- by Legbiter

Just before we went off to Corsica Michael [aka Anklebiter] and I 
devised a Blade expansion for VTES. If you haven't seen the film, 
this won't mean much to you. Our advice in that case would be to 
see the film! It's VERY VTES/World of Darkness.
Vampire Mace
Equipment, cost 0
Burn and strike for 1R, aggravated.
Blade's Cool Shades
Unique Equipment, cost 1 pool
A Vampire with Blade's Cool Shades counts as having superior Presence. 
Equipment, cost 2 pool
Burn and strike for X aggravated damage, where X is the capacity 
of the target vampire.
Equipment, cost 0
During each of your untaps, place a Mascara Running counter on Sunblock. 
When there are 4 such counters, burn it. Burn Sunblock to prevent all 
damage from a strike that deals aggravated damage.
Judiciously Engineered Retrovirus
Equipment, cost 1 pool
Burn to take a D action to destroy any non-unique vampire.
Ally, cost 1 blood.
1R, 1 life, 0 Bleed.
Dr Karen Jenssen
Unique Ally, cost 1 pool
1R, 1 life, 0 bleed.
Karen may take a +1 stealth action to search your library for EDTA, 
Concoction of Vitality or Judiciously Engineered Retrovirus, or to 
add one blood or life to a Vampire Hunter.
Abraham Whistler
Unique Ally, cost 3 pool
3R, 2 life, 0 Bleed
Whistler may take a +1 stealth action to add 1 life or blood to a 
vampire hunter. Tap Whistler to reduce the cost of an equip action 
by a vampire hunter by 1 blood or pool.
Curtis Webb
Unique Ally, cost 1 blood.
2 hand damage, 0 bleed, prevent 1 damage each combat.
Expendable Oriental Person
Ally, cost 0
1 life, 1R
Burn to end a combat involving any vampire hunter. Not usable after 
the reacting minion has chosen its strike.
The House of Erebus
Unique Master Location, cost 4 pool
Tap to gain 3 votes during a political action. Any vampire may burn 
this card as a D action.
The Book of Erebus
Unique Master Location
Tap to draw a card. Discard down to your maximum hand size at the end 
of your turn. Burn as a Master Phase action to search your library for 
the Temple of Eternal Night, and put it in your hand. Discard down to 
your maximum hand size afterwards.
Temple of Eternal Night
Unique Master Location
Tap to remove 1 blood or life from any ally or vampire hunter. 
Any vampire may burn this card a D action.
La Magra
If you control the Temple of Eternal Night and the House of Erebus at 
the start of your turn, you may burn both and then play La Magra as a 
master phase action. Remove a ready vampire you control from the game, 
and place its blood, equipment and retainers on La Magra, which now 
counts as a 12- capacity vampire with 4 votes, +3 bleed and superior 
versions of all disciplines. Allies may not block La Magra.
Nosferatu 2 capacity
Your hand size is +1 if Pearl is ready. 
Pearl may take no actions, only block.
Ventrue 6 capacity
2 votes
If Dragonetti takes aggravated damage, burn him.
Pander 3 capacity
If Quin is in torpor at the start of your turn, give him 1 blood. 
Deacon Frost
Pander 7 capacity
Blade, Daywalker
Pander 8 capacity
No disciplines, may strike for 3R, -1 bleed, first strike, prevent 
1 damage each combat. Blade can play any combat card as if he had 
the inferior level of any required discipline. Blade is immune to 
aggravated damage. If Blade is reduced to 0 blood, burn him.
Blade counts as both a vampire and a vampire hunter. Master cards 
cannot be played on Blade, and he may never have any votes.
At the start of each of your turns, if Blade is ready, remove 1 blood 
from Blade and lose 1 pool or 1 blood from a vampire you control. 
If you do not, burn Blade.