New Cards for VTES

Cotton-eye Joe
Master: Unique: Trifle.
When you play or gain control of this card, put a card from your hand
underneath it [redraw to your hand-size]. At any time when you could
normally do so, you may play the card underneath Cotton-eye Joe as if
it were a card in your hand. If and when you do this, control of
Cotton-eye Joe passes to your prey.
"Eighteen, nineteen, twenty years ago, Uncle Bob beat the devil outa
Cotton-Eye Joe."

"She's a Witch! Burn her!"
Political action, cost 1 blood
+ 1 stealth
Called by any vampire of capacity greater than 10. May not target a
vampire of the same sect as the acting vampire. Name a younger
vampire. If this referendum passes, that vampire is burned. Once
during this referendum, the target vampire may burn X blood to gain 2X
Flavour text: "She turned me into a newt!"  "...i
got better."

The President of the USA
Mortal Ally, 4 life, cost 5 pool, 0 bleed, 0 strength
Tap the President to gain 4 votes during a political action.
The President may play cards that require pre as if he were a vampire.
Any cost is paid with his life. Once per combat, the President may
burn 1 life to prevent all damage from his opponent's strikes.
There can only be one President of the USA. If a second president
comes into play, a referendum is called to decide which president is
burned; neither president can be tapped for votes in this referendum.
In the case of a tie, burn any Presidents whose brothers are not
Governor of Florida ;-)

Mortal Ally, 3 life, 2 bleed, 2R damage
Cost 7
The Mage may play any card that requires a discipline or disciplines
at inferior as if he were a vampire of the required sect and capacity
[if any]. Each time he does so, place a paradox counter on the Mage.
Whenever the number of paradox counters on the Mage equals his current
life, burn him, and the Mage's controller burns that many pool.

Experience (3)
Unique [?] Master, cost 1 pool
Play this card on a Vampire you control with a capacity greater than
7. Burn this card if this vampire goes to torpor. [If this card was
not to be a unique master, i think  you would have to add "a vampire
can have only one experience card"].
Burn three blood from this vampire during an action to move a card
from your ash-heap and place it on this vampire. For the rest of the
current action, this vampire may play this card as if it had been
played from your hand. Remove this card from the game at the end of
the current action.

Dog Poo, equipment, cost 1 pool.
Requires Werewolf Pack, renegade garou, Black Spiral Buddy or minion with 
Dog-pack retainer.
The minion with this card gets -1 stealth on all actions and may not play 
cards requiring presence. When a minion takes a D action gainst you or any 
card you control, you may transfer this equipment to that minion. If that 
minion is a Toreador it goes to torpor. A Toreador with Dog Poo may take no 
actions and may not block.

Brain of Darkness, 
requires dementation, 
costs 1 blood.
[gruesome Anson Maddocks picture of Legbiter rousting out 
  his own brain and hiding it in a jar]
inf: If this action is successful, hide your hand in one of two target
pockets of your clothing. Your prey guesses which pocket your hand is in.
If s/he guesses correctly, your hand size is -1 for the rest of the game;
if incorrectly, it is +1 for the rest of the game.
sup: As above, at +1 stealth.

Reproachful Look Of Eagles, 
requires Justicar or Archon. 
Intercept/Combat card. 
Force opposing minion to play a different card.

Hat, combat card. 
Cost 0. 
Only playable during strike resolution when this vampire would 
otherwise be burned by a Decapitate played at superior potence. 
This vampire does not burn and stays in the active region. 
This card remains on the vampire and counts as 
equipment. A vampire may only have one hat. 

"If you want to get a head, get a hat." 

Tribute to the Black Dog Game Factory 
Requires Ventrue 
D Action, Cost x blood 
If this action is not blocked, name a card. Search that Methuselah's
library for all copies of that card and pay x blood, where x is the 
number of copies you find. If you cannot pay the cost, the action is 
not successful. If the action succeeds, put the cards into your hand 
and discard down to your maximum hand size.