Gangrel Antitribu Newsletter

V:EKN Clan Gangrel Antitribu Newsletter, April 1998

O dear, two typos and a missing section .. the story telling bit. Sorry
guys n gals. Next time i hope to be on time, and accurate.

[VEKN] Official
Gangrel Antitribu Newsletter: Vol 1 Number 2, April 1998.

In this issue: 
GANGREL ANTI-TRIBU STUFF. Wise words from Legbiter about what Gangrels are
good at. Hey, it's good to be the editor.
FEEDING THE DOGS. Another hoopy story from Legbiterland.
VAMPIRE: THE GATHERING. A plea for brotherly love and toleration between
card gamers of all kinds. Alright, in reality a cynical strategy for
boosting the numbers of players of Jyhad/VTES.
free weird prize!!!!

Peter Bakija's excellent article in a sister publication has inspired me
to think aloud about the good and bad things of the Gangrel antis. I think
most people would agree that the gangrels and nossies were the weakest
clans in original Jyhad, basically because they are rubbish at bleeding
and voting. However, they are a lot better in Sabbat, and overall some
degree of balance now exists between the Gangrel/Gangrel anti and
Nossie/Nossie anti clans versus the rest. To achieve this, Wizards put in
some AMAZINGLY [but justifiably, given the previous imbalance] overpowered
cards to both the nossie-antis and the gangrel-antis. My top 3;

Caitlin. OK, she doesn't have the core gangrel discipline of fortitude,
but she is a dam' fine vamp nevertheless. Kinda makes an ugly duckling out
of poor ol' Monique, less you really NEED fortitude in your deck .....

Tier of Souls. This is a double-action card ... no stealth on it, but it
has the instant effect of a Cryptic Mission, and the enduring effect of a
Laptop computer. This kind of card [eg Nekrataal, Cloudchaser Eagle] also
came out in Visions, and has been making a big impact on Magic tournaments
recently. I expect it to do the same for VTES.

Beast. OK, this is off-topic because he is a Nossie-anti, but I feel sort
of comfortable wih him in a Gangrel anti-deck. After all, does Democritus
not say in the flavour text of City Gangrel Connections: "Watch yourself
around them. They love the beast."

I've been playing about with a Gangrel-anti deck that uses a lot of
Thaumaturgy recently, and if I get it to a playable state I will post it
here for people to sneer at, oops I mean constructively criticise. Not to
give too much away at the moment it's a Tha/Cel multidiscipline deck in
which the key cards are Shadow Court Satyr, Pieter, Samantha, Talaq the
Immortal, Virgil, Infernal Familar, Cryptic Mission, Theft of Vitae and
Burst of Sunlight ...... 

After I overcame Jared in story1 I had another epic tussle, this time with
John Baker. Eventually I won, but not before suffering serious damage
along the way, for example in this turn .....

"Caitlin darling, pray go and feed the dogs" ...... Caitlin goes by 
way of a nightclub where she knows Lena Rowe may be found ..... and yet 
again in her unlife as in her life, poor Lena is left used and abused by a 
stronger personality .... pulling up her stockings as Caitlin unlocks the 
cubicle door and marches out into the night, Lena suddenly sits down on the 
toilet seat and bursts into helpless tears ....
Caitlin goes deep into the heart of the city, looking for her friend.
She reaches the proper manhole cover in the park, but then she notices
the figure perched on top of it.
"Ah, good, my dear, I have your attention. I've been spiking trees in the
park," Jost says, longingly rubbing a silver stake in his hand. "Care to
join me?"
As animals rise up around him, above him, below him, around him, getting
ready to tear him to shreds, Jost simply smiles.

A simple flip and a flame shows at his fingertips, courtesy of a lighter. 
He drops it, and dives toward Caitlin. His grace is stunning, Caitlin thinks,
as he goes streaming past her, a single word lingering in her ear as his 
tongue gently strokes her cheek:


Each tree in the park explodes in turn as the "spikes" of dynamite do their
work. The animals break free of their enchantment and run for cover, 
creating a scene of raw, primal chaos.

Scene change; A sewer under the park; Rends-the-Treehuggers, alpha of the 
Langstone Marshes Sept of the Black Spiral Dancers is watching a video with 
his equally unsavoury brothers Craps-on-Sidewalk, Snarls-at-Postmen and 
Buttons [a Zoology PhD student at SF zoo]. They are eating Hot Dogs still 
with some of the fur on, and screaming with helpless laughter at Silence of 
the Lambs. We see the pack rules pasted above the tv set: (1) No shagging 
Dead Dogs (2) No eating live dogs while other packmates are trying to sleep 
(3) No bad traders. There's a disturbance outside, and Buttons gets up to 
look .... "What was it?" "Just some licks, fighting" "k, let's go and kick 
the shit out of them when the vid finishes. Pass that dog, bro ... and 
generous with the radioactive mustard!" [Caitlin tries to recruit Black 
Spiral buddy, seduces Lena, is blocked by Jost, fight, Caitlin in torpor;]

Lolita does an Art Scam +2 pool
"Friends ... Glaswegians .... Countrymen, lend me your ears!" "erm, why, 
miss?" "I need them for my work of art .... a tribute to Van Gogh" "omigod 
she's got a knife .. ochrist oshit nonoNOOOOOOOO ........."

Anastasia gets a Changeling Skin Mask -1 pool
A Faery is tripping through the Fireweed down by the Clyde ... sometimes 
she is an Elephant Hawk moth, sometimes a Burn-Jonesish Redhead, but she is 
happy and gay .... o no ..... we see that Death is following her, and that 
she has blonde hair and carries a farrier's knife ....
Another faery is searching among the purple flowers, a stately Sidhe knight 
... a faint moaning attracts his attention ... his face lights up .... 
"Samantha! you came after all!" The head of the figure rises up and out of 
the skinless pulp where its face once was comes a sound, which might have 
been "Kiss me" ... we shall never know, because shouting with horror the 
knight smashes the poor ruined thing to oblivion with his great sword.

Daliyah rescues Caitlin paying 2 blood
Caitlin is in the earth, dreaming of sordid clinches in the ladies and a 
Beautiful man with the grace of fiery death .... a scrabbling above, and 
Daliyah's half-beautiful half-hideous face peers in .....  she 
bites her own wrist and allows the precious drops to drip into Caitlin's 
mouth ... "come sister ... let's go home" 

   It's fashionable in Jyhad/VTES circles to sneer at Magic, but in my
view it's unwise, because it is from the ranks of bored/ageing Magic
players that our game continues to recruit new generations of players. In
our own self interest, we need to eschew elitism and the in-group
mentality, and engage with Magic players in order to convince them of the
superior merits of Jyhad [comrades]. 

   Now, I know this is a tough one, given the massive coolness deficit of
MtG compared to VTES, so here are Uncle Legbiter's top 3 tips for Jyhad
players who get upset about Magic;

   (1) Don't get upset about it. Magic is a very good game for what it is;
a way of whiling away time whilst queuing at conventions. It's your duty
to lead people who want to play a REALLY good game out of the Magic Vale
of Darkness and into the Pure Light of the Jyhad.
   (2) Always carry a Magic Vampire deck around with you. The one below is
based on Black and White Weenies ["Leesten to them, the cheeldren of the
Night! Whata Music they make!"] and has some Big Black buggers [Vampires,
mainly] in there too .... with neat tricks such as Reanimate and Animate
Dead to play them at low cost. These spells can also be used to pinch
other people's creatures whose life you have just drained. This deck beats
most tournament decks when played by a decent player - all the preformed
ones from Tempest, for example, routinely fall prey to it.
   (3) Whenever you beat someone with your Magic Vampire deck be
APPALINGLY sportsmanlike about it, and lose no opportunity to comment on
the superiority of Jyhad.

6 Plains             
10 Swamps                  
2 Lakes of the Dead                    
Salt Flats              
Castle Sengir              
Ghost Town              
Ancient Tomb [only in there for sentimental reasons - could be left out if
playing this deck seriously, Caine forbid!].

4 Vampire Bats
4 Tundra Wolves
2 Blood Pets
Krovikan Vampire                          
Skyshroud Vampire                
Ravenous Vampire
Sengir Vampire                      
Baron Sengir
Selenia - Dark Angel                      
Hidden Horror

3 Drain Life                        
3 Dark Ritual
Unholy Strength
2 Howl from Beyond
Caribou Range*
Vampirism [only in there for sentimental reasons - could be left out if
playing this deck seriously, Caine forbid!].
Gaze of Pain
2 Vampiric Tutors
Demonic Tutor
Animate Dead§
2 Reanimate§
Phyrexian Boon [hurts enemies, boosts friends].

* For Feeding Ravenous Vampire
§ Use to recruit Big Tough guys like Baron Sengir who you have previously
placed in your graveyard, or to take over other people's creatures you
have killed.

Bad Fairy, in Sleeping Beauty.

We know who you are. Yes, you at the back. Stop picking your
two-dimensional noses and come here THIS INSTANT. 

You are, are you not, the two Worst Cards in the whole Jyhad class? Yes?
Yes WHAT?!!!!! SPEAK UP!!!! OK. Well, today we're going to try to MAKE
SOMETHING OF YOU ... we're going to explain the principles of:

The Betrayer Deck
The Mercy for the Weak Deck.

Well actually, no we're not. YOU are going to come up with a Neat Idea for
a Methuselah card that makes Mercy for the Weak or Betrayer a force to be
reckoned with. For those who don't know, Methuselah cards are basically
Vanguard cards for VTES ... they are physically-big cards [about 3x5
inches] that alter the game environment in the same way that Vanguard
cards do for Magic. We are trying to design Methuselah cards that have
significant disadvantages [diminished starting pool or hand size, that
kind of thing]. Please post entries to I will
judge the winner using criteria such as most amusing, best balanced, best
link to story-telling and largest bribe. The winner will receive a unique
but tournament-illegal Jyhad deck with which to amaze and annoy your
playgroup. The top two cards will go into the pot to be playtested for the
upcoming [we hope] Methuselah expansion. My decision is final unless you
whine and grovel a LOT.

That's it for another month of skulking in shadows and draining the
life-essence from unfeasibly attractive members of the
individually-preferred but usually opposite gender. And may you never lack
for a wake-up card,