain, which in practice means that the Nosferatu get the 
biggest boost from the card.


i've been liquidating a bunch of old decks that we don't play with any
more and have started to build or rebuild a few new decks. Here's one
that has a gangrel angle though not, i have to admit, an antitribu one.
The idea of this deck is to get the opportunity to deal out ranged
unpreventable damage that can't be SCE'd and can only be dodged if the
opposing minion has additional strikes.  Basically you do this by
getting the Dog Pack onto an Assamite, either via Panagos/Heidelberg or
else via Clan Impersonation. Pool gain and speed are problems for this
deck and hence the Succubus club [so that you can blackmail other
methuselahs or hire yourself out to them - an old idea i got from
William Lee] and multi-blood dolls.

CRYPT [12 vamps]

2 Panagos Levidis
4 Husamettin
4 Abd Al-Rashid
2 Al-Ashrad

LIBRARY [88 cards]

18 Masters:
7 Haven Uncovered
5 Blood Doll
The Rack
Underworld HG
Heidelberg Castle, Germany
Succubus Club
Dreams of the Sphinx

18 Non-Discipline:
3 Dog Pack
5 Forced Awakening
4 Taste of Vitae
Mr Winthrop
3 Clan Impersonation
Palatial Estate

17 Obfuscate:
3 Faceless Night
3 Swallowed by the Night
4 SAcrificial Lamb
3 Cloak the Gathering
2 Lost in Crowds
2 Spying Mission

15 Celerity
8 Pursuit
2 Blur
5 Sidestrike

15 Quietus
6 Taste of Death
9 Blood Sweat

6 Presence
6 Legal Manipulations


	The night is dark and sticky like molasses but the figure making its
way through the shadows does not sweat. Taking its bearings, it turns
into a side street and a little further on pushes open a dingy door.
Behind is a shadowy room with overhead fans that whirr like the wings of
stag beetles. A dozen black eyes regard the stranger from cushioned
benches. "Salaam, Effendi! You are expected. This way, please." He is
ushered past bead curtains into the lamplit sanctum where a number of
young women and a  familiar figure in a black silk dressing gown are
playing a game that involves a lot of shrieking and laughing and not
very much in the way of clothing.

	"Oh-hoh, THERE you are! No my pets, i'm afraid that you'll have to
amuse yourselves for half an hour. This gentleman and i have business to
attend to. Sir Walter Nash, you say? A Troublesome fellow. It will be my
pleasure and honour to arrange for his, um, disappearance. But of
course, as you know i am a poor man, and i must cover many expenses
..... "

	Arrangements for the expenses having been made, a little later
Husamettin is vaulting over the boundary wall of Sir Walter Nash's
estate. Easily evading the guards, he makes his way to the Prince of
Chicago's office. A pack of lean and silent coursing dogs flows around
his heels. Before Sir Walter can react the Assamite draws out his
enemy's blood. Unable to use his powers of majesty and fortitude, the
Prince is driven into torpor.

And that's it until September which will be fairly late. In the meantime
i will be visiting some of you in various FORN countries which i look
forward to and meeting others.