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FICTION: Call of the Hungry Dead
DECKS: Camarilla Edition Happy Family decks for all the Camarilla clans.

FICTION: Call of the Hungry Dead
As evening falls the shadows of the gravestones lengthen and the great
obelisk at the top of the hill is bathed in an eerie red light. The last
relatives dry their eyes and begin their long journeys back home, across
the seas from this much fought-over country. Darkness creeps out from
the forest to wrap the cemetery in its comforting arms, and silence
reigns overall.

Just at this time a figure is seen to enter the cemetery. It walks up
the gravel path seeming to count the rows, and then turns off along one
particular line of crosses, counting the stones as it goes. A slim and
dapper figure, elegantly dressed in a long dark woollen coat, a fedora
on its head, a bouquet of mayflowers and magnolias in its
elegantly-gloved hand. It is, we suddenly realise, The Baron. He stops
at one particular stone, to the memory of Flight-Lieutenant the
Honourable Algernon Fforde-Smythe, DFC and bar, 1898-1917, places the
wreath at its foot, adds a hand-written card "Rest in Peace, Dear Childe
I Never Had, Yours Always, S". Then, dissatisfied with the state of the
turf under which poor Algy sleeps, he busies himself with a little

The Baron is so absorbed with his task that he hardly notices when a
battered VW van pulls into the car park and disgorges the Angry Ones. We
cannot see their faces but their clothes chink with a proliferation of
badges, and they carry brushes and pots of red paint. Up the slope they
toil, and then in the darkness they begin their work. "Rosbifs go home"
is one slogan which is laboriously sprayed onto the obelisk. "Deterrez
vos ordures, ils polluent notre pays" is another. There is a new war
afoot, and the descendants of those who lie beneath the obelisk aren't
on the same side as the Angry Ones. So absorbed in their non-violent
direct action are the Angry Ones that they fail to notice that their
number has increased by one, whose face is somehow all of their faces
together, and none. But after a few minutes the new recruit withdraws a
little from the crowd, pulls a jazz trumpet from its anorak, and begins
to play a military air. The activists almost jump out of their skins.
"What the fuck are you up to, man? What's with the fascist music?"

The Baron stops playing for a moment and turns, favouring them with a
full view of his remarkable face. "It's reveille, actually. You're about
to meet some of my friends." The activists are already screaming,
scattering, fleeing in all directions down a slope which is trembling as
if with an earthquake, but they do not get far; and if their screams
rise in urgency and frequency, they do not last long. Soon, those who
were Called come up the slope bringing a number of dripping objects with
them, some still twitching. They retrieve the Angry Ones' discarded
brushes, and begin to cover the slogans with their own blood. The Baron
walks around, occasionally pointing out a white spot that the Old
Servicemen have missed. Only when the monument is completely red does he
draw out the jazz trumpet again, this time to play taps. The Hungry Dead
return to their graves, and the friendly earth draws them once again
into its comforting bosom. With a smart military salute the Baron bids
them farewell, turns on his heel and melts into the night.


DECKS: Camarilla Edition Happy Family decks for all the Camarilla clans.

In this article i'm fulfilling a promise i made ages ago to several
different people, which is to post my non-Ventrue Happy Families decks
made solely from Camarilla edition cards. i need to spend a few lines
explaining the constraints surrounding the construction of these decks
and the deck-building philosophy.

Despite all these years i am still primarily a collector of VTES so when
a new expansion comes out my first priority is to collect all the cards.
For the Camarilla edition i did this by buying 4 boxes of boosters and a
box of starters, from which i stripped out all the cards that i needed
for the set, initially keeping any doubles of rares so's to trade up to
the full set. Having achieved the set, i took all the cards i had left
over and i made clan-based Happy Family decks out of them. In building
these decks i did not try to swim against the tide of the individual
clans nor did i base them around individual vampires, and i tried to
introduce a clan "flavour" to each deck [eg extreme violence for the
Brujah, mad stuff for the malkavians].  Another constraint was that the
decks had to fit into the handy mnemonic boxes so thoughtfully provided
by White Wolf, so they are 78-ish card libraries and 12-ish vampire
crypts. Some of the decks certainly work better than others but they all
do work somewhat, and here, without further ado, they are.

"If Brute Force Isn't the Answer, it Must Have Been a Silly Question." 
[Brujah CE HF deck]

CRYPT [15 vampires]
Tayshawn Kearns
[Jaroslav Pascek]
Steve Booth
Allison Maller
Jeremy MacNeil
Antonio Veradas
Pug Jackson
Arnold Simpson
Sir Ralph Hamilton

MASTER CARDS [18 cards]
Al's Army Apparatus
Anarch revolt
Blood Doll
Haven uncovered x 2
[Information highway]
KRCG News Radio
Minion Tap
Secret Horde
Special Report
Tension in the Ranks
War Zone Hunting Ground
Arms Dealer
Bum's Rush x 5
Gas-Powered Chainsaw
Loyal Street Gang
Mr Winthrop
[Praxis Seizure: Boston]
Sport bike
Taste of vitae x 2
Wake with Evening's Freshness x 3
Weighted Walking Stick
Wooden Stake
Blur x 4
Flash x 2
Infernal Pursuit
Nimble Feet x 3
Psyche! x 2
Hidden Strength x 2
Unflinching Persistence x 2]
Immortal Grapple x 3
Mighty Grapple
Thrown gate x 2
Thrown Sewer Lid x 2
Torn Signpost
Undead Strength x 4
Aire of Elation x 4
Enchant Kindred x 4
Legal manipulations x 3
Social Charm

COMMENTS: Bit of a dog's breakfast, this one .... looks alright on paper
but i don't recall ever winning a game with this deck. It looks to me as
though the vampires are a bit big and so feeble pool regain may well be
the buggeration factor. Probably need to take the crypr down to 12,
removing the three biggest vampires who aren't Menele. This would also
mean that Fortitude would cease to be the fourth discipline. Remove all
the fortitude cards, Fortitude, Info Highway and PS Boston.

PS: Because this newsletter is a little late i've actually got around
not only to doing these modifications but actually to playing the deck -
it's MUCH better and i even got a VP with it last night in the pub.


"It's a Mad, Mad World My Masters." [Malkavian CE HF Deck]
CRYPT [12 vampire cards]
Uncle George
J Oswald "Ozzy" Hyde-White
William Biltmore x 2
Dr Douglas Netchurch x 2
David Morgan, The Scourge
Jason, The World's voice
Persia, the Beautiful Statue
Milo, the Invisible Horror

LIBRARY [78 cards]
Anarch Revolt
Anarch Troublemaker
Asylum HG
Blood Doll
Elysium the Arboretum
Game of Malkav
Malkavian prank x 2
Minion Tap
Secret Passage
Sudden Reversal
MINION CARDS [61 cards]
Deer rifle
Dodge x 2
The Embrace
Gas-Powered Chainsaw
Lucky blow x 2
.44 magnum
Muddled Vampire Hunter
WWEF x 3
Aura Reading x 2
Enhanced Senses x 2
Fast Reaction
Precognizant Mobility
Pulse ot the Canaille
Spirit's touch x 2
Telepathic Counter x 2
Telepathic Misdirection x 2
Coma x 2
Confusion x 2
Eyes of Chaos x 2
Kindred Spirits x 4
Mind Tricks
Personal Scourge
Voice of Madness
Conditioning x 2
Govern the Unaligned
Cloak the gathering x 2
Disguised Weapon x 2
Elder impersonation
Faceless night x 2
Hidden Lurker
Lost in Crowds x 3
Mask of a thousand faces
Spying Mission x 2
Swallowed by the Night

COMMENTS: This is a decent deck which does well against good players.
Although its ousting strategy is obviously stealth-bleed it is not
really a stealth-bleed deck, and this works to its advantage. i find it
to be agreeably kooky and, erm, Malkavian.


"Youth, Truth and Beauty" [Toreador CE HF  deck]
CRYPT [12 vampires]
Sir Henry Johnson
Yvette, The Hopeless
Emerson Wilkershire the Double of Andreas Nusser
Annabelle Triabell
Ira Rivers
Antoinette, She Who Watches
Madame Guil
Enid Blount

LIBRARY [79 cards]
MASTERS [15 cards]
Aching Beauty x 2
Blood Doll x 2
Elysium: The Arboretum
Major Boon
Minion Tap
The Rack
Society hunting Ground
Toreador Grand Ball
MINION [64 cards]
Camarilla Exemplary
Change of Target x 3
Domain Challenge
Dramatic Upheaval
Forced Awakening x 2
Kine Resources Contested  x 5
Of Noble Blood
Parity Shift
Praxis Seizure: Houston
Praxis Seizure: Miami
Scorn of Adonis
Will of the Council
Aura Reading
Eagle's Sight x 2
Enhanced Senses x 2
Pulse of the Canaille
Spirit's Touch
Telepathic Counter x 2
Telepathic Misdirection x 2
Telepathic vote Counting x 2
Alacrity x 2
Blur x 2
Flash x 2
Nimble Feet
Vampiric Speed
Thrown Gate x 2
Thrown Sewer Lid x 2
Aire of Elation x 3
Bewitching Oration x 2
Charming Lobby x 2
Legal manipulations x 2
Majesty x 3
Mind Numb
Voter Captivation

COMMENTS: All the cards in this deck are really new and shiny. This is
because it has been played with, like, twice, and IIRC it really bombed
both times. Not quite sure why that should be - it's based on a rather
successful !Toreador HF deck.


"They Also Serve, Who Only Sit and Wait" [Tremere CE HF deck]
CRYPT [12 cards]
Lille Haake
Anastaszdi Zagreb
Lucas Halton
Masika St John
Valois Sang, The Watcher
Virstania, The Great Mother
Pieter van Dorn
Cohn Rose
Oliver Thrace
Ehrich Weiss
Kyoko Shinsegawa
Eugenio Estevez

LIBRARY [76 cards]
Academic HG
Blood Doll
Elder library
Fragment of the Book of Nod
Minion Tap
Mob Connections
Powerbase: Chicago
The Rack
Wasserschloss Anif, Austria
Ankara Citadel, Turkey
Bum's Rush x 2
Charnas the Imp
Flak Jacket
Forced Awakening
Harass x 3
IR Goggles
Leather Jacket
Trap x 4
Wake with Evening's Freshness x 2
Aura Reading x 2
Enhanced Senses x 2
Fast Reaction
Spirit's Touch x 3
Telepathic counter x 2
Telepathic Misdirection x 3
Blur x 2
Flash x 2
Conditioning x 3
Deflection x 2
Dominate Kine
Govern the Unaligned x 2
Graverobbing x 2
Redirection x 2
Thoughts Betrayed
Apportation x 4
Blood to Water
Burst of Sunlight
Theft of Vitae x 4
Walk of Flame x 4

COMMENTS: The Tremere did the best out of the CE, i believe, and though
they're still not really my goblet of vitae this is a respectable deck
which does what it says in the title. It usually picks up a VP or two
but i personally have never won a game with it, i should add; largely
due to extraordinarily incompetent play on my part, to be fair to the


"Secrets and Lies" [Nosferatu CE HF deck]
CRYPT [12 cards]
Ellison Humboldt
Alonzo Guillen
Gerard Rafin
Amelia, the Blood Red Tears x 2
Jara Drory
Kurt Densch
Cock Robin

Blood Doll
Elder Library
Fragment of the Book of Nod
Haven Uncovered
The Labyrinth
Minion Tap
Secret Horde
Slum HG
The Spawning Pool
Storm Sewers
Sudden Reversal
Brass Knuckles
Bum's Rush x 3
Computer Hacking x 2
Elder Intervention x 2
Gas-Powered Chainsaw
Harass x 2
JS Simmons
Kindred Intelligence
Laptop Computer
Weighted Walking Stick
Wooden Stake
Army of rats
Cat's guidance x 3
Guard Dogs x 2
Owl companion
Rat's Warning x 4
Raven Spy
Hidden Strength x 2
Rolling with the Punches
Skin of Steel
Unflinching Persistence
Behind You! x 2
Cloak the Gathering x 2
Disguised Weapon x 2
Elder impersonation
Faceless night
Lost in Crowds x 2
Mask of a Thousand Faces
Spying Mission
Swallowed by the Night
Immortal Grapple x 2
Increased Strength x 2
Fists of Death
Mighty Grapple x 4
Thrown Sewer Lid
Torn Signpost
Undead Strength x 2

COMMENTS: Once again a nice shiny deck which is suspicious. i haven't, i
must admit, got my head round the new nossies, so will just say that the
onlt time i remember seeing this deck being played, it lost.


Finally, there is of course a Ventrue deck. You will find it in the list
of decks which Jeff "Lasombra" Thompson very kindly maintains for me at


Finally finally, that's it for April, and i hope to see lots of you at
UK Gencon! Otherwise, see you again in May.