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FICTION: The Door to Cykranosh [part 3 of The Horror in the Ice, a Call
of Cthulhu adventure from Legbiter Hall].
DECKS: Enkidu's Masquerade Ball and Noah's Ark, both from the
fertile mind of Norman "Genius" Brown aka X_Zealot


FICTION: The Door to Cykranosh [part 3 of The Horror in the Ice, a d20
Call of Cthulhu adventure from Legbiter Hall].

You had to be patient, and yet concentrated, a really difficult
balance. Nanook waited, his feet freezing, his breath slow, his mind
elsewhere except for the bit that was focussed on the discontinuity in
the ice, evidence of the seal's breathing hole. Nanook felt the ice
vibrating slightly. He felt the terrible urge to giggle at the thought
that a single giggle now could mean starvation. The seal rose, and with
hideous unstoppable power the great bear smote its nose. Stunned, Isak
was hauled on to the ice, and by the time he awoke, he was dead.

Long before that Nanook had tucked into his prey, starting with the
high-value tissues such as the skin. Pitapatpitapat. He looked up,

"So! You survived the winter!"

"Of course I survived the winter, I'm a mammal for cripe's sake, top of
the fuckin' food chain and all sorts of other words that mean you're a

Sekatu snickered and wriggled sensuously into the snow.

"I love it when you talk dirty. Didya miss me?"

"No, I had a really bad louse infection all winter long. They reminded
me of you, except for the incessant talking bit."

"You, erm, seen the wife lately?"

"None of your effing beeswax, but yes, if it makes you feel worse."

"She's no good for you. You really oughta check me out."

Nanook sighed.

"Look, Sekatu, you are a fox and I am a bear. Our lineages diverged
around the pliocene. We are just, you know, NOT destined to get
together, that and the fact that I find you as attractive as rubbing my
nose in rotting corpse essence."

Sekatu laughed.

"Right now I'm a fox, true, and you're a bear, but that doesn't have to
be so always, does it? Anyway look here, big guy, I'm hungry and
willing to negotiate. Actually desperate is probably nearer the mark.
Just, please, o let me feed. Please."

Nanook grunted, growled and moved to one side. Sekatu crept in, tail
and ears low, and settled by the giant bear. Clumsily he passed her
Isak's liver, still gently steaming, and the two animals settled down
to eat.


Meanwhile the armoured car was trundling through the snow back to the
Institute. Inside the young commissar was mopping Karlotta's
unconscious brow, while his companion took it in turn to train the two
Maxim turrets, and Ilya concentrated upon driving. The companion looked
down from the turret, a troubled expression in his wide blue eyes.

"So, what exactly should we find worrying?"

"It was a big fuck-off bear that dropped her off, but no bear made
these wounds, so I don't know."

"Dolphins under the snow might count, then?"

The commissar looked up, a sharp retort on his lips, but seeing no
disingenuity in his companion's face he got up and peered out of the
viewing slit. For a moment, nothing, and then yes, white shapes
porpoising through the snow, with a suggestion of evil sardonic faces
turned sideways at them.

"Yes, I think that's the enemy. Give them a burst when you see the

Not many opportunities later, the half-track swung through the gate of
the Institute, which having been alerted by the machine-gun fire was on
a high state of alert, sirens wailing and Red Guards at every vantage
point. Karlotta was conveyed inside to the sanatorium.

"What is it, comrade Commissar? A White uprising?"

"Possibly. Some sort of bandit attack, anyway. Are the telephone lines
to the aerodrome still working? I need to call them."

While the commissar went to make his call his mysterious companion from
the half-track found himself alone. Lighting a cheroot, he wandered
into the Institute, and through its corridoors to the library, now
deserted except for the librarian.

"Who are you, comrade?"

"Colum O'Keeth is the name. Here is my pass."

"Ah, our English guest! You are most welcome! How are you enjoying your
visit to the Worker's paradise?"

"Apart from the biting cold, short rations, unreliable and intermittent
artificial light, constant busybodying and the fact that I was
kidnapped, absolutely wonderfully well, thank-you!"

"Ah, your famous English sense of humour! Comrade Stalin also has a
very wonderful sense of humour, and is always thinking of hilarious new
ways to punish the Enemies of the Proletariat. In fact, under Soviet
power humour has increased with every five-year plan. Soon, we will
outstrip capitalist humour, and become the most humourous society on
the planet."

As he spoke these words the librarian directed a level gaze at Colum
from his watery blue eyes. Taking the hint, Colum nodded.

"I'm after a particular book, please. The Liber Ivonis."

"We keep it with some other related volumes in this locked room.
Please, follow me."

In the little room a large bookcase, desk, chair and reading-lamp
constituted all the furniture. The librarian brought through an extra
oil-lamp but demurred at Colum's request for a heater.

"We find it unwise to heat the room. They, well it wakes them up, you

The librarian would say no more, but Colum could guess what he meant.
Selecting a book from the shelves, he settled into the freezing chair
and drew the furs more closely around him.


Some time later it was dark, the librarian had left and Colum was still
reading. In the sanatorium, Karlotta suddenly woke up. So this is
heaven, she thought. Brrr! It's cold! O look, there is an angel coming.
O no ....

Figures in white were coming down the row of beds, stopping at each
one. Stealthily Karlotta slipped off the side of the bed and crawled
through to the side-room. Silently she shut the door. The evil snowmen
were too absorbed in stifling the patients to notice her. Completing
their sweep through the ward, they turned at last to the side-room, and
pushed open the door. There was a hiss and a hideous shriek, and the
first snowman fell back, dissolving into slush. Seizing a second bucket
of hot water, Karlotta hurled it at another snowman, with no less
satisfactory results. The others scattered, and Karlotta fled. Outside
the sanatorium there was a fire-bell, and this Karlotta rang furiously.
Recovering their nerve the snowmen were coming after her, and again she

Colum heard the fire-bell and looked up. Snapping the book shut he rose
from his seat and made his way to the door. If it really is a fire I
need to save these books, he thought, rapidly making a parcel of all
the most important volumes. Stepping out into the hall he collided with


Snowmen were coming round both corners.

"Quick, back into the library! And bar the door!"

Inside the library Colum strode to the window. No good there, several
snowmen were looking up from the yard below. Heavy thumps on the door
behind suggested that not much time remained to them.

"Come and stand by me. I'm going to make a gate to safety."

Colum began to read. The sounds of the ancient words seemed to
reverberate in strange ways through the room, changing the shape of
space itself. Suddenly, and as if a curtain had ripped, a hole appeared
in front of them. A ringed planet was setting into an ocean of greenish
gas, over which floated gigantic polyps, all illuminated by the pale
light of a distant sun. Behind them the door gave way, and they stepped
through to Cykranosh.


It was well that Colum and Karlotta were holding hands as they went
through, for the violent wind that seized them would otherwise have
ripped them apart from each other. As it was they hurtled and tumbled
together through the surprisingly warm sky. At least we can breathe
here, thought Colum, don't like the look of the ocean, cloud-bank,
green gas whatever it is below though, and that's where we're heading.
He became aware that Karlotta was wriggling, digging him in the ribs to
notice something. He looked up, and a gigantic muscular tentacle seized
them, drawing them remorselessly upwards into the body of the Polyp.

There was a hole in the body of the polyp, ringed by several fanged
mouths. To their immense relief the tentacle passed them right through
this hole, and released them on the upper surface, which was
saucer-shaped and covered by blackish vegetation. A silvery tower stood
near the rim of the saucer, and an old man in a short linen tunic was
tending a bean row in front of it. He looked up as they approached.

"Do people still eat beans on Earth?"

Karlotta recognised the language as Hyperborean.

"Yesly, sirrah, much the fullfatfartyplant do we eat munchily!"

"Ahah, a Russian. I don't believe we have had a Russian here before,
apart from that horrid smelly little monk chap, didn't like him at all.
We can speak Russian, though. I do like all your modern languages, so
economical! Come inside, I think I still have some brandy, I expect you
would like a bit of that after your journey?"

They did, and as the brandy warmed them and they gazed out of the
window over the fantastic vista of the cloudy planet, Karlotta plucked
up courage to speak.

"Who are you, Sir, and where are we?"

"I am Eibon, formerly a Wizard of Hyperborea. You are about 3 Versts
above the surface of Cykranosh, a moon of Saturn, on the face that is
always turned to the sun, a phenomenon largely responsible for the fact
that it is habitable for humans. This is my tower, where I live, and
this [stamping his feet] is Hydraxus, the Great Polyp who graciously
allows me to make my home on his back. And you?"

"Colum O'Keeth, a British soldier, currently an unwilling guest of the
Bolshevik regime."

"Karlotta Dangerfeld, a researcher in Anthropology and Ethnology."

"Splendid, well now that we're all acquainted let's see if we can't
rustle up some grub. We caught a super Targathet yesterday, so you're
in luck - o, neither of you is a vegetarian, I hope? Excellent, please
make yourselves at home while I cook. There's rather a good library
through that door, help yourselves to anything you fancy, I memorised
them all some thousands of years ago."

Karlotta and Colum took their drinks through to the library which was
indeed of marvellous size and quality. They became so absorbed in
reading that they hardly noticed when Eibon reappeared, pushing a
trolley laden with exotic dishes of strange meats and vegetables.
Several bottles of slightly salty-tasting wine were also produced, and
an hour or so later all three were sitting back with a contented sigh
and gazing out of the window at Saturn, which had not budged at all.
Eibon picked his teeth with a sharp splinter of wood.

"Do you want to go back home?"

"Yes please, if possible!"

"It can be arranged. However, I wonder if you would mind doing
something for me, when you get back."

"I'm sure we'd be delighted."

"I want to know what is going on inside Mount Voormithadreth. I used to
live there, you know, but when I left the mountain moved on. For a
while it was in South America and I think something disagreeable may
have happened to it there. Now it is rematerialising in North Russia,
which is where I would send you."

"How will we get into the mountain, and how will we let you know what
is going on there?"

"There used to be a door. And if you take this pendant, I will see what
you see. I may even be able to help you, from time to time."

"If you can't see there now, how do you know anything bad is

"My Old God Tsathoggua is calling to me in dreams. His Formless Spawn
are seeking me. I think he is in some kind of trouble, and that would
mean something VERY bad, reemergence of one of the Great Old Ones, most

"We'll do this thing for you."

"Thanks! I will make the gate so you can return. I should dress warmly,
if I were you - you'll find suitable stuff on the second floor."

Colum, Karlotta and Eibon went to make their various preparations, at
the same moment that, on Earth, the young commissar was climbing into a
closed cockpit monoplane and taking off into a gathering Arctic storm,
while Nanook and Sekatu were running for their lives in the opposite


Here are some more decks inspired by the KMW set [or more precisely,
Enkidu], and posted by Norman S Brown Jr to the newsgroup.. Comments in
his own words, as usual. We take a CNN view of journalism in this 'ere
newsletter, rather than Jeremy Paxman.

Deck Name : Enkidu Masquerade Ball
Author : Norman S. Brown Jr
Description :
Using Enkidu's inherent rush you rush and torporize a vampire then
untap with either Freak Drive or Forced March.  You then bleed with a
DOM minion.  If you are blocked then play Mask of 1000 Faces with
Enkidu.  If not, then play Conditioning.  Graverob every vampire you
can.  Target Blood Dolls with Enkidu's special so that you can grave
rob them.

Crypt [12 vampires] Capacity min: 5 max: 11 average: 7.5

5x Enkidu, The Noah       11 ANI CEL OBF POT PRO for   !Gangrel:4
2x Black Lotus            5  DOM aus obf ser           Follower :4
2x Catherine du Bois      5  DOM for obf pre           Ventrue:3
2x Donatello Giovanni     5  DOM aus pot pre           Giovanni:4
1x Banjoko                5  DOM obt pot               Lasombra:3

Library [90 cards]

Action [8]
  8x Graverobbing

Action Modifier [17]
  4x Conditioning
  4x Forced March
  4x Freak Drive
  5x Mask of a Thousand Faces

Combat [44]
  10x Carrion Crows
  6x Drawing Out the Beast
  11x Immortal Grapple
  9x Skin of Steel
  8x Taste of Vitae

Master [10]
  6x Blood Doll
  2x Dreams of the Sphinx
  2x Perfectionist

Reaction [11]
  8x Deflection
  3x Wake with Evening's Freshness

Deck Name:   Enkidu, The Noah puts your vampires in his boat 2 by 2!
Created By:  Norm Brown
Description: The objective is to get out Enkidu and multirush flatten
your prey.  If you prey "rabbits" and keeps all his vampires safe in
his "hidey hole" (i.e. Uncontrolled region)  then you flatten your
predator and graverob his minions to bleed your prey out.  In fact,
just pointing to the right and "Salmoning" your way to victory.

Crypt: (12 cards, Min: 12, Max: 44, Avg: 6.33)
1  Sister Evelyn  aus dom                  3,  Ventrue antitribu:3
1  Ember Wright   aus dom                  3,  Tremere antitribu:3
1  Saiz           aus dom                  3,  Tremere antitribu:3
1  Lia Milliner   dom nec                  3,  Giovanni:3
1  Lana Butcher   dom for                  3,  Ventrue:3
1  Ehrich Weiss   dom tha                  3,  Tremere:3
1  Diana Vick     dom pre                  3,  Ventrue:3
5  Enkidu         for ANI CEL OBF POT PRO  11, Gangrel antitribu:4

Library: (90 cards)
Master (7 cards)
5  Blood Doll
2  Talons of the Dead

Action (8 cards)
7  Graverobbing
1  Shadow of the Beast

Action Modifier (9 cards)
4  Forced March
5  Freak Drive

Reaction (11 cards)
3  Deflection
8  Wake with Evening's Freshness

Combat (44 cards)
2  Claws of the Dead
5  Earth Meld
6  Flesh of Marble
9  Immortal Grapple
5  Pack Alpha
5  Psyche!
2  Quick Meld
10 Taste of Vitae

Retainer (11 cards)
1  J. S. Simmons, Esq.
3  Murder of Crows
6  Raptor
1  Tasha Morgan


So much for April, and so much more in the pipeline. I even have a
story from A Contributor, which I may post once the current tale has
reached its grisly end. See you all in May, for outdoor sex! Erm, that
didn't quite come out the way I meant it to.